The President's Lover is A Fighter

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The General

The rest of the day went smoothly, and the traps have been set in the office. Within the next two days, they should be able to find the pieces of evidence that will pin down the culprit as long as they make a move.

Lu-Wei’s system has also been scanned and wiped clean thanks to the newly hired freelance programmer and hacker, “White Angel.”

Gao Rou had checked their network just before leaving and was incredibly impressed with how fast it was running now. On top of that, White Angel managed to find dirt on some of the employees from scandals, to small amount of skimming, and petty things like taking toilet papers and bringing them home. Sadly, some of these employees will have to be dismissed the next day.

Lu Fang’s office was also added with additional monitors specifically for the sole purpose of monitoring the surveillance cameras in the office.

“Wow, Ms. Kara. I was really impressed that you know someone like “White Angel”. I heard that he... or she is the primary consultant of the Royal Dragon and Global China. Now, we can also proudly say that Lu-Wei Enterprises had worked with him… or her. Haha.” Go Bolin said to Andrea.

‘Kara/Andrea. Whatever.’ Gao Rou complained. He was so confused with what to call Andrea earlier in the office that he decided not to address her by name and just kept calling her by “You!” or “Sister-inl-law”. There were also times that he would just come up to her whenever he needed her help.

As for Lu Fang, it wasn’t really hard for him as he just calls Andrea, “babe.”

Lu Fang needed to go to the Gabriel’s Den and had planned to bring along Andrea, but she refused after hearing that the General will be there.

They were on the way to the Starlight to drop her off. He was disappointed that Andrea was not coming with him but she explained that she had to take care of some personal matters and prepare for tomorrow’s work.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Lu Fang asked.

“Nothing. I’m just a bit tired.”

General Lei Dong was one of the most achieved soldiers! At a young age, he managed to become the new general cleaning up the country of its crimes through the collaboration of different vigilante groups. His close ties to the families of the Royal Dragon also helped him acquire powerful weapons that were used in his conquests.

This same man was the very first person her sister and her brother in law had set-up for Andrea’s very long list of blind dates.

General Lei Dong was tall, tanned, well-built and definitely handsome. Like Lu Fang, he came from a powerful family. He would have been a good match to Andrea, however, at that time, when he was introduced to her, the memories of her break-up with Gabriel was still very fresh. She could not bring herself to forget Gabriel just yet so it never worked. She never developed any special feelings towards him.

Although they dated a few times and even shared a kiss or two. Andrea concluded that there was absolutely no spark or chemistry between them. For General Lei, however, he thought that she just needed more time to heal and would come back to him sooner or later. The moment that he met Andrea, he was already set to keep her.

There were no men that could resist Andrea’s beauty. On top of her angelic face, she was an intelligent and well-mannered young lady. All the men that were introduced to her or set-up by her sister for blind dates instantly fell in love with Andrea but they were not as strong-willed as the General or Lu Fang for that matter.

“Babe, we will be staying in Gabriel’s Den tonight. My father will be joining us to discuss the execution of the plan.”

Andrea looked out from behind the car and saw one other security team following them.

Seeing the worry on her face, Lu Fang pulled her close for a sweet embrace. “I will be fine, babe.” He then held both her hands and placed them to feel his muscled chest.

“Feel this? Your man is not a weakling!”

Gao Rou was scratching his forehead having seen his brother’s teasing way of assuring Andrea.

“Well, just for my assurance, wear this at all times,” Andrea said while taking off his watch and placing a new Rolex on his wrist.

“I forgot to give this to you earlier. It has a tracking device… I place one in your right shoe. So don’t lose it.”

“How about wearing an earbud tracking device… or better yet, let’s implant one on your arm.”

Lu Fang laughed thinking she was being overly protective. “You should just come with me.”

He then bent down to give her a quick kiss biting more on to her lower lip.

“I think we need to use a limo for you guys… you know... So you can have your privacy.” Gao Rou suggested.

“No!” Andrea protested.

“That would be too slow. If anything happens, you’ll need to drive faster. A sports car is much better.”

She then turned to Lu Fang and smiled back at him fixing his collar.

“I can’t come…. Not today…I also still need to look into that unknown doctor.”

She could not possibly tell him that she had dated General Lei before. Going with Lu Fang would only make things complicated. Although she had not had contact with him for more than a year, the man was always popping up once in a while whenever she was on the job. She can only guess he had some help from the organization giving him tips of her whereabouts. Nevertheless, she considers him a friend but would not want to ignite any unwanted fire that would be difficult to put out.

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