The President's Lover is A Fighter

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He likes General Lei

Lu Fang did not have any love that night as Andrea chose to sleep in her apartment. She had also changed the password of her door lock.

She had left the man in Gao Rou’s care with 2 other bodyguards. This did not mean she wasn’t looking out for Lu Fang as she had his entire presidential suite implanted with her own surveillance cameras.

Early in the morning she had picked up Xio Hanxi and gave him a briefing of the current situation.

“Sis, has General Lei already breached the hideout of Ace of Spades? Getting through them will certainly help pin down whoever is behind this.”

“I believe he will be doing that by the end of the week. I’m sure there is a lot to consider and it doesn’t happen overnight.” She reminded him.

“You should just call him! Haha! Poor lover boy is in need of some nourishment.”

“Hmmm… I forgot... you are his number one supporter.”

As she was navigating through the road, she realized something. ” Wait… Are you the one telling him about my jobs?”

“What? No!”

Andrea’s eyes did not leave him at all.

“No! I don’t know what you are talking about! He would just ask me where I am and I guess he figured out we are often together during jobs!”

“Ahhh! Hey, that hurts!” Xio Hanxi complained as her sister pinched his ear.

“Duhhh! That is a no brainer. Who else would I ask help with my jobs, but you. Then you freely give away your location? Don’t ever do that again. You understand me?”

“Okay! Okay! I got it! Geeze… I hate you sometimes… but my love for you prevails.”

Andrea smiled back at him as she drove their way back to the apartment building.

Lu Fang came down to the main restaurant of the Starlight tower with Gao Rou to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast buffet. Just as they were about to take a seat, he saw his babe walking in with a striking young man beside her. He was none other than the young superstar, Xio Hanxi who had disappeared from the entertainment industry a few years back. He had an arm around Andrea and his infectious smile made everybody glance and greet them eagerly.

The man’s demeanor started to change and he immediately suggested to join the other party’s table.

Gao Rou could only feel trouble coming. How could Andrea make this man so furious! Last night, he was made into a middle man in their lover’s quarrel.

Lu Fang: “Gao Rou, tell her it’s her responsibility to protect me and that she must report to work in my apartment.”

Andrea: “I just came from Ariana’s apartment and had set-up surveillance. Does that not count as work? Anyhow, I forwarded you the email she tried to trick the director of sending. I made some changes in the data to mislead them. All we need to do now is wait for them to make a move.”

Lu Fang: “Is she ignoring me? Gao Rou, you may be her direct boss but I am the boss above everyone else. Ask her to come up now!”

The man had gone down to her apartment that night but he could not get in. She made sure to hide her password from Starlight’s system not even the best hacker in the world could find it. Unless maybe Andrea’s sister.

Just when Andrea and Xio Hanxi were talking about her real brother, a man sat beside her and placed his big hand around her waist.

“Hi babe, did you sleep well without me last night?” The man’s actions implied ownership to the girl beside him.

“Hmmm… never felt better. You should stick to your own bedroom permanently.” Andrea was being unreasonable and she knew it, but she just felt that the man would go to the extremes for her and wanted to test his patience.

“How could you? After you had abused me yesterday?” Lu Fang said as he pulled down his collar to show off his kiss marks.

Andrea turned bright red that she quickly pulled up his collar and whispered to him, “Don’t humiliate me in front of others. Stop this right now.”

“What did you say?”

“I said stop. Let’s not quarrel any more.” She gently smiled while making sure that his kiss marks were now hidden.

“My thoughts exactly! Now let’s cuddle and make up.” Lu Fang said and pulled her even closer to his side.

Staring at him for a second, she felt a little sad. ‘My poor baby looked like he didn’t get to sleep last night.’ Then she saw Gao Rou walking towards their table. He was in much worst condition than Lu Fang. One could only guess what had happened and she felt a little guilty.

When his babe no longer protested, Lu Fang shifted his attention to the man in front of her. “And who might you be?”

Andrea could see the man’s jealous eyes so she answered for her bro. “He is my brother!”

“How did that happen? Do brothers usually put their arm around my woman?”

“He is here to help me so don’t even think about it.”

“Help you with what?”

“To protect you?”

“How can a superstar help protect me?”

“I trained him! And stop it, please.”

“With all due respect Mr. Lu, I have been trained in martial arts since I was a child. That was exactly how I landed the cover photo of a sports magazine in 2016. Plus, my sister here taught me everything there is to know about handling a gun.” Xio Hanxi tried to defend himself.

“Regardless, I am not allowing just anybody to come close to me.”

“He is my brother and I trust him, please.”


“Babe, please. Let’s stop this. We need all the help we can get and Xio Hanxi is someone that I can trust and knows my work well,” Andrea pleaded with the man.

“Hmmm…. We need to talk – ”

“Yes, we will talk after breakfast.”

Andrea pulled his arm down and gave him a peck on the cheek. She had to put a stop to his objections. Otherwise, it will be another long conversation, one that Gao Rou was not able to get out of last night.

Xio Hanxi was taken by surprise. They called each other babe, and he just witnessed his sister take the initiative to kiss a man. Then those kiss marks? Was she really capable of being intimate? He did not like it one bit. He had someone else in mind for Andrea.

“Hmmm…I like General Lei… Ouch! Ahh...” Xio Hanxi was about to tell his sister how he preferred the general for her when he suddenly cried in pain.

Andrea did a good job of kicking his leg in the right spot where it hurt the most. Then she turned to Lu Fang and explained. “Babe, he likes General Lei. He’s gay.”

“Ha! I always thought you were… ” Gao Rou reacted.

Xio Hanxi’s eyes narrowed while staring straight at her.

Andrea’s eyes widened and silently said, ‘Oh no! Sorry, Bro.’

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