The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Meeting "The Parents?"

Lu Fang and Andrea lay down on the bed, just cuddling with each other early in the morning. If was the first time in two days, they have had a proper sleep. They were physically and mentally drained with the turn of the events running back and forth from Starlight to the office. They have been taking slumber in Lu-Wei enterprises while Lu Fang was having Gao Rou and Go Bolin purchase a new home where he could bring his babe with him. Xiao Hanxi accompanied the couple during the day and slept in a hotel nearby at night. When the estate was finally chosen, Andrea had helped set-up the security system in the mansion. They should be ready to move in a day or two.

Lu Fang did not want to stay in the Lu Residence primarily because he wanted to take Andrea with him and rest in the same bed as she. Andrea felt the same way. Every minute she was not with him, she felt a great deal of anxiety.

The couple was already awake but just wanted to spend time in each other’s arms in silence.

“Babe, if anything happens to me – ”

“Don’t say that. Nothing will happen to you! Over my dead body!”

There was no response from him so she spoke up.

“Lu Fang, I know this is a lot for you to take. I can tell your family is stressed out, but trust me when I say, I will never let anything happen to you. I have been through many trials in my life and this? This is just a nothing compared to what I have been through so I am telling you, we will survive this.”

Andrea pulled herself up to face him and kissed him gently. “Promise me. Don’t ever think of this anymore... I don’t know exactly what this means, Lu Fang, all I know is I cannot lose you.”

The man was touched by her words and actions that a happy thought came to his mind. ‘Does she already love me?’

Andrea initiated a kiss again this time not letting go or slowing down. As the kiss started to heat up, Lu Fang pushed his mouth harder against her’s that she could feel her chin starting to get wet. It did not take long before their hands started to roam around. Andrea wanted to feel his chest and had him pull off his shirt. Lu Fang did the same to the shirt she was wearing and aggressively grabbed on to her breasts. He loved how they were just the right size for his hands to grasp and that they were always perky, as if constantly inviting him over. However, no matter how lovely his babe’s breasts were for him, her behind were the best kind. The moment his hands went down to seize them, Andrea let out a gentle moan.

While the couple was busy groping each other, Gao Rou was rushing to the office and had begun to call Lu Fang.

Lu Fang was already up on his knees in front of Andrea’s beautiful face when he heard his phone buzzing and looked up to see who it was. He obviously ignored it, just like the prior calls he received much earlier in the day.

“Who was that?” Andrea asked as she held his erection in one hand, ready to put it in her mouth.


“Gao Rou.” The man said as he started to move his hips while holding on to her head.

“Maybe it’s important.” Andrea took an opportunity to breathe while she pointed out and went back to sucking his manhood.

“Let’s finish first.”

Lu Fang liked the feeling of Andrea’s tongue rubbing against his while inside her mouth. It was such an erotic scene for him and found it exceptionally arousing looking at her pure and innocent looking face while her eyes are fixed on him moving her head back and forth.

“Ahh… Ahhh… Oh yeah…” his moans started to get faster.

While the two were deeply absorbed with what they were doing. Gao Rou was already panicking outside the office building. His brother was not answering at all and he could only guess they were doing something only a couple would.

He turned to Xio Hanxi and gave him instructions to buy them some time.

Back in Lu Fang’s private room, the couple was still at it.

“Oh yeah… Ahh…Babe, can I come inside your mouth?”

Andrea took a second to think about it but did not respond. Instead, she sucked him even faster and harder that it made Lu Fang hold tighter on her hair and raised his head back while moaning with pleasure.

“Ahhh… Ahhh…It’s so good, babe!”

He could feel his fluid coming out and so he warns her, “Babe, I’m coming.”

Andrea immediately placed both her hands against his behind, suggesting for him not to pull-out. The man’s eyes became devilish and thrust faster and harder.

“Ahh... Ahhh... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… Ahhh… Scccch….Ha…”

He was still holding on to her hair as he pushed hard three more times, moaning loudly at every thrust before finally pulling out.

While the man was still absorbing the pleasure of his release, Andrea swallowed it all down and took the shirt that was on the bed to wipe her mouth.

“How does that taste, babe?”

“Hmmm… bland yet a little hint of salty? Not sure, it’s not really appetizing. Here, why don’t you try it too?” Andrea said while sticking her tongue out.

He smirked at her and bent down to suck on her tongue.

“I wanna be a billionaire so f****n bad…” Andrea’s phone rang, and it was her important call line.

“I need to take this.”

When she answered the call, her eyes opened wide and immediately hung up. “Your parents are coming up to your office.”


They both immediately went to get changed. Although they have been sleeping in his private room this past 2 nights, Andrea has not yet met Lu Fang’s father simply because they were running around from Starlight to the office and when they were in the office, the father and son conversation would happen elsewhere.

She was stressing out thinking how she could be meeting “the parents” just minutes after giving their son a blowjob.

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