The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Wedding Gift

Andrea and Lu Fang walked in and out of the building unnoticed as they had used the private elevator to go up to his office. Together with Gao Rou, they had checked the status of each camera in the building, any possible deletion or hampering of data and implanted additional spy devices especially in the offices of the suspected individuals. This was the main reason why Lu Fang had declared today as a company holiday.

They were headed towards the Vice President’s office when the man himself came up to Gao Rou and Andrea.

“Ah, Gao Rou! Why was today made into a holiday? We are always very busy and with the recent changes in the company, allowing a day for the office not to operate is very irresponsible! I don’t think our new CEO is making a good impression.”

Andrea did not like how it sounded. She could tell, this man does not support Lu Fang.

Gao Rou tried to find a way to explain the situation to him. “Mr. Min, ahh….we are sorry about this but… you see - ”

“Mr. Liu Min. Mr. Lu came to a decision, very last minute, to upgrade the company’s computer software at the same time clean-up any viruses that may be found in each computer. Sure enough, the company will be affected. However, by tomorrow, each employee’s hardware will be as good as new doubling, if not tripling their output for the day.”

Liu Min shifted his attention to Andrea’s beautiful face and instantly gave a deviant smile. He looked at her from head to toe and was pleased with her body.

“And who might this young lady be?”

“She’s my girlfriend, Mr. Min.” Lu Fang came right on cue putting an arm around Andrea.

“Oh Really now! Lu Fang! What a pleasant surprise!” Li Min kept staring at her unaffected by Lu Fang’s warning glare.

“She is quite a find, Lu Fang….Absolutely…” He continued to study Andrea while touching his chin.

“Mr. Min. I don’t like people looking at the things that are mine… all the more, taking what’s mine.” Lu Fang was now serious than ever enunciating each word making it clear to the man to step back and stop staring at his woman.

“Of course! Of course. I just thought she is very special. What a lucky young man you are Lu Fang! Haha! We’ll I will be in my office if you need me – ”

“Nobody is staying in their offices today and this includes you, Mr. Min. I already made that clear through Bolin yesterday… I expect 100% compliance.”

“Oh come on… Lu Fang! Are you serious? I am very busy here – ”

“Do I need to call security?”

Seeing that he had no choice he left the office with his hands clenched into a fist. He rushed to the parking lot in panic, afraid that they would find out his involvement in Lu Fang’s recent misfortunes.

When he got to his car, he called a private number.


“Why are you calling me on this number? And from your mobile?!!! You are a stupid idiot! – ”

“I had no choice! Lu Fang ordered a lockdown in the office doing a system upgrade. All employees were not allowed to come to the office –”

“You moron! You are being hacked as we speak!”

The sound of the busy tone was now heard on the other line as sweat started to come out of his forehead. ‘They suspect me! They suspect me!’

“No, this cannot happen! I only needed a few more!”

“Aggg!” He began to slam his hands against that window and the front of the car. He was thinking hard on how to escape the situation and all of a sudden came an evil laugh.

“Haha! They’ll never know that it was me! Never! Haha!”

Andrea did consider helping Lu Fang with their system and so she suggested a computer genius to aid him. Naturally, the man agreed.

Andrea began to explain to her sister the scope of work through text and then she immediately got a response.

Li Wen: “My service is for free so long as he marries you!”

Andrea: “Seriously?”

Li Wen: “Please tell me he made a move? Do you like him?”

Andrea: “Sort of.”

Li Wen: “What do you mean sort of?”

Li Wen: “Andy? Andy?”

Andrea: “Are you going to do the work or not?”

Li Wen: “Do you like him?”

Andrea: “Haaay… Sort of!!!!”

Li Wen: Heart Eyes Emoji. Great! He can have 50% discount!

Andrea came back to Lu Fang with the service fee and was caught off guard of how expensive it was but she assured him it was for the better. So he agreed. He trusted her so much already.

And just before the work began, Lu Fang received a text message saying “If you marry Andy, I will give back the fee as your wedding gift! I’m rooting for you! Anyhow, I’ll get started cleaning up your system and making it stronger. PS don’t reply.”

All of a sudden the text deleted by itself.

Lu Fang looked up to Andrea and asked, “Your friend who will help us. Is it a HE? Or a SHE?”


Lu Fang smiled teasingly and said, “Tell her she can give the wedding gift in advance.”

“Did she text you?”


Andrea then sent a text to her sister. “What did you tell him? He said you could give the wedding gift in advance. Who is getting married?”

After a few seconds, Lu Fang received another encrypted text. “Fine! I will do this for free but I swear if you do not marry Andy, I will hunt you down and make you pay-up the full price!”

Text deleted.

This led Lu Fang to laugh for a second while Andrea looked at him in confusion.

The man thought it would really be nice if Andrea agrees to marry him.

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