The President's Lover is A Fighter

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I Am All Yours

When he woke up at 10 in the morning, Lu Fang stretched out his hand hoping to hug Andrea, but there was no one beside him. He frowned when he realized this and sat up. He put back on his boxers and stepped outside the room. Andrea was already sipping from a mug on the dining table, drinking a large cup of coffee.

He leaned in to hug her from behind and gave her a kiss on the check. “Need that much coffee?”

There was no answer from her, but as he took a closer look, she looked like she did not get any sleep.

“Did, did you go to sleep?”

Her eyes narrowed with the man’s question. “After you woke me up? No, I did not get any more sleep.”

Her voice had a hint of sarcasm. Andrea thought, ‘Seriously? This man woke me up in my slumber, gave me a fright, tried to make love to me and stopped at the most crucial part? How come I am the only one upset here?’

“Quickly get a shower. We need to go to the office. I’ll make you coffee and breakfast.” Andrea said as she stood up to prepare him breakfast.

Lu Fang felt she was giving him a cold shoulder. After last night, shouldn’t their relationship have already improved? He was a bit confused with her response.

“Babe, are you upset with me?”

“Yes!... No! I mean, of course, I….”

Andrea was not really sure herself if she was angry with the fact he came into her apartment without her knowledge or the fact that they did not finish last night.

“I am still upset that you came in here without permission. All the more when you caught me by surprise.” Andrea lied.

“Babe – ”


“What, babe?”

“I am not so sure about calling me, babe, but you can call me, Andy. That’s how friends and family call me.”

Lu Fang smiled and reached out for her hand. He pulled her close as he sat down on the stool chair, his head now resting on her shoulders with his arms around her.

“Andy, I am so happy I met you. I have never felt this way before in my life. It’s like I have known you for a long time. It scares me how your mood changes sometimes. Promise me if anything upsets you, will you let me know?”

He looked up and held her face with both hands.

“Andy, I know this is crazy… but I think I love you. The amount of happiness I feel when I am with you is indescribable. I don’t ever want to lose this feeling.”

Andrea’s heart melted hearing his words and her eyes softened and blinked several times as she looked down. She did not know how to face him. She could feel her ears turning red but how does one respond to such a confession? She kept thinking it was different from Gabriel.

She then realized maybe Gabriel was right back then. Recalling those days, their friends and co-workers might have pressured him to pursue me. We were always placed in a position when we had to be together and that closeness resulted in a committed relationship.

With Lu Fang it was different. His approaches were headstrong without a hint of doubt in his face. She felt like the man was indeed sincere and true to his words.

Andrea sighed and said, “Lu Fang, thank you.” She gulped as she was a bit lost for words with her mouth still partly opened.

“We can talk about it later. You don’t have to force yourself. Just know that I want you to be with me.” The man understood her well and so he assured her that he was not rushing Andrea into anything.

She smiled and leaned forward to kiss him on the lips. Lu Fang kissed back and held her even tighter. He placed a hand behind her neck to deepen the kiss.

The kisses combined with Andrea’s scent made his manhood harden and he thought about last night; it was just so perfect but he fell asleep. He then whispered into her ear as he pulled her hand to hold his erection, “Babe, can we take care of this guy right here?”

Andrea immediately pushed him back and saw an opportunity to get back at him… “Well... So you’ll get to experience what I did, let’s not do anything to that! Go and take a shower now.”

She then turned her back and started cracking some eggs.

Poor Lu Fang was in a state of confusion once again.

“Experience what I did?”

He was being ignored, so he went to take a shower and brushed it off.

When Aunt Rosa came down to bring some clothes for Lu Fang, Andrea was taken by another surprise. She brought with her two sets of luggage and several sets of business attire which were already ironed. What surprised her the most was one of the staff assisting her, it was Miss. Lee from the front desk.

Andrea could feel the jealous eyes of the lady but found it absolutely ridiculous. Just as she was thinking this, Lu Fang came out from her room freshly showered with only a towel around his waist. Andrea immediately burned up in anger!

‘How could this man display his gorgeous body to another woman?’

“Lu Fang! Get inside the room now!” She said angrily. This surprised everyone in the room! How could someone easily speak to their boss that way?

“Ahh… Yes, babe. Getting inside now.”

She quickly turned to Aunt Rosa and thanked her for bringing Lu Fang’s clothes and rushed the people outside the apartment. When she came inside the bedroom with his clothes, she gave him a warning. One that he would never forget in his lifetime.

“If you are really serious about being with me, then this?” Andrea said holding his chin.

“.. and this?” Andrea placed her hand to his chest and moved down to his abs.

“Most especially that one down there! It should only be visible to me! Am I clear?!!!”

“Yes, babe.”

“Yes, babe!” Lu Fang raised his arms high up in the air suggesting his surrender.

“I am all yours and yours alone.”

Seeing the playful smile on his face made her realize, she got emotionally stupid again. ‘Dammm! This man is turning me into an irrational being!’

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