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As accurately as I can remember, it was the first of January two thousand fifteen when they announced on the town radio station that the new mayor of Manchester was to arrive two days early than expected since the town was in urgent need of a law keeper. 

Romance / Erotica
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My dad and I had moved from Brooklyn to Manchester just a month after my mother's murder.

Losing the only woman who knew me better was as said a blow to my emotional health. I couldn't stand staying in the same town where her murderer was presumably known to reside.

I demanded that my father and I would move and all the investigations would be taken down for I knew the deeper we went the scary it became.

As accurately as I can remember, it was the first of January two thousand fifteen when they announced on the town radio station that the new mayor of Manchester was to arrive two days early than expected since the town was in urgent need of a law keeper.

As to the descriptions given on the radio, the mayor was an ex marine who had retired just three months and a very efficient person.

I won't say that I cared at all and neither was I eager to know who it was the government was sending to us.

I was just twenty three and very demanding. Thankfully I had money to my name. Narrating how I made it would be a disappointment and prefer to bring that when needed though I would say that I was average in income.

A drug addict to the core, Friendly if I needed something and a party rat if I may say.

I was very known to the people but less helpful and if you had met me then, you would say I had lived in Manchester for five years.

The day before the next, I was getting my driver's license and then a new car closely because my new work place was a bit far from home.

I luckily was granted a job the day before we moved to Manchester. I began my work the next day as a senior supervisor at a coffee making company in the sales department.

Surely had stabilised it well till the third of January what before I called the misfortune I meet.

Despite my flaws and mischiefs, I was a hardworking party. Very efficient when needed and motivative.

Yes. the next day till the long mayor wait, I was mailed my license but the car was set to be received the next day.

Hopefully it was a weekend and had nothing like work. I woke up early and took a taxi to were I was to receive my brand new grey Honda civic. I paid in cash and hurriedly drove back home.

On my way, through the main road, I crushed into a black and neat Mitsubishi outlander that was also branching the same road as I was.

"To be polite". I thought to myself recalling just how much I paid for my car and forgetting that I was maybe the one in the wrong.

I picked up my sleeve and got out of the car. Skiding out to the outlander, I knocked on the dark window that in a few minutes lowered and my eyes were set on her.

A marvelously gorgeous woman about the age of thirty five according to the looks on her face. Black short curly hair with very bright green eyes and visible smooth skin. Narrow goldilocks lips and pointy tiny hidden nostrils of a nose.

I could also notice her dressing code was vogue. A black leather gentle jacket and a royal blue shirt with in. Golden watch which i picked a glance of when she collected her jacket sang. Tattoos on her right arm which by my imagination believed they filled the whole arm.

"Yes!" Said she granting me a wish to answer to her slightly masculine voice that raised at the top and end of her sentences.

"Sorry to bother you but your wrongly packed." Said I barely examining my position of the car.

She took her time and stared through the front mirror then opened her car door to head out. Stood back the centre of both cars and altered.

"You are the one in the wrong place miss."

Looking back at her say, I wasn't to let it go uncompensated. So I continued with the argument as she silently gazed at me.

She then went into her car for a few seconds returning with a bundle of cash that was approximately five hundred dollars.

I laid out my hand and accepted the money then she head into her car and led the way exactly to were I was designating. I watched her park by the police then two officers came out and saluted her.

As I dropped to my house, the thought came to mind comparing what I had just witnessed. It wasn't to deny that she was the new mayor.

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