The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Left Hanging Again

When Andrea was satisfied marking each side of Lu Fang’s neck, she slowly trailed kisses down to his muscled chest. It’s not that she was an expert in teasing, but she just followed Lu Fang’s lead. She then stuck her tongue out to trace the man’s nipples and he could not help but bite his lip.

“Yeah… babe… good girl…”

Lu Fang then brushed Andrea’s hair, wanting to have a clear view while she continued to go down on him.

“Ah… that feels good babe.”

When Andrea found his erection, she massaged it with one hand as she got ready for the awaited moment. She smiled at him and then started to lick his tips.


The moment Andrea had put it entirely into her mouth, Lu Fang groan in pleasure.

“Ahhh!!! Babe! I love you!”

Andrea worked really hard to suck it all in, because of the size, that her jaws easily got tired but she was happy to do it. She went up and down repeatedly with one hand holding it up.

“Babe, do it faster…. Faster... Yeah… Faster….”

Lu Fang could not hold it any longer and he reached out to hold her head in place and did the work for her as he thrust his hips back and forth into her mouth until he could feel his little guys coming out.

“Babe, I’m coming. I want to come on your face.”

He quickly pulled himself up while pinning her down and let his hand finish it off. Lu Fang was now on his knees with his legs apart on top of Andrea.

“Ahhhhhhh!!! Ahh...”

Just like that he let it out on Andrea’s beautiful face.

After whipping off the fluid they both went back to kissing each other again. His manhood was still hard as if telling him there is much work that needs to be done. When they both knew it was about time, Lu Fang sat up happily looking at Andrea as she opened up her legs for him to enter.

He held his erection while helping it to enter hers, but when he tried to put it in, he realized she was rather tight. He gulped at the thought and asked, “Babe, is this your first time?”

Andrea looked at him and brushed back her hair. Her face turned red entirely as she replied, “Yes. It’s my first.”

The man’s thoughts came running wild! How lucky was he that his babe is a virgin and he would be her first. Then all of a sudden the thought of wanting to treasure her first came to his mind, and he looked down. Instead of proceeding with their lovemaking, he came back up to her face and kissed her lightly on the face.

“Babe, I am so lucky to have met you. I want to make love you so much but I want both of us to cherish your first.”

Andrea, “???”

“What? I don’t understand.” She was still a bit confused. Is this a man’s normal reaction?

“Let us wait till we get married before we do it.”

Andrea slammed her head back to the pillows and started to laugh.

“Hahaha! Haha!”

She could not believe what the man just said to her. This was officially her 2nd time to be left hanging after he got it started.

‘How could he???!!!!!’

Lu Fang was worried about her reaction, he assumed that the girl would feel pleased knowing their man can keep it in and be patient.

All of a sudden Andrea stood up and punched him in the face!

“Awwwww! Andy?”

She quickly got off the bed and seeing her clothes are now in pieces she went to his walk-in closet to look for something to wear. When she found a good t-shirt and boxer shorts, she wore them and got ready to leave.

The man was still at a loss with her actions but when he realized she was leaving, he went to wear his boxer shorts and grabbed a t-shirt for himself.

“Babe? Babe? Please… Did I do something wrong – ”

“Don’t go outside the penthouse or else...” She was thinking deeply about how to punish this man.

“or else, you will not be allowed to hold my ass for an entire month! Do you get me?”

“Babe… - ”

“Stay here! I have something important to do!”

After getting changed at her apartment, she called Go Bolin to be sure the man was still inside his Presidential suite. After confirming the same, she left completely covering herself in a black sports attire.

“Ms. Li, master’s stares are sharper than any blade there is. Can you come back here, please?” Go Bolin pleaded.

“Tell him to repent on his faults and I will be back soon.”

Andrea was actually placed on speaker and Lu Fang’s face were as dark as pitch black.

‘Repent on my faults? What exactly did I do wrong?’

Andrea had gone around the block twice already looking for a good spot to park her car when she saw a café right across The Park Residence.


Ordering a black coffee, she started with her laptop while checking the security system of the building. When she was confident she could easily get away with her plans, she finished up her drink and walked towards the back of side of the Residence.

In just two hours she came in and out of the building unnoticed. She had managed to save data files on her laptop from the suite’s computer and had placed surveillance cameras in the room. She also made sure to delete traces of her entry when she had gotten into the car and just before she drove away, a familiar car with Mr. Liu Min’s plates came driving around the corner.

Andrea’s eyes twinkled and thought she had a fabulous timing. In the coming days, more and more will be revealed and soon Lu Fang would be safe from harm.

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