Getting Closer to You Day by Day

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Isabella moves to California from Germany and gets bullied because of her German accent but everything changes when she falls in love with the popular football player.

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Isabella’s first day of school

Isabella had just moved to California from Germany and it's the first day of 10th grade and she wakes up to her alarm. She jumps out of bed and goes to her bathroom taking a quick shower and she gets out of her bathroom and starts getting ready for school(outfit she wore is above). Isabella's mom comes in her room smiling "Isabella honey hurry up you don't want to be late on your first day. Isabella smiles back "ok mom I'll be downstairs in a minute" Isabella's mom leaves her room and Isabella gets her backpack putting her stuff in grabbing her phone and walks downstairs. Isabella eats breakfast and starts walking to school. Once she arrives at school everyone stares at her and three girls standing in front of the door make her trip and call her mean names while laughing at her. Isabella gets up and runs to the principles office to get her schedule. The principle gives Isabella her schedule and tells her everything she needs to know about the school while taking her to her first class. Isabella walks in her class with the principle and gets introduced to the class. The whole class look at Isabella with annoyance expect one of the football players looks at her smiling. The principal leaves and the teacher Mrs.Henderson shows Isabella where she is supposed to sit. Isabella goes to the rest of her classes and starts getting bullied wherever she goes.

**********Skip to after school*************

Isabella starts crying as she slowly walks home and one of the football players comes and stands in front of her. Isabella looks at him standing in front of her. He smiles "Hello I'm Austin and you must be Isabella right" Isabella nods wiping her tears waving hi to Austin. They start walking home together talking and exchange each other's phone numbers and text all night. The next day Isabella comes to school happy and everyone starts making of her and Austin comes out of nowhere and tells everyone to stop. Isabella covers her face and blushes. Austin takes Isabella to the library and teaches Isabella how to speak better English. After a few minutes, Isabella starts speaking a little better and Austin hugs her as they both look at each other smiling. Austin walks home with Isabella every day after school and they start becoming best friends and they text and facetime more often. Isabella and Austin fall asleep happy dreaming about each other.

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