The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Brother Fang And I Are Engaged

While Andrea was getting her ID badge from the Human Resource Department, Wu Meiwan happens to arrive in her sunflower dress and white blazer on top. Just right before she entered her office, she pulled down her sunglasses to take a look at Andrea.

“Hmmm.” Wu Meiwan smiled with satisfaction and called out to her.

“Andrea, please come to my office.”

Andrea looked at the stylish model like Wu Meiwan and obliged, “Yes ma’am.”

When Wu Meiwan’s driver had dropped her off at the lobby, she could not help but overhear the receptionist talking about Lu Fang’s girlfriend, and this made her blood boil.

‘Brother had a girlfriend? And it wasn’t Klara Jones?’

She had been calling Go Bolin for the past ten minutes, but there was no answer. She was adamant to find out about this said girlfriend!

‘How could Brother Fang’s assistant just simply ignore me?’

Wu Meiwan carefully studied Andrea as she took her seat. She needed someone on her side to win Lu Fang’s heart and decided Andrea would be the one.

“How do you feel about earning 1 Million Dollars?”

“What?” Andrea was caught by surprise with the offer.

“I am going to pay you 1 Million Dollars in total, 500 thousand dollars now and the rest after completing a task for me.”

Andrea’s brows raised and wondered what kind of task would this be? Could Wu Meiwan be really involved in Lu Fang’s assassination attempts?

“I want you to tell me everything there is to know about Brother Fang’s new girlfriend and find ways to break them apart!”

Andrea’s mouth was left open uncertain of how to respond to this request.

Then all of a sudden Wu Meiwan began to pretend a cry. “You see, Brother Fang and I are engaged! But, he… He is just so gorgeous that many women are always lurking around him!”

“This new girlfriend, Kara! She is a bitch… I have told her many times and Brother Fang and I are engaged but she would not listen! She wanted to become the next Mrs. Lu with all the wealth and glory so she had seduced him… blinding him of her true intentions!”

The woman was already uncontrollably making a crying sound in front of Andrea grabbing a tissue and lightly wiping a pretend tear from her face. Then she sat back up and fixed her hair.

“So do we have a deal?”

The words kept playing on Andrea’s mind…


‘Wanted to become the next Mrs. Lu?’

‘Seduced him? It was absolutely the other way around!’

Andrea had learned that this Wu Meiwan had been running after Lu Fang since forever and had also succeeded in ruining the man’s last relationship. Clearly, she is another Taya! If she thinks she can just do as she pleased, then she had challenged the wrong person.

Andrea’s insides were becoming deadly just by looking at this scheming woman. Indeed, some lives of the rich and powerful women were just so boring, that all they can think about was hunting down a good man and scheme against their rivals.

“Okay, I will help you, Ms. Wu.” She then wrote down in a piece of paper the account number of an orphanage she would often visit and donate to in Guangzhou then handed it to Wu Meiwan.

“Once you have transferred the first payment, I shall begin to take action.” Andrea gave an assuring smile to Wu Meiwan as she responded.

While the other party was celebrating with the thought that she had gained a new partner in crime, Andrea was bitching deep inside. She could not wait to scold the man for not taking care of this woman long before. He had every opportunity to get rid of her and by not doing anything, Wu Meiwan may have felt that she was indispensable!

Just as Andrea was about step outside the Human Resource Department, an alluring lady wearing a mini skirt was unbuttoning her blouse preparing to enter the director’s office.

“Oh Miss Chan! Good thing that you are here. I have some files that Vice President had requested, will you bring it up with you on your way back?” An associate said to the lady.

“Oh.. okay. Sure, just leave them there and I’ll get them. Mr. Liu just asked me to check with the director on a certain task.” Miss Chan replied then she knocked on the door of Director Wang Young and came in a second after.

Andrea’s bright mind became filled with suspicion that she went straight to the security office and used Gao Rou’s room to check the surveillance inside the director’s office.

To her relief there was no action happening, however, Miss Chan was doing everything that she could to distract Director Wang Young. She increased the volume so she could hear better their conversation.

“Director Wang, do you mind sending these over to my friend? These are just some personal photos of mine which I am sending over. They said that I might be chosen to model for a lingerie commercial. Haha.” Miss Chan said as she sat on Director Wang’s lap.

“Here… I’ll show you.” She began to insert the flash drive on his computer and showed the man some of her half-naked photos.

“I couldn’t possibly send this from my computer upstairs as Mr. Liu is always checking on my work from time to time and you know how perverted he is.”

‘So this is Mr. Liu’s secretary, Ariana Chan.’

Andrea thought maybe the reason why she could not find much dirt on the man was that his secretary did the legwork! Thus she began to dig deeper into the woman’s background and searched through her daily routine.

‘Hmmm… The Park Residence Suite 203.’

She made sure to intercept the contents of the email that was supposed to be sent out and saved all data in her laptop. Andrea began to check it out and saw that there were indeed just pictures of Ariana Chan. However, after a closer look, the photos had a word or two in each. It was written in small fonts barely visible to the naked eye. After putting all the words together, her brows knitted.

After she gave instructions to the security team, she left the building in a rush texting Gao Rou, “I’m on my way.”

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