The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Non-Disclosure Agreement

The other day, Andrea had received a call from her sister confirming that the doctor was none other than Kanzo Sato, one of the mercenaries of the Yamamoto family of Beijing. Although the Japanese family had already fled Beijing, they were once well known to have wreaked havoc on the city after having killed Xio Hanxi’s entire family.

Securing Lu Fang’s safety was her priority, so she needed to put this aside, but she also realized she could hit two birds with one stone by asking for Hanxi’s help. Besides, she needed someone to stay by Lu Fang while she runs around doing the investigation.

Andrea had decided to use the stairs while heading up to the 25th floor of the Starlight Tower. It was the best way to get some privacy.

“Yeong, how is everything? Good?”

“Just wondering why you haven’t made a move on the Yamamotos yet?... hmmm… I see… well, I ran into Kanzo Sato. He is locked up in Gabriel’s Den at the moment.”

Andrea could hear an argument on the other line and eventually, Xio Hanxi took over the call.

“I want him, Andy. Give him to me!”

“Well, you’ll have to come down and help me out with my subject first as Sato is locked up in his prison.”

Xio Hanxi agreed to Andrea’s conditions and was on the next flight back to Beijing. She was happy with the results of their conversation. With Xio Hanxi with her, he would not only lend her a hand but she would also be assured that her apprentice would not storm against the Yamamotos all by himself.

When Andrea arrived on the 25th floor, she was completely covered in sweat. She thought, at least she got her exercise of the day already.

“What happened to you?” Gao Rou asked.

The trio was having lunch in the dining table when she arrived.

“I took the stairs.”

“How efficient.” Gao Rou complained.

When Lu Fang found Andrea sweating all over in her hideous make-up and clothing. He could not help but want to tear up every little bit of cloth that covered her.

“Bolin! I have something to discuss with Andrea. You take over the reviewing of the contracts.”

He immediately pulled Andrea by the hand towards his bedroom.

Go Bolin’s eyes went round. “Did...did they just enter master’s bedroom?”

“Since you are using the study, there is no other private place they can discuss….” Gao Rou gulped at his explanation. “He is probably giving her an orientation! I need to head back to the office now.”

‘Orientation? I’ve never seen him give an orientation before. Not even with him! What was going on?’ Go Bolin can only question in secret as he was left alone. He decided to try his best not to overthink it and went back to the study.

“What are you doing? I thought we agreed not to let Go Bolin know about me for now?”

“We should just tell him and have him sign a non-disclosure agreement!” Lu Fang protested as he roughly tore her blouse.

“Lu Fang! Go Bolin has honesty all over his face!”

“He can choose to be honest and or lose his job. I’m sure he will choose the latter.”

The moment Lu Fang saw her bare breast he bent down to suck on them gently and alternately massaging with his hands.


Andrea moaned just by the feel of his wet mouth around her nipple. Lu Fang then flipped her over to face the door and pulled down her pants revealing her tight ass before him.

“Babe, I just love these,” the man said as he grabbed on to both cheeks and started biting them.

“Ohh...Ahhh... babe, you are a pervert....” Andrea began to feel pleasure as he wet her entire bottom.

“Babe, what can I do? They are calling out to me?”

He was already down on his knees enjoying Andrea’s behind when she raised her ass a little higher, clearly showing her clean-shaved entrance. He then stretched out his tongue to have a better taste.

“Aaahhhh!!!” Andrea’s moan became louder, her mouth wide opened with pleasure.

Realizing that he wanted to do more than just playing with her ass, the man stood up and spoke firmly, “Babe. I am not kissing those horrendous pink lips. Please wash up for me. Besides, you are a little salty.”

Andrea’s mouth twitched and slowly turned her head to find the bathroom. When she found them, she walked towards it and reminded him, “Draft your non-disclosure agreement while I take a shower. You are not getting anywhere without the signed contract in your hand.”

“Hmmm.” She heard the man say.

Lu Fang went straight to Go Bolin and instructed him to make a non-disclosure contract.

“Master, what should the content include?”

“That Go Bolin will not disclose the identity of Andrea Li to any other individual, most especially to Wu Meiwan… and that Andrea Li is one and the same as Kara Wen Go!”

Go Bolin, “!!!!”

“No! Master! How do I do this? You know very well that Wu Meiwan keeps on bothering me about your business. She will pester me non-stop. Just today, she had already tried to call me 10 times.”

Lu Fang did not listen and continued, “That Go Bolin agrees to terminate his employment being the assistant to the CEO in the event that he breaches the contract.”

Go Bolin gulped and went to finish the draft as swiftly as possible.

Within minutes the document was printed and signed between two parties. Lu Fang then happily went back to his bedroom with one copy of the contract getting ready to get some action done.

In the study, Go Bolin was already planning out on how to evade or at least know what to say to Wu Meiwan in case she asked him about Andrea or Kara.

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