The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Wu Meiwan

Andrea checked her watch and realized it was almost 2 PM. She quickly excused herself as she needed to redo her make-up for the final interview.

“Well… Dad look-a-like… It was nice eating with you. I have an interview to prepare for so, I will leave before you. Bye now.”

“Wait… What is your name?” The man asked while still processing being called a ‘dad look-a-like.’ He quickly held her wrist expecting to get an answer.

Andrea hesitated as she looked at the probing man. She quickly thought back of some names and said, “Kara. Kara is my name. Bye. I have to go.”

The man watched as Andrea left in a hurry and as her figure slowly disappeared from his sight, he grinned at the thought of seeing her again.

Back in Lu-Wei Enterprises, Wu Meiwan received a call which made her face darkened. She quickly went through the folders where the applicants were found and scanned through them carefully.

Xu Xian…placed on the right side of the table.

Klara Jones… placed on the left side of the table.

Andrea Li…placed on the right side again.

Charo Rodriguez… placed on the left side of the table.

‘Kara? Klara? Charo? Could he have been mistaken?’ Wu Meiwan asked herself.

These were the remaining applicants that Gao Rou had selected. According to the reports she received, the best candidates were Klara Jones and Andrea Li.

She looked through the photos and was satisfied with Andrea’s hideous clothing and make-up. She checked Klara Jone’s photos and saw that although she was not that beautiful, she can pass on to be as acceptable.

“Well, at least it will be easier for me to decide.” Wu Miewan said to herself and gave her secretary instructions to bring in the remaining applicants.

“Ms. Andrea Li, please follow me. Ms. Wu will conduct your final interview now.” A secretary led Andrea to a conference room where a beautiful, seductive looking lady was waiting for her.

Wu Meiwan studied Andrea from head to toe. She stood up and walked towards her as she continued to eye her carefully.

Andrea was wearing rather thick clothing which perfectly hid her curves. She had covered her face with thick make-up, making unnecessary freckles on her face and thick brows. Her hair was tied back, and she made sure to have some loose strands on her face.

“Ms. Andrea Li, have you met the new CEO by any chance?” Wu Meiwan asked as she went back to her seat.

Andrea was confused but answered, “No, I could not possibly have. I just arrived in Beijing in the morning. I only came here for the interview.”

Wu Meiwan started to look through the folders again and after a few minutes and quickly sent a text to her assistant.

“Confirm the arrivals of each applicant. How long have they been in the city and which flight they landed on?”

Andrea was confused with her actions but decided to patiently wait.

“Please wait outside. I will give my decision in one hour.”

It did not take long for Andrea to be called back, this time she was the first one to be called.

Wu Meiwan raised her head and smiled at Andrea as she entered the door. “Ms. Andrea Li, congratulations! You are hired.”

Andrea, “…”

Two days later, Wu Meiwan came to the CEO office to give the file of the newly hired bodyguard.

“Brother Fang, I am very excited for you to take over the company!” Wu Meiwan exclaimed as she entered Lu Fang’s office.


That was all that Wu Meiwan got from the man in front of her. She tried to fake a smile and excitedly told him about hiring the best female bodyguard.

“So you will have two personal bodyguards. Brother Rou will continue to be by your side while being the head of security and one new female bodyguard. They will follow you wherever you go at any time. Of course, the rest of the security team will remain at your disposal. ”

Wu Meiwan studied the man’s reaction as she handed the personal data to him and continued to say, “I am really grateful for Grandpa Lu. He made sure I would take part in the selection process. I was really so tired from the interviews but for you, Brother Fang, I would help in any way.”

She sweetly smiled at Lu Fang and made sure to push out her breast for him to see her cleavage.

She adored the handsome man in front of her. She had known him since middle school and had always had a crush on him.

4 years ago, Lu Fang’s girlfriend left him and since then, Wu Meiwan had been sticking to him like glue trying her very best to seduce him. Although her family has already talked to the Lu family about an arranged marriage, she also has to put in an extra effort.

A minute or two had passed and Wu Meiwan had probably tried 2-3 different poses in Lu Fang’s table.

This irritated Lu Fang a lot.

“You can leave now. I will check the file later.”

The man continued to do his work, completely ignoring the presence of the seductive lady sitting on top of his work table.

Lu Fang used to treat Wu Meiwan like a sister. However, he could not forget how she had come in between him and his ex-girlfriend, Shen Mian. It was only during that time when he realized that his so-called little sister had desires for him. Since then, he had tried his best to minimize contact with her.

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