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Clara is a hard-working Assistant for a top editor at Scott & Grace Publishing, What happens when the boss and owner of the company Is intrigued by her, will she be able to resist him or will she fall right into his lap.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

I’m walking to the office, and I stop at my favorite coffee shop on the way. I walk in, getting a greeting from the same barista I see each morning.

“Hey, Luke, How you this morning,” I ask.

“It’s been a busy morning Clara, would you like the usual?” Luke asks.

“Yes, please,” I say. Luke goes back and makes my drink.

“Here you go, Clara, see you tomorrow,” He says.

“Thanks, Luke. Have a good day!” I say with a smile.

I make it to my office building only a few blocks away from the coffee shop. Walking in, I scan my ID card.

“Morning, Phil!” I greet the Security.

“Morning, Miss Mason!” Phil says with a friendly smile. I wave goodbye to Phil.

I get on the elevator to the 34th floor. It’s crowded, as usual. I feel like we are sardines, I feel something graze my ass. I turn to look, and it’s some old creep smirking at me.

“Please don’t touch me,” I say. Creeper wasn’t sure how to act, so he turned to look the other way.

The elevator opens, and they all pile out. I walk to my office, Scott & Grace publishing. When I open the door, It’s hectic people rushing around to get to their desks. I get to my desk and set my things down, and of course, Megan is already here.

“Clara? is that you?” She shouts.

“Yes, Megan,” I answer.

“I need that new Manuscript from yesterday,” She says.

“Okay, I’ll be there in a moment,” I say. I grab the manuscript from my desk and walk to Megan’s office.

“Here you go,” I hand it to her.

“Can you get me a cup of coffee?” She asks.

“Sure thing Megan.” I walk out of her office and head for the break room. I enter and see Scott, the owner of the company. Now he is something to look at, makes my job a lot easier. But he doesn’t know that I exist. I get to the coffee and pour a cup, and he stands right next to me.

“Good Morning Miss Mason He says with a smile. I’m so shocked he spoke to me that it takes me a few minutes to answer.

“Um... Good morning Mr. Lawson,” I stutter.

“You seem surprised,” He says

“I’m sorry, Mr. Lawson, I didn’t know you knew who I was,” I state.

“Don’t be sorry. Of course, I know who you are. I hired you for my sister Megan. It’s hard to keep a good Assistant for her.” He explains.

“Oh, I never knew,” I say, then giggle.

“Yeah, she is a handful,” he laughs.

“Well, it was nice talking to you, Mr. Lawson. I better get Megan her coffee,” I say.

“It was nice talking to you as well, Miss Mason.” He smiles. I walk away, and I can feel his eyes watching me leave.

I get back to Megan’s Office, handing her the coffee.

“Is there anything else you need at the moment?” I ask.

“No, not right now, Clara, but please let my callers know I’m busy and take a message,” Megan says.

“Of course,” I say, then walk to my desk right outside her office.

I take a seat turning on my computer when the phone rings.

“Good morning! Scott & Grace publishing,” I answer.

“Yes, I need to speak with Megan, is she available?”

“No I’m sorry she is out at the moment, can I take a message?” I ask.

“Could you tell her this is Elaine calling about my book stormy nights, I need her to call me please.”

“I’ll get the message to her as soon as possible,” I state.

“thank you,” and she hangs up.

It’s Lunchtime, and I walk to the cafe down a couple of floors. I take a seat near the window. I pull out my laptop to write a little. I hope that one day Megan will read my manuscript. I get pulled away from my thoughts as a man sits down at my table.

“Um...” I couldn’t finish what I was going to say because I was face to face with Scott.

“Hello Again, Miss Mason,” He says, grinning.

“Mr. Lawson, am I sitting at your usual table? Should I move?” I ask.

“No, I sat here so we could talk,” he declares.

“I’m sorry if this sounds rude but Mr. Lawson, you have never talked to me before, Is there something you need me to do?” I ask.

