The Sweetest Sin.

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I just wanted to say A Big Thank you to every single person who is reading my book.

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E N J O Y 😘💕

"Hey, what are you staring at?" Aiden asked me.

"Um...Trees?" I answered.


"Um... Aiden, woods come from the tree, right?"


"So, my bed is also made of wood that came from the tree, right?"

"Yes, it did."

"So, all these trees have branches and leaves?" I looked at him with confusion. "Then why doesn't my bed grow branches or leaves if they are made of trees?"

Aiden gave an adorable laugh.

"You know one might wonder, but it's the most intelligent question?" he leaned closer, putting all his upper body weight on a pillow next to me.

"You see trees have roots underneath the ground, the roots then go deep down and find water and drinks. Under the sun, the tree grows big and tall and forms branches and leaves. Your bed has no roots, and it cannot drink water, so it doesn't grow any branches or leaves. Simple."

I'm Ashley, and I was Eight when I asked Aiden all kinds of silly questions. And Aiden, who was fifteen, would always find an answer and then explain it to me.

My father, Victor Valentine, and Aiden's father, Daniel Castle, were business partners. I was five when my parents tragically died in a helicopter accident. I found myself all alone.

Mr. Daniel Castle, Aiden's father, decided to send me to a boarding school in London, and the decision was made.

My heart sank, the emotional feelings moisten my eyelash. I sniffled, crying silent tears. I dipped my spoon in the soup, but my hand trembled as I picked up a spoonful of soup to put it in my mouth, then I swallowed it hard. The asparagus soup wasn't something I liked, but the whole ordeal made it even more tasteless.

"Dad, you're harsh," Aiden confronted. My eyes darted at him.

"Her parents just died. She's only seven. She needs to be close and not to be sent far away." Aiden continued.

"Daniel, I agree with Aiden; this poor child needs a home and not a hostel." Mrs. Castle said, supporting Aiden.

I looked up at him with soft eyes. He gave me an assurance nod, and my heart was melting quickly for him.

Mr. Castle didn't speak. Nobody talked at the table. We just sat in silence, eating the four courses of the meal.


I brushed my teeth, and Mrs. Castle came to tuck me in the bed, she said 'Good night' and shut the door behind her, but I couldn't sleep. I miss my mom. She used to cuddle me and read me to bed until I fell asleep. I miss her so much.

After some time ago at night, a knock came on the door with a small voice, "Ashley."

I got frightened by the sudden interruption, and closed my book, and turned the small flashlight in my hand-off. The door creaked open. I gripped the cover in my fist tightly.

"I see someone is still awake." It was Aiden. He'd let himself in. I thought if I stay perfectly still and pretend to sleep, he will go away.

"Hmm... I thought I saw the light coming from under the door." Aiden had caught me red-handed.

I uncovered myself and peeked at him. The full moon illuminated the room, and under the moonlight, Aiden looked like a dark shadow, standing next to my bed. I kept my gaze low, "I can't sleep, I'm scared of the dark, and I also wanted to look at the pictures inside this book." I revealed my little secret.

"Let's see what we are reading here?" he turned the bedside table lamp, then bent down to see, "The Big Red Dog. I see you like Clifford," he read, looking at the book. "I like him, too," he added.

"Really." I felt my eyes widen slightly. I thought how cool it was to find out Aiden also liked Clifford.

'Puppy Love.'

"Well, I can't sleep either. Maybe I'll read it to you." He offered.

"Yes!" I immediately expressed. Aiden had the gentlest smile I've ever seen.

"Okay, you beautiful girl, scoot over."

I moved to make a space for him next to me. I was super happy now that Aiden was here.

He began reading the story from the book, cuddling me in loving adoration. There was a soothing comfort under his arm. I enjoyed it all the way through, feeling his warm body combined with a soft sweet voice that lulled me to sleep.

This quickly became our ritual. We even made a real connection. Every night we read and cuddle, and it became a prime time for us.

He also taught me how to swim, how to ride a bike. He also tutored me with my studies, and I developed a big crush on Aiden.

'Have you ever wondered why many teenagers have crushes on their teachers?'


Mom Died. Dad Died. I was left alone. Then there was Aiden. My saving grace. My Angel. This day onwards, Aiden simply became my idol, and I worshipped anything he asked, said, and told me to do.

It was when Aiden turned eighteen. He would have a girl over and spend most of his time with her in his room. I could hear her scream his name, but Alas, at night, Aiden would come to my bedroom to sleep and cuddle with me.


