The President's Lover is A Fighter

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It was rather a quiet, yet busy Sunday afternoon for Go Bolin. Due to the upcoming inauguration of his master, he had not had a weekend off for the past 2 weeks. He was at the office taking care of work for Lu Fang. Just as he was about to give his boss a call, Lu Fang beat him to it.

“Go Bolin, announce that tomorrow will be a holiday for the company and that the inauguration will be pushed back a week later. Father will manage the company until we settle the matters of our security issue.”

“Yes, master.”

“Prepare to move in temporarily at the Starlight and we will be working from my penthouse until then. Apologize to our VIP guests and offer to rebook their flights and hotel accommodation.”

“Yes, master. I will take care of the rest.”

Back in Gabriel’s Den, Lu Fang turned to his brother and whose eyes had formed dark circles around it. It doesn’t look like beating up the information is working for these prisoners.

“The doctor will have to wait. My girlfriend just sent some important information that may help us. Let’s go take a look at it.”

‘Hmmmfff…. Girlfriend’, Gao Rou complained in secret. Just this morning he was put in a state of confusion when his brother explained to him that Kara is Andrea Li. He thought Andrea stooped so low to the point of disguising herself just to get the job when she was exceptionally qualified for it.

“Think about it Gao Rou, would we really have interfered with the selection process? When Wu Meiwan asked to do the final interview, did you object to it? Well, neither did I.”

Wu Xu Ying, Wu Miewan’s father holds 10% of the company shares, is part of the board directors and is a good friend of Lu Wei. On top of that, Wu Meiwan managed to win the heart of Lu Jie, Lu Fang’s grandfather and has already been feeding ideas to the old man about marrying her off to Lu Fang.

“I was never threatened this way before and we never took it seriously to hire a more skillful bodyguard for me in the past. Andrea’s arrival just came in very timely.”

Gao Rou agreed that Andrea had impeccable timing! Just like when she came to the office that day, it was like she was godsent that could foresee what was about to happen.

Inside the control room, Lu Fang opened the email Andrea had sent him. The moment that he clicked on it, he was routed to another website and all of a sudden he could hear specific instructions coming from page.

“Subject Lu Fang. In accessing the data before you, you are authorizing me to use the surrounding facility in order to confirm your identity. Please proceed if you agree.”

Gao Rou and Lu Fang looked at each other and while they were reluctant, Lu Fang had begun to trust Andrea and so he used the mouse and clicked on PROCEED.

Suddenly, he could see a series of code in the screen and it did not take long before he saw familiar footages of the control room until it found him. He was taken aback of what was happening and immediately looked behind him. Staring at the security camera, his face was slowly zoomed in for a better view.

“Subject Lu Fang identified. Access Granted.”

Gao Rou gulped. He had cold shivers as if he had just seen a ghost. ‘Was Gabriel’s Den’s security system just infiltrated?’

It did not take long before the information sent by Andrea was displayed on the screen. It contained the assassin’s personal profile which could be very useful to extract the information they needed and trace the culprit who had ordered for the kill. It included their real identity, previous jobs, family members and that of their current location.

Lu Fang was beyond impressed. His thin lips were formed into a smile. Indeed, his babe was not just an average.

As they scrolled down they found proof of suspicious transfer of company funds to a corporation that did not exist. The data also included suspects within the company and their current financial standing.

Suspect Number 1: Vice President, Liu Min.

Current gambling debt of 10 Million Dollars.

Spearheads the construction of the casino hotel in Macau where 10% of its monthly budget was allocated to the payment of to Zianxi Corporation which was earlier identified as the non-existent company.

Suspect Number 2: Human Resource Director, Wang Young.

The building’s blueprint and security codes were sent from his computer.

The data also included video recordings with a timestamp matching the time and date when the blueprint was sent out.

Traces of late-night calls, between 10 PM and 11 PM coming from the office to an untraceable location days before the attacks and after.

Suspect Number 3: Wu Miewan

A video showing Wu Meiwan letting one of the perpetrators inside the office 2nd floor building a day before Lu Fang’s attack.

“How do we know if this is true? This could be false information for all we know.” Gao Rou was being sarcastic about the situation. He and his team did a background check on the assassins but nowhere did it come close to what Andrea had found.

“There is only one way to find out.” Lu Fang stood up to go back to the prison cells hoping to succeed making the prisoners freely point them in the right direction. In his hands were the printed copies of their profile.

Gao Rou was still in the control room with doubt all over his face when all of a sudden he saw the security cameras moving from left to right. Then he heard the computer make a sound. “Subject Lu Fang out of sight. Closing data.”

The browser was instantly closed and the computer turned off by itself. He could feel his body hair standing up without control. Within seconds he was out of there!

“Lu Fang, brother! Wait for me!”

The security team outside saw their third boss run out of the control room like he had seen a ghost. They slowly took a peek in the room but all they saw was an ordinary sight. They looked at each other and could not help but giggle of Gao Rou’s actions.

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