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Goodbye, Gabe

Alfred and Andrea were enjoying their meal and talking about her recent endeavors. Alfred was pleased to know that his daughter had learned so much on her own and had found her siblings. He wished he could bring her back home, but he can only hope. He knew this would never happen.

Meanwhile, a noticeable couple arrived at the same restaurant.

“Darling. I am so tired of this restaurant. Why are we even here?”

“This is our favorite restaurant. You should like it too.” Gabriel reminded Taya as they were brought to their table.

“Me, Mon and Dad…and ….”

“I know. I know. Andy… It’s always Andy.” Taya had cut him off.

Gabriel frowned at Taya’s response and apologized, “I’m sorry darling. I did not mean to bring her up. She was part of my past after all. I can’t help but remember sometimes.”

As soon as they sat on their assigned table, Taya saw a familiar figure just 4 tables away.

“Isn’t that your dad?”

Gabriel looked up and realized it was in fact his dad, but seeing the slim figure in front of his father, his heart began to beat faster and his hands started to sweat. ‘Could it be? Andy?’

“Let me go and say hi,” Gabriel told Taya without looking at her.

“Stay here.”

Taya’s face frowned being asked to stay behind but was not bothered at all instead she kept herself busy updating her social media account.

Gabriel walked slowly and continue to approach the table in a different direction. He was aiming to get a closer look at the woman up ahead. After a clear view, his heart sank. For some reason, he felt so much pain. It was indeed Andrea.

He could not understand what he was feeling. He recalled when Andrea left without a word, he experienced the same heartbreak. Although he found someone else to love, they both grew up together and he still cared for her. To him, she could have at least said goodbye.

‘She looked different.’ Gabriel thought to himself.

She had the same angelic face and expressive eyes but her actions are more elegant. Her hair was long and the tips were slightly curled. Her clothes were different and for some reason, Gabriel thought Andrea was even more beautiful now than she was before. He could not help but smile at the sight before him.


Andrea turned to see who it was and instantly, the smile on her face turned into a blank expression.

“Andy, how have you been?” Gabriel came to the table looking straight at her.

Andrea blinked a few times, quickly drank a glass of water and wiped her lips with a table napkin. She stretched out her hand to hold her father’s and said, “Dad, thank you for the meal. I have to go now.”

Alfred was in distress to hear her words but could not do anything. He knew she did not want to see Gabriel and his wife, Nancy. It had only been more than an hour since they sat down at this very table.

“Andy, please.” Alfred tried to hold on to Andrea’s hand as she stood up.

Andrea bent down to kiss Alfred’s cheeks and said, “I love you, Dad. Please take care.”

Gabriel also started to feel at lost. He was being ignored and seeing Andrea was about to leave made him feel a little agitated.

“Andy...” Gabriel called out to her again.

Andrea turned towards Gabriel and greeted him, “It’s nice to see you again young master Davies. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go.”

She did not wait for any response and turned to leave. A tear fell down on her face but she quickly wiped it off with her fingers while trying to avoid being noticed. She was once again in anguish and seeing Gabriel’s handsome face did not help at all.

Outside the restaurant, Andrea quickly hailed a taxi hoping to get away as soon as possible.

“Andy! Wait!” Gabriel called as he rushed towards her.

“Andy, please!”

“I am sorry young master, but I need to catch a flight.” Andrea looked back and smiled at him.

Gabriel quickly grabbed Andrea’s hand and said, “Andy, I just want to have a talk. It’s been three years and you left without a word. You could at least explain why you left.”

Andrea could not believe what she just heard. ‘Explain? Was it not obvious why I left?’

Andrea turned to look Gabriel in the eye. Her eyes were clear and without any expression. “There was no reason for me to stay. I no longer belonged in the family – ”

“That is nonsense. Andy, please let us have a proper talk.”

“Maybe another time, young master Davies.” Andrea pulled back her hand and turned to the taxi waiting for her.

Just before she closed the door, she looked up to Gabriel and said, “Goodbye Gabe.”

As the taxi drove off, seeing it go further away, Gabriel felt his chest tighten even more. He felt like he couldn’t breathe.

‘Andy, I’m sorry… Andy, I missed you... I missed you, Andy...’

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