The President's Lover is A Fighter

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The Furious Nancy Davies

Andrea confronted Nancy when she got back to their home, but her dear foster mother only laughed at her adding frustration to her feelings.

“Hahaha! Do you think Alfred will believe you? You think too highly of yourself. I am his wife and you? You are getting in between my son and his happiness! Why should I keep you?”

Hearing her words, reality hit Andrea. Nancy never cared about her. The person whom she considers as a second mother spoke to her like she was a pest that needed to be rid of.

Andrea held back her tears and said, “Then… this is the last time you’ll see me. I will forget about what happened, but I hope you will not come after me. We both know what I am capable of.”

“Are you threatening me? Andy, remember you are nothing without us!”

“Am I really nothing without the Davies? Think again and think carefully about who I am and who my real parents are…. I am just telling you the truth and because you and father raised me, I will not retaliate. Let me leave and live peacefully.”

Nancy’s eyes were filled with anger! ‘How dare she treat me like this! This ungrateful child!’

She was furious at Andrea’s words, but she could only complain to herself. She was defenseless against Andrea, but she promised herself she would bring down this adopted child of hers and make her regret!

In respect to her foster father, Andrea decided to leave Nancy alone. Though she was not sure of Gabriel’s involvement in her kidnapping, she knew Nancy would not let her be. It was from that moment on, that she decided to leave. Before Nancy could do more damage to her, she needed to save herself.

Alfred can only guess that something unacceptable had happened to Andrea, but she would not tell a soul. When she told him that she was leaving, he was heartbroken.

Of course, Alfred had his own sources and found out about the conflict in his family. He immediately secured Andrea’s future by giving her a sufficient amount of the family fortune enough to keep her going on her own or create a new life elsewhere.

Andrea was bright and resourceful, even without the help of the Davies, she would have made it well on her own. Over the years she had acquired properties with her own capital. Although Alfred had always given her financial support, she tried to minimize the help in as much as possible.

Andrea sold all her estates and planned for a new beginning. All that was left was the company shares Alfred gave her. She left the family that she had lived with for years. It was yet another painful experience, but she could no longer bear to stay with them.

It has been three years since. She could not keep count of the many sleepless nights feeling the pain on her chest like she was unable to breathe. She went through hard times but she was better now. She sought her real family, found her older half-sister within a year and had lived under her care for almost 2 years.

She knew her mother was once together with another man in China before getting involved with her biological father. However, she had only decided to look for her half-sister after the agonizing experience. She wondered if her sister could give her the love she had been craving for since losing her parents.

While working for her adoptive parents, she had already met her brother by accident. Both of Andrea’s parents died when she was nine years old, which led to her adoption. She and her older brother, being fostered by different families, grew apart without any contact with each other until she was eighteen.

Her brother resides in Korea with his new family. There, he was also brought up the same way as Andrea, meant to conquer the family business. Only that his family strongly supported him in every way as he was their only son.

This past year she has been traveling all across Asia, soul searching, finding meaning… Whatever she calls it. Just so she could forget her painful past. Once in a while, she would stay a month or two with her brother in Korea.

Just to keep her skills in check, she’d get occasional jobs from her brother and sister which she would oblige also as a way to keep her busy.

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