The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Lu Wei's Family

Lu Fang had been texting Andrea overnight that it made her wonder if he took the meeting with General Lei seriously.

The man gave the craziest punch lines that her stomach hurt from laughing.

Lu Fang: “Andy, I miss you already. I miss your face, your eyes, your lips… If I had to choose between breathing and loving you... I’d take my last breath to say... I Love You.”

Andrea: “haha! Oh please.”

Lu Fang: “I am serious… why you are laughing? Everything about you is perfect. Whoever said that no one is perfect has probably never seen you…. To me, you are perfect…. ”

Lu Fang: “… well almost perfect I guess, there is just one thing you need to be in order to be called perfect… know what it is?”

Andrea: “What?”

Lu Fang: “Married to me of course! Kiss Emoji.”

Andrea: “Dream on. Laugh Emjoi!”

Lu Fang: “Hey, babe. Close your eyes.”

Andrea: “Why?”

Lu Fang: “You are ruining my momentum. Just close your darn eyes!”

Andrea: “I did.”

Lu Fang: “What did you see?”

Andrea: “hmmmfft… Nothing!”

Lu Fang: “Nothing? That’s my life without you, babe.”

Andrea: “Get to work.”

Lu Fang: “Do you even miss me? Because I miss you like crazy.”

Andrea: “a little… by the way, I need that doctor alive. Keep him alive and I’ll deal with him myself.”

The exchange of text messages ended with bitterness coming from Lu Fang. He told her he wants to marry her but he was told to “dream on”. He asked if she missed him and all he got from her was “a little.”

Little did Lu Fang know Andrea was blushing uncomfortably with his texts. Deep inside, she had started to have a deeper feeling for the man. It’s just that getting hurt and 3 years of keeping her heart in a cage made her forget how to be more expressive.

Morning came and Andrea is officially working for Lu-Wei Enterprises so she was ready with her disguise.

She had used a darker foundation to cover her face and had thickened her eyebrows. Her face had light brown dots spread across and she had put on a bright pink lipstick. She made sure to wear loose clothing so her curves can be well hidden making her look a little fat.

When she was satisfied with her look, she got ready to leave but just before heading out, she made sure to check on Lu Fang’s current location and let him know that she was leaving the apartment.

Gao Rou had called her earlier to draw the line between work and personal relationship. “Even if you are Lu Fang’s girlfriend, you work under me.”


“We will be working in Lu Fang’s apartment in the next two days to minimize exposure to any threat and I’ll need you to go to the office for a while to get your ID badge and give instructions to the rest of the security team while I have yet to arrive.”

Lu Fang and Gao Rou were still at Gabriel’s Den but would be heading out anytime soon.

Last night, the father and son had a heated discussion over Vice President Liu Min. Lu Wei was unaccepting of the accusations towards his friend.

“Father, Mr. Liu’s gambling habits have been a concern of yours for a long time. You were just too busy lately to take notice that his addiction may have been taken to another level… Maybe the kind where there was no turning back!”

“He is my friend, Lu Fang! He has been good to you – ”

“In what way was he good to me? He has been trying to get the CEO position for a long time, yet if not for our accumulated shares, he might have already gotten it.”

Lu Wei thought for a second and recalled hearing rumors of Liu Min bribing some of the board of directors to vote for him instead of Lu Fang.

“If you are wrong about this – ”

“Then I will admit being wrong! We have nothing to lose. We did not give any false accusations yet. We are still gathering information.”

Thankfully Lu Wei values his family like a gem and did not further argue with Lu Fang. He loved and cared for his wife and son as he had not had the luxury of a complete and loving one during his childhood.

Lu Wei’s mother left them when he was still young, without a word and without a trace. It was not until he was already a teenager when he learned that his mother, Lu Fang’s grandmother had remarried to a politician in Tianjin. They had never reconnected, not even once and he despised his mother for leaving them behind.

When Lu Wei met the woman for him, he made sure to pamper her and treasure the family they would build together. Unfortunately, his wife had difficulty during Lu Fang’s pregnancy that she had lost her ovaries. Lu Fang became their one and only child.

The woman he chose to become the mother his son was not an easy one to win as well. She was the only daughter of the biggest crime organization in Europe. It was not just the illegal activities that made her family wealthy but they were an old traditional rich type of family. The said family had tried to separate them in many ways including attempting to kill Lu Wei that his wife decided to leave her home country and relocate in China.

Lu Fang’s mother had sacrificed being with her family for her love. It was the most painful decision she had made but the happiness of her son’s arrival covered most of the sadness. For this very reason, Lu Wei had always felt he owed his wife all the happiness in the world and he would forever treasure her for choosing to be with him.

Lu Fang is not at all pure Chinese. His mother was British, so he got most of his outstanding features from his mother. His father was also an absolutely a good looking man himself which is why both god-like people created the best god-like looking man such as Lu Fang.

At a very young age, Lu Wei had taught his son to earn a living. For every small task that he completed at home, he was rewarded. Never did he spoil his son despite the wealth they had. He was trained to be wise and exactly why at the early age of 26, he was recognized as the youngest and richest bachelor in Beijing.

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