The Drenched Truth

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This book plays off in the 1920s.

It is currently being edited

This page is to set the stage for the MC.

She woke way before the sun showed over the horizon. The bed was cold and by inspection, she noticed that her husband's side of the bed was still empty. Just another day in the lives of the LA Xavier's.

She got up and got dressed almost halfheartedly, gazing at her body in the mirror with a touch of bitterness. She's forty-five years old, no grey in sight and almost no wrinkles to be spotted except the small lines by her eyes and around her lips, which show that she loves to smile; though her eyes portrayed none of that.

They were the bluest of blue but lifeless, tired… if not even sad. She ran her fingers over the blue mark just below the shoulder where she came in contact with the wall the other day… she sighed grimacing as the thoughts came tumbling back into her mind. Wanting to forget or even try to forget what was hindering her; she pulled the sleeve of her floral blouse over the mark and fastened the buttons in a sort hastiness.

Her blonde curls fell and draped all around her face and as the sun now showed through the drawn drapes it hit her hair forming a vision of an angel, if ever angels were humans. Finally dressed she observed herself critically, well dressed in a light pink pencil skirt that reached just below her ankles, complimented by white heels and a floral printed blouse which she covered with a warm jacket, fine makeup and pulled back hair.

And so, the day has started for Jeannette LA Xavier. The house was dawned in silence, the only sounds coming from the kitchen were from the cook who’s begun preparation for breakfast and outside were the farm workers were approaching a new day of work. Passing through the hallway towards the stairs, she stopped to knock on a door but it opened before she could and she stood back startled.

"Mother…. You...scared me." She managed to say through a shocked gasp and her mother-in-law waved it off with a laugh.

Unlike Jeannette, the older woman was not dressed for the day yet, she was still in her pajamas, her long black hair with its grey streaks draped over her shoulder. "I heard you move about…. Are you leaving now?" She questioned and Jeannette gave a nod.

"I am. The border doesn't open till eight but I want to be first if possible as the lines may be long. And today will be a long day since I'll be getting Jaendre and Julia from the hostel in Alldays…"she went silent as if something distracted her and her mother-in-law took that as a sign for her to speak.

"I thought you would be getting them tomorrow." The old woman pointed out and held on to her robes collar. Jeannette sighed looking towards her feet

"I was. But Andreas has already made plans, therefore, he requested that I get them today."

The old woman's eyes search her daughter in laws’ face with a sort of worry hidden within them.

"Jeannette… I heard… the conversation last night." Her words made Jeannette look up; her face turning pale. "Did… Isabella hear?"

"I don't believe so. She was outside with Marthin. He usually takes her out of the house when he realizes that Andreas will be having one of his fits again…Jeannette…" there was a moment of silence yet Jeannette already knew what her mother-in-law wanted to say.

"I have a lot to do, there is so much planning to be done." She turned to walk away but the old woman grabbed her wrist, holding her back.

"You are going through with this then?"

There was an unhappy light in both woman's eyes, even more so in Jeannette's yet she shrugged looking helpless. "What else can there be done, mother? Andreas spoke and he is the boss, what he orders must be done."

"So, you will obey him to the fullest extent?" The question wasn't really meant as a question more as a point made yet Jeannette chose to answer.

"Of course!"

"Tell me, Jeannette… if my son tells you to jump into the fire will you obey that too?" She opened her mouth to answer yet the answer she chose wasn't what she wanted to give and she closed her lips, pursing them together until she could come up with a good enough answer.

"He is my husband. I should submit to him and do as expected. Does God not say that a woman should be obedient to her husband?"

She turned away knowing very well that she wasn't happy with that answer either- as she didn't answer the question like she should have but the old woman followed her down the hallway. They stopped in front of her daughter's room

"God has nothing to do with these types of decisions Jeannette. He is there for guidance but once decisions are to be made, he leaves it up to you to make up your own mind. You can surely not say he expects you to blindly follow your husband into darkness just because it’s a rule."

