The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Girl Talk?

When the door opened, Lu Fang’s parents were already waiting in his office.

Andrea was in distress, especially after seeing Xio Hanxi giving her a “slit your throat” sign while standing behind Mr. and Mrs. Lu.

“Mom, Dad. Good morning! What brings you here so early?”

Lu Fang’s parents were surprised to see a girl come out after their son from his private room.

Back when they were still in the elevator, Gao Rou was already trying to create a good impression on Andrea. He had told them of how Andrea was always around to put a stop to the assassination attempts and how Lu Fang was very grateful and fond of her. Gao Rou was nagging too much about Andrea that Lu Wei had a hint of what was going on. He looked at his wife and sure enough; she was thinking the same.

When Mr. and Mrs. Lu remained to stare at Andrea without any response to their son, Gao Rou decided to interrupt and coughed before speaking, “This is Andrea Li. She is the one I have been talking about. She helped tremendously in keeping brother safe.”

“Do your bodyguards, especially a female one, have to accompany you inside your room?” Lu Wei asked.

“Son, I’m sorry but I don’t believe you have a normal employer and employee relationship here. You never let anyone just come in your private room.” Christina Lu, who could not help but also question, was now looking straight at her son waiting for an answer.

Lu Fang looked back to face Andrea and pulled her beside him by the hand. “Mom and dad, this is Andy. She is also my girlfriend.”

Andrea quickly bowed down to greet his parents. “Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. Lu. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Lu Wei gave a blank expression while the Mrs. placed a hand on her chest.

His father continued to stare at Andrea before speaking once more. “We will talk about this later. Get yourself ready and we will wait for you at the Marigold Hotel. We will have an early lunch with your grandfather.”

“Yes, dad.”

“Andy or Andrea?” Christina Lu asked.

“It’s Andrea but Andy is my nickname.”

“Can I have a word with you?”


“I’m not going to bite her, Lu Fang. We are just going to have a girl talk.”

Christina Lu gestured for Andrea to follow her outside and found a perfect place in a small conference room near the CEO’s office.

“How did it turned out this way? You were hired just last week and now you are my son’s girlfriend?”

Andrea bit her bottom lip and gulped at the question. She breathed in and out a few times trying to find her words.

“Mrs. Lu. First of all, I never intended for this to happen. By being with him and protecting him, I was just doing my job. I tried my best to resist his charms but in the end, I was swayed by his advances… As we spend more time together... I ended up liking him back.”

Andrea gave a sigh of relief and looked up to Mrs. Lu straight in the eye. Earlier, she thought that Mrs. Lu was so familiar, she couldn’t figure it out but perhaps, it was because they look similar to each other, Lu Fang and his mother.

Christina Lu was studying Andrea as she spoke and found her angelic beauty absolutely alluring. There was a high probability that her son might have chased her and not the usual. She had seen many girls throw themselves at Lu Fang, but her son could see right through them and never showed any interest. He only had one official girlfriend all his life. Now, here comes the second one just at the prime of his career when he is at the right age for marriage.

“Andrea, I appreciate the efforts you have made to protect my son. God knows how happy I am that he remains to survive till this day, but I don’t know if you are the right fit for this family… Never mind the danger, at least I know you can defend yourself, but the pressure coming from his grandfather to maintain in the high society we live in, It just might take a toll on you. You see, we have high expectations for the woman who he will marry.”

Andrea felt her heart started to get squashed. Here goes the story of a romantic novel where the female lead is disliked by the parents. Worst, possibly looking down on her. She did not like those kinds and absolutely did not need those kinds of drama.

“I am not saying I dislike you. I am just saying that you will go through a lot of difficulties being with my son. Nevertheless, I am open to see until when you can stay by his side.”

“Mrs. Lu, I will not be a hypocrite and lie to you. I did not like what you said. The pressure of living in high society? Hmmph. What good is a life where you are constantly looking over your shoulders? Your family may have so much wealth, but can you completely live a life that’s carefree? I bet all my life savings that a travel blogger, who maybe only has 2,000 USD on his bank account, yet goes around the world without restraint… is much happier than you or any members of your family… God knows just how much I want a normal man and a normal life for myself. Unfortunately, you don’t choose the man you end up liking, it just happens.”

“I am sorry if I have offended you, Mrs. Lu, I know every parent only looks out for their child and you’d only want the best for Lu Fang including the woman he will end up with, however, I don’t intend to just sit pretty and accept your words. I have my own opinion and I speak my mind. I hope you understand where I am coming from.”

Andrea stood up and excused herself. She was about to leave the conference room when Christina Lu grabbed her arm gently and said. “Wait.”

When Andrea turned back to look at Mrs. Lu, her eyes were already wet and it did not take long before her sobs became louder and louder.

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