The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Security Breach

The sight from the presidential suite was picturesque. One can see the high-rise buildings from one side of it and the forest park from the other. Appreciating the strong wind against her face and the spectacular view, Andrea smiled brightly as her eyes seem to speak of happy memories.

Lu Fang came up from behind her and hugged her tightly. He took a deep breath and savored the scent of her hair before seeing her dream-like expression.

“I love being on top of a building like this. You get to glimpse of all the best features of the city.”

He could see her eyes began to water, but she wiped it off immediately with her fingers. She was still tucked into his embrace when she started to speak.

“I am a bit complicated. Can you handle it?”

“I like complicated.”

Andrea chuckled with his response and continued, “You have no idea what you are getting yourself into.”

“I think I like that about you.”

“I have trust issues.”

“Hmmm…. I doubt that. You sure can trust the flower boy.”

She laughed out loud when she realized he was referring to Xio Hanxi. “Oh my god… where do you get these ideas?”

It did not take long for her to become serious again and continued with her list. She had planned to give the man little hints about herself but when she had made a mental note, the list seemed never-ending.

“I built a habit of pushing people away.”

“Hmmm… explain flower boy.”

“Will you stop bringing him into the topic? I am not like that with him. We are simply platonic… We are like you and Gao Rou.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.”

Andrea could not stop giggling at his reactions that she turned to look at his knock-out face and she noticed it was slightly bruised.

She pursed her lips and reach out to touch his cheek. “Did I do this?”

“No. I did that to myself because you were mad at me for not making love to you so I deserve a beating.”

“What? No! That was not the reason I was mad at you!” Andrea denied with all her might that her ears and face went bright red.

‘F***! I could not possibly admit I wanted to do it badly! Grrrr..’

Lu Fang beamed at her reaction. He found it incredibly adorable that someone like her could be such a bad liar.

“Fine! You are such a great liar that I believe you.”

Her eyes narrowed as she buried her face into his chest. She was utterly ashamed of herself.

“Andy, don’t worry about me. I am like a yoyo... If you push me away, I’ll come back to you much faster than you had let go.”

In the evening, when Lu Fang learned that Xio Hanxi was staying with Andrea at her suite, he gave him a tour of the most luxurious room in the building, which meant his very own room, and made an exchange deal. With its formidable features, who was he to say no? At first, Hanxi was being elusive of the idea, but when the collection of expensive wines were freely offered to him by the owner of the suite, he agreed in a heartbeat.

Gao Rou and Go Bolin were staying at the suite opposite to Lu Fang’s. He had always left it unoccupied and would occasionally turn it into a huge guest room or a temporary office.

Mentally exhausted, Andrea had fallen asleep on her bed without changing.

“Babe, take a bath first.”

“Hmmm… but I am so tired... Bathe me, babe… and change me.”

The man’s eyes twinkled in mischief and obliged to her request. He prepared for her bath and carried her over moments later. He thought it would be easier for him to clean her up if they both get in the tub.

Throughout the bath, Lu Fang was very gentle with her. He did not want to use a sponge but instead used his own hands. Naturally, he played with her curves but Andrea just kept giggling whenever he would reach a sensitive spot. A big part of him wanted to have more intimate time but he was too exhausted. After all, he did not get any sleep the other night and so they both cuddled to slumber after a nice warm bath.

Andrea was a bit worried for Xio Hanxi getting drunk. Her bro becomes a little psycho after several drinks. However, she was glad to learn that he would be staying alone at Lu Fang’s apartment so he would not have anybody to play with.

After the death of Xio Hanxi’s family, he became a drunk and would often find himself in a bar instigating a fight. After every fight, his opponents were severely injured that Hanxi had lost most of his fortune paying off the hospital bills of the victims.

Even after Andrea took him in under her wing, his rage while in the influence was difficult to control. Overtime, though, he began to increase his self-awareness in every instance of outrage and had made it into a habit of bringing along with him a small canister during a dangerous mission.

Confident that her man was just beside her, she fell asleep like a baby not hearing Bronu Mars singing his usual song on the phone. Lu Fang did not want to wake her and had placed her phone on silent mode.

TEXT: Be alert. Reports of a helicopter had been rented out by the….

Since he could not see the entire text, he brushed it off as it looked like a news report.




Andrea and Lu Fang woke up from the loud sound coming from her laptop. Andrea turned pale and quickly got changed and instructed him to stay behind.

“No! I am coming with you!”

“What does this mean Andy?”

“Someone had broken into your suite. Make sure to stay close to me.”

“You know how to use this, right?” She handed him a silver automatic pistol. Lu Fang nodded and held the gun tightly while Andrea got a pair for herself.

The elevators were not working so they had to take the stairs. They were trying to get Gao Rou on the phone when a series of shots were heard from above. They could only speed up from where they were and hope that Xio Hanxi was able to protect himself.

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