The President's Lover is A Fighter

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My Sister is LOADED!

“Mrs. Lu?” Andrea began to worry as Lu Fang’s mother continued to cry. Christina had already let go of her arm and her face now covered with both her hands.

“Mrs. Lu. I am sorry. I did not mean to be so harsh with my words -”

“No! No, Andrea. It isn’t that.”

She took a tissue from her bag and began to wipe her face.

“I will get you some water.” Andrea offered and came back as soon as possible holding a glass of water.

After calming herself, Mrs. Lu stretched out her hand to hold Andrea’s arm and explained. “You are right. You seem to know well the consequences of being part of the circle… I had told myself this many times and I could not believe…I just went against my own words.”

Christina was ready to shed another set of tears while she looked at Andrea then her voice started to become clearer and with more conviction, she said, “I had promised myself I would never come between my son and the person he would love ... and I will never disown my son for his choices... I will never… Never let my son choose between his family and the one he would love… the way… the way my family did to me when I chose to love Lu Wei!”

Andrea was surprised to hear this. She did not do much research on Lu Fang’s mother. She only knew that she was British and had chosen not to use nor be called in her maiden name in any way since her marriage to Lu Wei. Mrs. Lu was feeling so emotional that Andrea could not help but hold back her hand. Then to her surprise, she was already hugging her.

All of Christina’s pent-up emotions suddenly came out hearing what Andrea had to say. She misses her family, especially her beloved brother. After Lu Fang was born, she visited Europe in secret and bought a house across her brother’s mansion. Together with Lu Fang, she would come to stay once a year for a few days until her son had too many school work to do that they never returned. Since then, she had not heard of her brother nor any of her family members.

“Everything you said is true, Andrea. Many times did I wish to have come from a normal family...”

When Christina realized what she was saying, she held back and changed her train of thought. “I will support you and my son… I can control my husband but still, Father? He is still very traditional and difficult to deal with.”

Andrea pulled back from the hug and smiled at her. “Thank you, Mrs. Lu. You don’t know how much that means to me... I was just about to storm out of here and find a Lu Fang a new bodyguard -”

“Oh no. Don’t ever do that, dear. I will get a cold treatment for months from my own son,” Christina said while giving out a small laugh.

“Andrea, please don’t ever tell my son about what I had said. I beg you. I don’t ever want him to think that I regretted leaving my family to have him and his father.”

The conversations between the two ladies lightened after that just in time for Lu Fang to come and find them. “Mom? Everything alright? Why are you crying?”

“Oh... It’s nothing son. Just had a heart to heart talk with Andrea here. ”

He turned to look at Andrea and asked, “Babe?”

“Ahhh… nothing, babe. It’s just between me and your mom.”

“Mom, Andy needs to get a shower and change. I will take her to meet grandfather.”

Christina was about to discourage his son but reminded herself that she had to support him instead. “Very well son. Good luck.”

Andrea did not want to join the lunch meeting but Lu Fang insisted. Since she did not have anything feminine to wear, she had asked to buy some clothes first and catch up. So Lu Fang left with Gao Rou and Xio Hanxi while Andrea went to the nearby mall to do a very early shopping with Go Bolin.

Inside the Marigold Hotel, Lu Jie’s voice could be heard from outside the private room. It was so loud that Xia Hanxi could hear every single word.

“What did you say? You have a girlfriend? And your bodyguard? Boy, I thought I told you that you will marry Wu Meiwan, her family’s fortune is about 2 billion dollars! I bet your girlfriend does not even have 2,000 dollars on her bank account. How could that help you?”

“Grandfather. I never liked Wu Meiwan. Not one bit. Not even a strand on her hair. I am Lu Fang! Why do I have to gain an advantage of other family’s wealth through marriage? Am I not self-sufficient?”

“Boy, don’t be stubborn!”

“Father, if I may... Lu Wei and I have agreed not to interfere with Lu Fang’s personal life. Besides, coming from personal experience, we know exactly how toxic it is to be forced into a marriage without love. Please, father, let us give Andrea a chance.”

Lu Jie then turned to Lu Wei while shaking his head in disagreement. “Haist... Your son learned this from you.”

Although the discussion did not just end there, it was safe to say that Lu Jie would not object to his grandson’s least for now.

Xio Hanxi was laughing hysterically at what he just heard that he had teary eyes. This made Gao Rou puzzled. ‘Shouldn’t he feel sad for Andrea?’

“I don’t understand what is so funny?”

“Haha! Dude, it’s so funny when people underestimate my sister. Mr. Lu Jie just compared her to an heiress worth 2 Billion Dollars? Hahaha! That is so hilarious!”

Gao Rou was utterly confused at that point that he began to question Xio Hanxi’s sanity. Seeing the reaction on his face, Xio Hanxi thought of giving him something to think about.

“Okay, okay…. I’ll let you in a little secret… My sister? Andrea? She is LOADED!”

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