“No, I don’t need anything, I find you intriguing and would like to know you better,” he states.

“um... Is this a joke? am I being punked?″ I whisper

“No, Miss Mason, I assure you I’m serious.” He whispers back.

“You can call me Clara,” I declare.

“Well, you can call me Scott, ” He smirks. He is so cute, but I need to end this now, or Megan could fire me.

“I can’t call you by first name Mr. Lawson, Megan is very particular that she would fire me,” I say.

“She has no authority to fire you,” He claims.

“Mr. Lawson, It’s been nice talking with you, but I should go,” I mutter. I pick up my things about to walk off when his hand catches my arm.

“Clara, please don’t be afraid of me,” He says softly.

“I’m not afraid I just can’t lose my job for fraternizing with my boss’s brother or more like the actual owner. Have a good rest of your day Mr. Lawson,” I replied. I walk out of the cafe, leaving him sitting alone, which I don’t think anyone has ever done.

I’m at my desk going through some manuscripts when Megan calls me in her office.

“Clara, come in here! She yells. I walk into her office.

“Yes, Megan?” I ask.

“I have to leave for the day, but I need you to stay late to read over Elaine’s Book,” She demands. I wanted to yell at her for always leaving me to do her job. But I just agree.

“Sure, I’ll stay,” I mumbled.

“Okay, I’m heading out now, so put all my calls to voicemail,” she says, then walks past me, leaving for the elevator.

It’s Around 7:30, and I’m in Megan’s office, reading Elaine’s Manuscript. I usually stay in her office when she leaves for the day. It’s less noisy to concentrate. I continue reading, realizing everyone has gone home for the day, so I look at the clock, and it’s now 9:15.

I look up to Megan’s door opening, thinking it’s the janitor, Only to see Mr. Lawson in the doorway.

“Well, you’re not Megan, He states.

“Yeah, she asked me to stay late to look over a manuscript,” I explain.

“hmm... Isn’t that what I pay her for?” He asks.

“Well, um... Yeah, but she had to leave for the day,” I say. He steps into the office, taking a seat across from the desk.

“How is the manuscript?” He asks.

“It’s terrific. It’s about love that’s not supposed to happen because of an arranged marriage.” I explain.

“Will it appeal to our readers, though?” He questions.

“Yes, I believe it will because every woman wants a love story,” I state.

“Is that what you want, Clara?”

“Well, of course, one day,” I reply. He looks to me with his gorgeous Hazel eyes for a moment too long, and I look down at the papers on the desk to avoid Scott’s eye contact.

“Well, I must be getting home. You should do the same. It’s late; you shouldn’t be doing Megan’s job for her. I will have a chat with her first thing in the morning,” He says.

“Wait! No please don’t I will lose my job,” I say frantically.

“I assure you, Clara, you won’t be going anywhere. He tells me, grinning. “Have a good night!” He says, leaving.

I pack up my things to leave. Heading to the elevator going down to the ground floor. I walk to the security station to see Phil still on duty.

“Phil? Are you still here? do they ever give you a break?” I ask.

“Miss Mason, I could ask you the same, young lady like you should be out having drinks with your friends, not enduring hours of work,” Phil claims. He gave me a slight smile.

“It’s what I have to do to make it in this industry. I tell Phil.

“Well, Miss Mason, if anyone deserves it, it’s you,” he says.

“Thank you, Phil, so sweet If I make it big in this company, I will make sure you get a raise, I say, smiling and waving at him, walking out the door.

I walk to the bar not far from my apartment to meet my friend Lydia.

I open the door and find her sitting at the bar, so I sit next to her.

“Lydia!” I say, then hug her. She gives me a big smile.

“Did you just get off work?” She asks.

“Yes, Megan had me go over a manuscript that I had to finish tonight,” I explain.

“Girl, she is always making you work like that. You should be the editor because you do her work for her,” she snaps.

“I know, but that will never happen. Megan is the owner’s sister.” I declare. I look to my right.

“OMG No way,” my eyes go wide.

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