Jeannette had no words and the older woman gave an unhappy gasp turning to the door they stood in front of and opened it. It showed ,inside the room, of Isabella and both women could see the young girl soundly asleep in her bed under a bundle of blankets.

"She's your daughter. Are you willing to tell me that you will allow her to suffer for the sake of your husband?! Look at her?!"

Jeannette could not bring herself to look at her daughter knowing what she knows and she turned her face away.

"There is nothing I can do." The old woman closed the door and glared at her in dismay.

"You keep telling yourself that Jeannette, then there really will not be something you can do about this."

"Then what is there for me to say, mother?! Help her escape? You know as well as I do, he will find her. Will I have to face Andreas? He is unstoppable."

They walked away from the door but when Jeannette went down the stairs her mother-in-law stayed at the top.

''I should think not. He is not God Jeannette. No man but God is unstoppable. You realize that and the fear you carry with you might disappear. "

Jeannette stopped at the end of the stairs looking up with a slight bitterness. "I'm beginning to think God has forgotten all about me… surely he could step in and change all this?"

The old woman gave a sigh realizing that it is futile to even try reasoning with Jeannette. She is afraid of Andreas, - her son- ,how could he, a man of his kind, even be of her blood?

"God has not forgotten nor forsaken you or anyone of us, Jeannette. The question is are you asking him to be a part of this household or are you judging him for the things you have done wrong all this time? I should hope he will show up in this house and do some drastic changes!" She turned away and left and Jeannette gave a sigh walking to the study where she knew he would be. And so he was.

She found the door slightly open and didn't think twice of walking in but her heart dropped to her shoes, her breath hitched and a cold feeling went through her whole body. They didn't even know she was there.

Andreas was sitting on the red leather couch by the fire, his shirt unbuttoned, and a glass of half empty Connacht in his left hand, his legs spread and his pants pulled down.

Jeannette knew she shouldn't be looking but she couldn't help it. She always knew he was turning tricks but never would she have imagined him going so low as to bring his secretary in the form of his mistress in their home. The woman was on her knees before him, completely naked and her hands rested on his knees as her mouth took him…. What Jeannette saw in front of her made her feel like gagging and it felt like daggers were piercing through her heart.

Oh, she knew. She knew this woman wasn't the first and this woman will certainly not be the last and she was past that of feeling heartbroken over not being good enough for him… though she has confronted him many times before. He would point to her that she has no evidence of these women existing and that she was insecure and crazy …. That killed her little by little. But what hurt her most now was that he shamelessly without worry now brought this woman into their home.

The place where one would expect him to have at least a little self-respect. Imagine their daughter walking in on him!! She growled in anger, experiencing all the rage she felt earlier when they had a fight over his choices for Isabella, when he pushed her into the wall to get away from him and she rushed herself to them. The woman tried to get away but Jeannette grabbed her by the hair pulling her up whilst she cried out in pain trying to loosen Jeannette's grip on her scalp.

"How shameless are you not? You call yourself a lady, a woman of good morals and views yet you act like a harlot? Does it not bother you that he is a married man?!" She pushed the woman out in front of her and watched her frantically search for something to cover herself with whilst Andreas struggled to his feet.

"Answer me you whore! Have you no shame?!" She whispered and yelled as the woman lifted her chin rebelliously “I have a young body, I can give him what he needs!" Jeannette folded her arms laughing.

"A young body? You're thirty-seven, you have borne two children showing so clearly on your rounded hips and thighs. I am forty-five years of age, making me slightly bit older than you but while I adore my body you are on a fast track to follow my road soon. Do not fool yourself."

By now Andreas was up on his feet placing his glass down on the table near Jeannette. "We can explain …"

Jeannette turned her eyes towards him with slight hate in them covering the hurt she felt at that moment. "Explain? What exactly is there to explain Andreas? How do you expect to explain to me what was going on here, IN OUR HOME?! Were you going to say she was performing CPR on you through your member? What a lovely story that would make in court!"

