The President's Lover is A Fighter

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Who is Andrea Li?

It was already past 11 PM when Lu Fang finished his work and had called in his personal assistant to prepare the car. Just before he was about to leave, he saw the folder of his new bodyguard on the table and he smiled at the thought of Kara.

He brought along with him the file, hoping to read it in the car.

“Master, shall we go?”

Lu Fang nodded as he cleared his desk, making his way out of the office. As they were headed to the elevator, he thought of giving his an assistant a little scare. “It’s still too early but since you were in such a hurry, then we shall.”

Go Bolin, “...”

After reaching the car park, Go Bolin opened the door for his master and soon drove off to empty streets.

Lu Fang sat in the back of his Maybach car and took out the file of the new bodyguard when he noticed that the name label was Andrea Li. ‘Who is Andrea Li? Didn’t I tell Go Bolin to hire Kara?’

He quickly scanned through the file and saw a picture of a female blonde.

‘What the hell! Wu Meiwan… You are such a troublesome girl!’ Lu Fang screamed to himself with frustration written all over his face.

“I thought I told you to hire Kara!” Lu Fang angrily asked Go Bolin.

“Master, I told Ms. Wu to hire Kara as you had instructed.”

Lu Fang could only regret including Wu Meiwan in the hiring process. He did not realize she would go this far getting jealous over a bodyguard.

“Well… she did the opposite!”

Lu Fang paused for a while thinking of what do to.

“Find the information of the female bodyguard named Kara immediately!”

Go Bolin looked up the mirror and was hesitant for a moment but said, “Now, Master?”

“Do you still want your job?”

“Yes, Master! Right away! I will be sure to give you the information first thing in the morning!”

Lu Fang was in deep thought thinking about that day he met Kara. That had been 2 days. What if she already left the city? Or worst, left the country? He recalled Kara had her luggage with her and that could only mean she came only for the interview.

The next day, Go Bolin woke up to the sound of his phone ringing. He checked the time before getting up and saw it was still 5 AM. The horror on his face could not be more obvious!


“Where is the file of Kara that I asked of you?”

Realizing it was Lu Fang, he quickly went to his study to grab the laptop and check if they were already available.

Last night he had contacted the Human Resource Director and requested the information ASAP. He did not bother going through Wu Meiwan.

Checking his email, he felt his world crumble and weakly responded, “Master, there was no Kara.”

“What do you mean?”

“Master, according to our Human Resource Director, there was no applicant by the name of Kara. There was, however, one with a similar name, Klara Jones.”

Lu Fang thought he could have heard her wrong. It could have been Klara and not Kara. So he asked for Klara’s profile to be sent over to him immediately.

After checking the information on Klara Jones, he was surprised to see the same photo on Andrea Li’s folder!

‘There could only be one culprit to this! This was done purely intentional to hide the information of Klara Jones.’ Lu Fang sighed and massaged his temples. He was already looking forward to seeing Kara’s beautiful face, but as it turns out, she did not get the job.

He quickly sent a text message to Go Bolin giving him further instructions.

“Check all the female bodyguard applicant files and give me all of those that had thick make-up on, brown hair, and a name that sounds like Kara!”

After reading out the text, Go Bolin realized he will be having a long day over “Kara or Klara”.

Later that day, he was not only busy with work but he also had to make a follow-up on the investigating Klara Jones. It did not help that Lu Fang reminded him almost every hour and yet, despite checking all resources, they could not identify her whereabouts. It was like she had vanished into thin air.

The truth was, Wu Meiwan had arranged something special for Klara Jones and had even rented a hotel room under a different name. She knew the time would come that Lu Fang would look for her.

Wu Meiwan did a good job of making things confusing for the gentlemen. She had thrown out the files of Klara Jones and swapped her photos with Andrea Li’s file. She had planned to just make an excuse of mixing the files of the applicants. By doing so, she was hoping she could buy time until Klara Jones leaves the country.

She had arranged for an employer to hire Klara without any interviews. It was a well-established company in the US where her father, Wu Xu Ying had connections with. She made sure to turn down Klara and pave a path for her elsewhere.

“Hurry up and get her to sign the contract! Give her a ticket to the US ASAP!”

Wu Meiwan was in a little panic after Lu Fang confronted her about the applicant files. She then pretended to get confused and gave worry expressions on how she had made a mistake.

‘I’m sorry brother Fang, but you cannot have eyes towards other women. You’re mine.’ Meiwan silently proclaimed and was pleased with how everything was going so far.

What she did not know was that Andrea had just blurted out a name to the man that day and it happened to sound like her co-applicant, Klara. She ended up hiring the very girl that Lu Fang wanted in the first place!

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