The President's Lover is A Fighter

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She Was Just a Pawn

“Hey, pretty lady. How are you?” The man slowly approached Andrea and started touching her face up to her shoulders.

Andrea was blindfolded but she could feel the lust coming out from this man. The way he rubbed her shoulders made it clear what his intentions were.

“I want to see you. Can you please take off my blindfold? Can you also untie me?” She pleaded.

“I’m not sure about that.” The man replied as he continues to caress her skin.

“I’ll be a good girl, I promise.”

“Okay. Be a good girl.”

“Yes, I promise.”

The man then took off her blindfold and started to untie her hands. He then went back to touch her face and took the chance to kiss her neck. The smell of cigar became apparent to her. She felt disgusted at that point but kept her cool.

She would kill several men today, all thanks for this pervert.

When her hands became free, the man reached out to touch her breast but Andrea asked politely, “Please also my feet. It’s so painful already.”

“My dear, you better make it worth it,” the man said as he was undoing the knots on her feet, his eyes hungry over her body and her angelic face. He has not seen anybody as pretty as her to ever come close to him.

Now that both her hands and feet were untied, Andrea’s expression started to change that she said, “I’m sorry, but I lied.”

The culprit became confused and all of a sudden Andrea grabbed his neck with her arms, locking it closely while pinning him down with her entire body. It did not take long for the man to be out of breath and fell unconscious.

The moment she had a free hand, the kidnappers had no chance. The only reason why they were able to tie her down was because of the sleeping gas which was slipped inside her car.

Andrea had been taught how to fight all her life. Her real father was a government assassin back in the day and he made sure to pass on the skills to his children. This was his way of protecting them from his enemies, their ability to defend themselves.

Unknown to Andrea, this was the same reason why Nancy had chosen to adopt her. She had the potential to be as smart as her mother and be as skillful as her father.

Andrea thought that Nancy was good to her. Although the line was always drawn, and it was made clear to her that she was only adopted, she considered Nancy her second mother. All the while, she was just a pawn to Nancy’s long-term goals. She was never really considered part of the family.

After joining the Davies, Alfred had honed Andrea’s skills day by day. Together with Gabriel, the two started getting involved in the family business at an early age.

That night, Andrea had stayed at the kidnapper’s hideout torturing and beating the only person kept alive in order to give the information she needed.

“Ahhh! Bitch!” The man screamed as Andrea pushed a stainless chopstick against his torso. He already had five chopsticks pushed down to different parts of his body and had already lost a substantial amount of blood, yet, he refused to give her the name.

Last night she found a laptop at the hideout and tried to search for clues as to who hired them but found only traces of a fake identity. She began searching for the kidnapper’s identification instead. If she could not beat the information out of this man, she could at least find out about his family and use them to get it out of him.

“Tell me who hired you? Maybe I’ll have mercy on you.”

“We don’t know who! All transactions were done by an anonymous person! You can’t get anything from me!”

Andrea was about to get another chopstick when she heard the laptop make a sound. She smiled and went to read through what she had gathered.

“Well, Mr. Alexander Bean. It looks like you have a lovely daughter who happens to be living just an hour away. How about we pay her a visit?”

The man’s eyes grew wide. He began to fear Andrea. His information has been sealed for years and not even the government could find his true identity.

‘Just what kind of woman is this? I have been tricked! For a mere five million dollars, I had risked my life. I will kill that bitch!’ The man complained inwardly as he thought of the person who hired him.

Andrea seemed to have understood what went behind the man’s head and said, “No… I will kill whoever hired you. I will not give you the pleasure.”

“Look, they did not tell me who they were but I always have a back-up plan. They even deleted the traces of the bank wire, but I managed to pin it down and found out that the money transfer came from an offshore account under the name of Pamela York. All the information you need is on the flash drive inside the Bible, on top of the shelf.”

Andrea’s expression turned dark. ‘Pamela York, the beloved sister, and partner in crime of my dearest Aunt Nancy York Davies.’

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