The President's Lover is A Fighter

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I Could Have Killed You!

“Please don’t hurt my son. He has nothing to do with this.”

The woman looked at her colleagues trying to get sympathy and approval but there was no response coming from them.

“We are part of an organization… the Ace of Spades…. Our leader gave us instructions…We call him Gideon -”

“You think your family will be safe Xuxi! Gideon will have them killed the moment he learns you have betrayed him!”

“SHUT UP!!!” Gao Rou screamed in frustration to the man across.

“Each of you will give at least one piece of vital information. The two people who give the least will be the scapegoats announced to have betrayed Gideon.” Unlike Gao Rou, Lu Fang was still as calm as ever as he said those words.

He revealed all personal information of the prisoners and the horror on their faces became clearly visible. It suddenly dawned to them that they were all on the same boat. It did not take long before it became a speeding contest of the one to spill the beans the most. In the end, it was the woman named Xuxi who won the contest giving specific details of how to find Gideon, his men, and supporters of the organization.

“Give the information to the General. Let him take them down and get all the glory. In return, he will give us more support.” Lu Fang instructed Gao Rou.

“What about the doctor? He is still not talking and Andrea was not able to include information about him.”

“I’ll check with Andrea later. We’ll have to come back for him another day.”

“Take me home.”

Gao Rou,” What? At this hour? Do you know what time it is? It’s two in the morning!”

Lu Fang continued to walk towards the hallway. “I miss my babe. Later, I will come back with her.”

Andrea was sleeping like a baby extremely tired from the past 2 days. Last night, she was contemplating to wearing Lu Fang’s shirt but figured he would not know about it and decided to put it on. The scent of his perfume and the feel of his cotton shirt against her bare body made her relax and sleep soundly that night.

She was holding huge pillow on one side of the bed with one leg around it showing clearly her laced T-back underwear and her soft-looking well-shaped behind.

A man standing in front of the sleeping beauty could not help but hold down his brother down there as if scolding it for its involuntary erection. He slowly climbed up the bed to lay down beside her trying not to make a sound.

Then all of a sudden, Andrea swiveled her body positioning herself on top of him while a holding a gun to his head.

“Woah! Babe! Relax!”


“Babe, it’s me! It’s me!” Lu Fang said with his hands up.

“Lu Fang you ash***! I could have killed you! Why did you sneak up on me like that? How did you enter my apartment? I thought I told you not to access my password?”

Andrea screamed at the top of her lungs while waving the gun up in the air.

Lu Fang tried to catch her hand and when he did, he helped her put the gun down on the bedside table as he turned on the table lamp.

Andrea was still glaring at him with both arms folded across. She was so furious that she did not notice one bit that she was sitting on top of his crotch.

Lu Fang slowly raised both hands to hold her shoulders before giving another set of apology. “I am sorry babe. I really am. I wanted to surprise you – ”

“Indeed, I was surprised! What if I hurt you? Or kill you?!!!” She yelled back and began to smack him with her hands out of anger. She knew she was capable of killing and she would never think twice if her life was on the line.

Then, instantaneously, she bent down on his bare chest with her hands above her head. Lu Fang felt the tears on his skin and realized what he had done. He had scared her out of her wits with the possibility of him getting killed by her own hands.

“I’m sorry Andrea! I really am.” He gave a peck on her head while putting his arms around her. He then rolled her to the other side of the bed and continued to pull her closer to him.

Andrea now had both hands covering her face trying to hide the wetness on her cheeks. She was upset at the same time ashamed of being seen at this state. She did not understand what she felt.

“Shhh…Shhhh…I’m fine aren’t I?” Lu Fang began to trail kisses on her forehead, her hands and other parts of her face that were not covered.

Lu Fang pulled her to a much tighter embrace until Andrea had stopped crying. She then reciprocated, lifting her arm to him hug back. They were so close that he could feel her leg in between his thighs.

He pulled away slightly from the embrace and wiped her tears with his thumb. He was now looking intensely down at her face and Andrea was doing the same. He began tracing her face with his fingers and down to her lips which were now just slightly parted. He was waiting for any signs of rejection but there was none and so he went for it.

Slowly he began to give light kisses on her lips and as he slightly nibbled on each one, he could feel her mouth give more opening. Her lips were already a little wet and her eyes were partly closed. When Andrea placed a hand to his face, Lu Fang began to give her a real kiss, entering her mouth and sucking on both her lips and tongue.

He was extremely hungry for her and it did not take long before his kisses became aggressive and wild. With his hand behind her neck and putting her head in place, she could barely take a breather. Andrea eagerly responded to his kisses and after what it felt like ten to fifteen minutes of him taking the lead, she rolled him back to the opposite side of the bed. With her on top, she began to take control of the teasing kisses.

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