The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Job Qualifications

It has been a week since Andrea’s encounter with Gabriel. She was relieved to be back in Guangzhou with the Xia’s.

Li Wen, Andrea’s sister, was married to a responsible businessman and politician, Xia Ting. They had 2 children who aged quite apart from each other, Xia Jainyu who was a very handsome and caring elder brother and Xia Mei, the darling princess of the family.

Spending a few days with her sister’s family was very heartwarming for her. Although she always felt at home, sadly, there was just something missing. Something she could not point her finger to.

On her last day, she needed to prepare for her job interview and had set out to buy clothes and personal items before leaving soon.

Andrea was looking at the job qualifications and read.


1. At least 5′5" in height

2. Martial Arts Black Belter

3. With First Aid and CPR certification

As she went through the list, the very last set of requirements caught her attention. It says:

8. Must be obedient without question

9. Must not stay within 5 meters from the CEO at all times

10. Must not wear revealing clothes like skirts, shorts, sleeveless, etc.

11. Must not be attractive

‘What the hell!’ She thought to herself and instantly called up her sister.

“My dearest sister, I cannot apply for this job.” She read back the list to Li Wen with sarcasm. “Seriously, what kind of employer would make such qualifications?” Andrea made sure to emphasize on the very last one as she told her sister.

“Have you forgotten that BEAUTY runs in our blood?”

“Andy, I am sure you can figure it out. Your brother-in-law really values the Lu family. Plus, I think this job will be good for you. I heard that the new President is quite a catch.” Li Wen giggled at the thought.

“I thought this was not another set-up.”

“I was just joking. Jeez… Plus, you will be in Beijing. We are just going to be a few miles apart.”

After a few more convincing, Andrea was left with no choice. She went straight to the nearest mall to buy all the necessities to make her qualified for the job.

That evening she had dinner with her sister’s family. The warmth in the dining room made Andrea smile. She was happy her sister had a great family. Someday, she wanted to have the same wonderful and happy family.

“Andy, I am very thankful that you are taking this job.” Xia Ting said as he passed on the plate of spicy spare ribs to her.

“It’s not a problem… I needed it.”

Li Wen looked at Andrea and smiled. She just heard about her sister’s visit to Europe and knew that Andrea needed a good distraction nowadays. Although she never understood why her sister would choose to be upfront in battle since she was the total opposite of her.

Like Andrea, Li Wen also got her amazing intelligence from their mother. In fact, she probably got 100% of their mother’s good brain with an outstanding 230 IQ score.

“Andy, maybe after this you can consider handling a business or taking part in it.” Li Wen insinuated that Andrea should start to have a different path for herself. Yes, she knew Andrea was good at what she does, but part of her could not help but worry for her safety.

Hearing no response, Li Wen could understand she did not want to touch on the topic. So she tried to shift the mood.

“If you stop moving around, you know, you could meet the man of your dreams!”

Everyone in the table laughed, including Andrea.

“Here we go again… You know. I am still young at 26! I have more than enough time to find that MAN!”

The joyous dinner continued for another 2 hours while they talked about anything under the sun. Andrea was about to leave the next day and they did not know when she will be back again and so they made use of their time wisely.

It was 6 AM when Andrea landed in Beijing. Wasting no time, she went straight to the interview venue bringing along her luggage.

She arrived at Lu-Wei Enterprises just a little over 7 AM. As she got off from the taxi, she was surprised to see how huge and extravagant the building was. She instantly remembered how this company was growing to be the second most powerful company in China.

‘Well, it is still second. The Royal Dragon remains to be number one and will forever be’. She thought to herself as she entered the building and headed towards the reception area.

“Good morning. I am here for the job interview for the President’s personal bodyguard. Here are my referral documents and personal data.” Andrea said while handing her profile to the receptionist.

“Thank you. The selection process will start at 8 AM. Please have a seat for now.”

Lu-Wei’s selection process for the new president’s personal security team was not any easy. One must come well recommended by the top security agencies or from the Police Force itself. All applicants that are due to arrive today should have already been pre-selected. At exactly 8 AM, all applicants were brought to a large hall for the interview to begin.

It was almost lunchtime when Andrea had passed the preliminaries together with the tactical exams. The degree of difficulty did not disappoint her. This was, of course, as expected of Lu-Wei Enterprises.

In the afternoon, she was scheduled for the final interview with a certain Ms. Wu Meiwan. This same woman was present during the initial interviews as she was the Human Resource Manager. Andrea found it rather odd that Ms. Wu would still do a final interview since all the remaining applicants were already evaluated by the head of security, Mr. Gao Rou.

She recalled seeing the expression of the man as he rolled his eyes when a secretary whispered something in his ear before making the announcement. “Everybody, pay attention, please. There is one last interview in the afternoon before we make our final decision. Please come back at exactly 3 PM.”

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