The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Earphones Needed (R18)

Andrea was already drying her hair in the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her body when Lu Fang came inside. He walked to her direction while slowly taking off his clothes. He started with his jacket and undershirt. When he was by the bathroom door, he then unzipped his pants pulling it down with just his boxers on.

As he came closer, he slowly helped her remove the towel and placed it in the laundry basket. Andrea continued to dry her hair, but the man did not mind. He will make himself busy, regardless. He held on to one of Andrea’s thighs and lifted it on top of the wash bin area. With knees bent down once more, he started to play with her freshly bathed entrance.

“Ahh…hmmmm….” Andrea’s eyes began to close.

Andrea had let go of the hairdryer and bent down with her hands supporting her weight against the wash area. She lifted her ass higher so the man could do it properly.

“Oh god! Ahhh… Ahh…” Andrea could not help but express such pleasuring sound. She thought how could she have missed out on such a wonderful feeling. The man’s tongue was doing such a good job lifting it up and down against hers that her juice started to come out.

Lu Fang wanted to eat her properly, so he stood up and carried her over to the bed. He could see Andrea was already feeling aroused. Her eyes were softer and she would bite on to her lip a few times.

Andrea could feel her legs spreading involuntarily, but before he resumed, he made sure to turn on all the lights in the room. Andrea was a little confused with his actions but he explained, “Babe, I want to see you. I want to see you clearly.”

She smiled and replied back, “Me too. I want to see all of you.”

He then took off his boxers and climbed up the bed to kiss her widely. He placed his hand on her chin pulling it down making her open up her mouth wider for him to enter. As he pressed down his body against hers, Andrea could feel his manhood on her abdomen so her other hand went down to grab it.

“Hmmm… I love it, babe.” Lu Fang appreciated her taking a little initiative.

The man began to go down her naked body slowly kissing, licking, tasting and sucking every spot he lands on leaving marks here and there.


Andrea’s cry for pleasure seemed endless at that point and Lu Fang grinned. He thought he was doing well considering he was just getting started. When his face finally leveled with her folds, his fingers started to put it in motion. That circular touch just gave the electric feeling to her body making her close her eyes and grab on to her own breasts.

It did not take long before Lu Fang sucked on to her clitoris gently making her scream with pleasure. It was so loud that Go Bolin had heard it in the study.

“Oh god! Ahh.. ahhh.. babe… you are amazing! Ahhh! Ahhh….”

Poor Go Bolin decided to put on his earphones and played some music. Outside the study, Aunt Rosa was also putting on her earphones and playing some music while washing the dishes.

In Andrea’s 5 year relationship with Gabriel, they had never reached this level of intimacy. Although they had argued about it a few times, Andrea was always worried it would go out of hand, but with Lu Fang it felt different with him. His touches gave her butterflies in the stomach. His kisses blew her mind away and the pleasure she felt was beyond words. Deep down inside, she knew she wanted to give everything to him.

The action in the room continued, and it has been more than 15 minutes that Andrea has been howling with pleasure. The man was surely patient!

Just as Lu Fang was about to climb up for a kiss, Andrea’s legs clamped together as she screamed the loudest!

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahah… god… oh my god…”

Lu Fang looked at Andrea with fulfillment. Her eyes had a hint of tear out of satisfaction. He climbed up again and kissed her luscious lips. Before his mouth could even reach hers, Andrea’s was already wide open ready to receive his tongue. She then raised both her legs and encircled it around his waist while they continued for another 30 minutes of a crazy make-out session just enjoying each other’s taste.

Andrea started to pull away when she felt her lips were starting to get sore and asked, “Babe…”

“Hmmm… Yes, babe.”

She licked her lip and bit it before she continued, “Do you want me to eat you down there as well?”

Lu Fang’s eyes became monstrous hearing her words and his brother just now was even harder than it was earlier.

“Babe, I don’t want to force you to anything, but… I’d really like that.” He went back to kissing her again then he heard her say she would do it. He then took a deep breath, reach out for some pillows so he could see her in action.

It was Andrea’s turn to please the man, and she did not plan on disappointing him. She started kissing him on his neck sending shivers down his spine. While doing this, she remembered Wu Meiwan and instantly bit hard on one side that was visible even with a collared shirt.

“Ahh…Babe, what are you doing?”

Andrea smiled back at him and said, “Marking my territory.”

Pleased with her reply, he allowed her to mark him even on the other side.

Hearing that Andrea had stopped screaming, Go Bolin had put down his earphones. He thought it was finally over. So he headed out the door to get a glass of water and Aunt Rosa was still wearing her headset.

He giggled at her and said, “It’s over Aunt Rosa. You can take it off now.”

Just as Aunt Rosa was about to remove her earphones, he heard his boss moan!

“Ahhh!!! Babe! I love you!”

He quickly stopped Aunt Rosa from removing the earphones and signaled her not to remove it just yet.

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