The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Left Hanging

Andrea now took control of the heated kisses. She bent down to continue what they had started but instead of Lu Fang’s hungry bite kisses; she wanted a light yet wet kind of nibbling.

The sound of their kisses filled the room, and they had been heavily enjoying each other’s taste for almost an hour now. This was the longest make-out session both of them had ever had.

Lu Fang grinned at her actions. His eyes glistened of being restrained having to hold back from eating her mouth. They continued with their passionate kisses while Lu Fang began to explore her body with his hands. He started rubbing her legs and slowly went up to his most-awaited and looked forward turn of event, grabbing Andrea’s toned bottom cheeks.

He held on to her behind so tight and pinned it down against his erection moving it to and fro.

“Aaaah!” Andrea moaned at his actions and looked up behind. Only the thin layer of clothing separated their organs. The scene was too erotic for her that she turned bright red! She was about to pull away when Lu Fang pinned her down once more and wildly kissed her.

This time Lu Fang started kissing her neck giving her Goosebumps all over. His hand went under the shirt and it did not take long before he found one bare breast to knead gently.

“Aaaah! Lu Fang – ”

He prevented her from saying another word and kissed her again. Once more Andrea was out of breath. She was powerless against his kisses. She felt his taste was unspeakable!

Lu Fang went back to kneading her breasts alternately as he used his other arm to support his weight. Seeing Andrea was no longer calling him out, he went down to trail kisses on her neck and as his body moved downward, so did his other hand.

The moment his fingers entered her underwear, Andrea began to moan again and it got louder by the minute. She was at a loss with the burning sensation of her body that she could not help but totally give in.

“Babe, it feels so good! Why are you soo good?” Andrea felt a little stupid asking him but her IQ seemed to have gotten lost at this very moment.

“Hmmmm….because it’s you, babe… you are just so hot, you make me want to do this with you.” He continued to kiss Andrea while his forefinger resumed in a circular motion under the thin lacy garment.

“Aah! Aah! Babe, I want more!” She screamed with pleasure looking straight at the man’s face.

When Andrea’s legs had spread even wider, Lu Fang’s eyes were completely filled with lust and instantly tore off her underwear allowing his hands to move even faster.

Andrea could not take it anymore and once again flip the man over, took off her shirt and pulled down the man’s boxers.

Lu Fang was in total shock but at the same time was extremely excited seeing her completely naked and taking the initiative of scenes that were about to unfold.

Andrea began to stroke his manhood and with that came Lu Fang’s first moan of the day. She then sat firmly against his while still holding on to his tip and began to rock her bottom.

Lu Fang’s manly face turned fragile. And the series of moans coming out from both of them steadily followed as Andrea continued to work her hand while the wetness of her entrance stroke back and forth against his.

“Aaahh.. Hmmmhmmm..”

“Oh babe.. Ssssscc…”


As Andrea picked up the pace, he held her perky breast tighter with one hand and the order was grabbing her behind assisting the motion that gave them pleasure. Andrea would occasionally touch his abs or helped him squeeze her breast even tighter.

Her actions made the man increasingly aroused. He then placed both his hands on her hips to strengthen the grip of her vagina to his crotch and with that, it did not take long for both of them to moan louder just seconds apart.

“Aaaah!a.. ahh…”


They could feel the slight convulsion of their bodies as their fluids came out. The sounds of pleasure slowly faded down and all that was left to hear were their heaving panting.

Andrea fell down to Lu Fang’s chest still heavily breathing. She went up to give the man little kisses, and they both giggled at each other.

“Babe, that was so great…” Lu Fang said while he also continues to gasp for air.

He then flipped her over with a devilish grin and whipped the fluids on their body using his shirt.

“Babe, let me see you.”

Andrea did not do as she was told so he went back to face her and gave her another set of kisses. His other hand started to stroke her entrance again and Andrea could feel her twitching uncontrollably.

‘Oh, my god!’ She said to herself. She is finally giving up the flag to a man. At least, she thought, she was giving it up to the god-like beauty.

She was already picturing this happen and as she began to give soft moans, he moved down to suck on her neck and giving soft kisses. As she closed her eyes, preparing herself, she noticed the man became a little heavier against her body and instead of kisses, he was deeply breathing down her neck.

“Lu Fang?” She called to him softly.

“Babe? Babe?”

When she pushed back his shoulders to get a better look at his face, she slammed back her head to the pillow slightly disappointed.

“What the f***“.

The man fell asleep and left her hanging just like that. Who does that?

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