"Do not threaten me with court Jeannette. I'm not afraid of going there." Her eyes burned with held back tears as she spat out in anger.

"Neither am I."

"I love him!!" The woman's voice came through to them and they both looked at her in a mixture of shock and disgust.

"Love?" Jeannette walked towards the woman and circled her like a lioness circling her prey.

"Do you even know what love is? " she looked at Andreas and shook her head in dismay."You will see where love gets you, honey."

"Excuse me?" Jeannette returned to where Andreas stood and he looked at the woman with nothing in his eyes. No expression at all. "I think you should leave Rina."

Her face spoke of shock. “Why? Aren't you going to tell her what you told me??"

It sounded like she was almost begging and Jeannette gave a snort.

"That he will leave me for you? Please…. Don't flatter yourself. He will never leave me… I might not have the body nor the face but I have the money."

The woman looked at Andreas with a frown. " Andreas!! Tell her…"

He didn't look at her directly. "You should leave Rina. We both agreed this was just a mutual agreement, you clearly misread it. Clear your desk also… "

"You're…kicking me to the curb? After all, I have done for you?!" The woman sounded hysterical yet she gathered up her things nevertheless leaving a thick silence between Andreas and Jeannette. She was the one that spoke first.

"We fight and you decide to bring that white trash into my house? Have you lost your mind?!" His face darkened.

"You shall not speak to me in such a tone Jeannette. She's gone she will not be turning up again so shut your mouth."

"Shut my mouth? Until when? Your next delightful screw buddy shows up? You are nothing but devious and your actions are horrendous!" she pushed his hands off of her when he tried reaching for her." You know what? You can mistreat me, belittle me, humiliate me even but I will not allow you to do so to our daughter, and knowing you, you are planning to do exactly that to her by marrying her off with a man of your liking! A man presumably just like you and I refuse! "

Andreas gave a growl grabbing hold of her hands dragging her to that exact chair he sat in earlier. "You are a woman; you don't have a right to anything in the wishes of a husband Jeannette. What I choose for our Isabella is of none of your concern. "

She tried turning to face him but he forced her to stand still. "I have a right to speak up. She's my daughter! "

"Our daughter."

He forced her to skirt up but she fought back and in return, he slapped her on the face, dizziness causing her to sink to her knees and she had no strength left to fight him off as he had his way with her.

Each thrust burned and it felt like he was tearing her apart. The act made her feel empty, her eyes looking into the far-off distance perhaps searching for a happy place as he completed his task of an act that should have been with love. An act that should have held the passion. Instead, it left her humiliated and empty.

It must be like that , he must have a right to her body at all times as they are married.

The things society would say to cover up and justify an incident such as this …where a man rapes his wife …

He looked down at her as he gulped down the contents of his glass, not even seeing the tears that made their way down her cheeks.

"You want to feel important? How about we make a deal. I'll not have whores and in return, I get to marry Isabella off to whomever I should choose… how's that for a deal?"

He left the study and she struggled to her feet, adjusting her skirt. She lifted her head, and slowly painfully walked out. The butler stood outside on the stairs admiring the morning when she stepped out and said his good morning once he saw her. She couldn't force herself to smile and rather walked to the car that awaited her. A driver already sat in the front and the old man that always goes with her stood by the car holding open the door for her. He lifted his hat when she neared him, and helped her into the car. He took a seat right over her saying nothing but his eyes observing everything.

They were almost at the border when their eyes met and Jeannette could see the question in his eyes. She began to sob uncontrollably and the old man knew then that something serious must have happened to his mistress. "Please do not cry, madame...."

He begged, sitting next to her so he could comfort her, yet she couldn't bring herself to admit that she was at a giant fork in her life road and that the one road might mean giving her daughter as payment.

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