The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Kill The Assistant

Gao Rou was the first one to enter the opposite suite. His gun pointed out to the other direction while slowly trying to find signs of the enemy.




Andrea’s improvised alarm system was enough to wake up the entire building. It did not plan on stopping from warning the tenant.

Though it was dark, Gao Rou could see the glass window from the living room was now shattered to pieces. He continued to advance while trying to avoid stepping on them when the lights started to flicker and came back on.

‘Whew!’ He sighed and gulped at the same time.

Slowly peeping behind the coach, he confirms seeing two dead bodies of men fully covered in black. When he came closer to take a better look, there was no better way to describe it - OVERKILL! The men were shot multiple times that the area was flooded with blood.

As he looked up, heavy punches could be heard in the direction of Lu Fang’s room so he hurried towards it. He tried his best to go unnoticed but his heavy feet gave away his presence. The moment he entered the room, a man grabbed on to his pistol with one hand and gave him a powerful punch in the face with the other.

Falling down on the floor, Gao Rou looked in a distance where his gun was thrown away hoping to grab it when he turned to take a closer look at his attacker, the man was none other Xio Hanxi. Both his fists were covered in red liquid and his face had splattered blood all over. His eyes were filled with rage that he looked like someone who was possessed. He had already used up all his bullets so he resorted to a hand to hand combat.

“Hanxi! Stop!”

“Bro, relax, it’s over.”

Andrea and Lu Fang arrived just in time before Gao Rou could be turned into a punching bag. She immediately rushed to his side to hold his hand gesturing him to put down his fists.

Realizing who it was calling him, Xio Hanxi started to look around him. Two dead bodies were in the room with their faces heavily disfigured. When he realized what had happened he slowly laid his body on the floor taking heavy breaths relieved that it was finally over.

“Are you alright, bro?”

“Yeah! Thanks to your crazy alarm.”

Gao Rou was shaking his head as he saw the surroundings, there were a total of 4 dead bodies. “This will be hard to hide. We are going to have to admit to the Police you are being targeted.”

The assassination attempt of the newly elected CEO of Lu-Wei Enterprises spread like wildfire. Somehow, the incident that happened at the hospital had also leaked leading everyone to conclude that there had been more than one try to take Lu Fang’s life. There were talks of how risky it was to live in the Starlight and Lu Fang knew that he had to take care of it. He ordered his PR team to rectify the situation and highlight the company’s capacity to protect its’ homeowners.

When the article came out, it featured Starlight’s security system being able to detect intruders the moment they touch the outside glass window of the apartment building and that no one among the residents was killed nor injured. Only the intruders suffered a major blow thanks to the selfless acts of their security team. The write-up also made mention of how well trained and coordinated their security team is that not anybody can easily enter their office building nor take down their defenses. At the same time, an announcement was made that Lu Fang would temporarily move out from the Starlight to avoid unintentional harm to the occupants of the twin tower and its’ neighboring infrastructures.

To many commoners, it made them feel fear that someone as powerful as the Lu Fang would still be subject to such a bold attack, how much more their own. The Lu family gained the sympathy of the many citizens that the President of the republic himself spoke in their defense, clearly threatening whoever is behind the plot. In his latest media appearance, he announced General Lei would be steadily aiding the Lus in their current endeavor and hopefully put an end to this mad fiasco.

As the news was all filled with reports about the Lu Family, the mysterious man in Tianjin had no choice but watch and feel envious of this family that seemed to have every support especially from the government. His ashtray went flying across the room as he let out his frustration. He was already old and did not have much time. He wanted to take everything that he could from Lu Jie as soon as possible!

“Sir, we are sorry to say. All plans had failed so far.” His assistant came inside the gloomy office worried of his master’s reaction. They had tried three times already but they did not even come close to getting it done.

“There is still one other group whom we paid a very generous amount of money. They are called The Shadows and their track record is on point. They may be able to succeed.”

The man placed down his cigar and ask said, “Check with the bureau maybe they had some help. The boy is just too lucky to escape death many times.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Also, find a way for my girl to join Lu Fang’s office as an assistant. If we can’t kill him just yet, let us kill his assistant and make sure they hire her as a replacement or even just as a reliever. She’ll be our eyes and ears on their side.”

“Yes, sir. We will figure it out.”

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