One night, Aiden came to my bedroom from his late-night party.


"Mmmhh.." I moaned and hurried to make his space, thinking he came to sleep beside me.

"Ash, get up." He was trying to wake me up.

"Just go to sleep, A."

"Ash, I want to ask you something?"

"Go away, Aiden."

"Please, Ash." He made me sit, and I fell on him. "Wake up."

I opened my eyes slowly to look at him. Honestly, I wanted to hit him and throw him out of my bedroom, but I was too passive from sleep to do so.

"What do you want?" I asked him, rubbing my eyes. "Come with me." He took my hand and got me out of bed, and he began to lead me.

We then walked down the stairs and ended up in the kitchen.

"Aiden, why are we standing in the middle of the night in the kitchen?" It was still dark outside.

"I'm high, and I'm hungry. Can you fix me something to eat?"

"Are you serious?" I was so annoyed with him.

"Please.." He gave me his cute pouted expression that I couldn't say no.

"Fine," I said in frustration.

"Yeah!" He hurrays.

Since it was five in the morning, I thought to cook him breakfast. I went to the refrigerator and took two eggs; I was going to ask him to toast slices of bread, but I saw Aiden sitting on the counter next to the stove; he'd lit the griddle and was smiling.

"It's a cold night, isn't it?" He said.

"Aiden, be careful you'll burn yourself."

"Oh, I was just warming the stove for you. See, I'm helping."

"Oh, boy."

I broke the eggs, whisk it with the fork, and began to prepare him an omelet and toasted two slices of bread.

I brought that on a plate. Aiden asked me to climb up and give him the company. I did and watched him eat, and he ate hungrily.

"You want to hear something funny?" He asked between his bite.


"I was so high that I had to jump over a big ass puddled."

"Okay." I stretch the word. I didn't find that funny at all.

"Rick, Josh, and the other guys were laughing at me. I got annoyed and asked them why they were laughing at me? They said the puddle was the size of my feet, and I was freaking out on how will I get to the other side."

"Wow! You're high. Must be a great party?"

"It was. I was at a fuck feast." He said and giggled, no literally he did.

"Ew! Aiden, why did you touch me?"

"But I didn't do anything. I swear. I just drank and smoked weed."

I raised my eyebrow at him.

"A-and watched other people doing it." He averted his gaze to look at his plate and ate more. If I know Aiden, the one thing I know is that Aiden never lies. The only reason he looked away from me was that he felt shameful. He didn't want to tell me he jerked off.

"Ash.." he still was looking down at his plate.


"Can you make a promise to me?"

"Of what?"

"Promise me you'll never go to the parties like this, ever." He was serious. There was an undeniable fear in his eyes.

Aiden is not afraid of death. His only biggest fear was losing me. He didn't just wake me up in the middle of the night to make him a snack. He wanted a promise.


Aiden was leaving home to get his law degree, and he was going away. Away from me. I didn't like that. I was sad.

Mama and Papa (Mr. and Mrs. Castle) were on a trip to Japan. Aiden took advantage of the situation and organized a party. He told me to lock myself in the bedroom under strict order from Aiden. I was not allowed to get out of the room, under any circumstance, except for fire.

The music was loud. I tried my best to accommodate the noise, but I was getting annoyed by the intermittent disturbance. Now and then, someone would come knocking at my door, who wanted to either use the bathroom or the bed.

The pounding music was getting wild, and so was my curiosity. I've never seen a live party before, and I was itching to take a peek.

So despite the agreement, I left my room.


I know, I know it was a stupid idea for a teenager to be at the college party, but Aiden was there too, so I felt rebellious.

This was my first experience, and I wondered what happened behind all this frenzy excitement. I was eager to know more.

When I got down the stairs, there was a big surprise mess.

O.M.G! The house was littered, cluttered, and chaotic. Oh, and I don't even want to know the nasty things happening in the bathrooms. There were a whole lot of undisciplined characters inside the house. Stupids were making out with other idiots, "How tacky."

Lunatics were dancing with their drinks in their hands, spilling on the rug. I snatch the cups out of their hands. Almost everyone was wasted, high, and intoxicated.

"Hey! put that down, that stuff's worth a fortune." I scowled at one of them. "You! Get off of that sofa."

"Madness," I mumbled to myself. I bypassed the crowded floor making my way to the pool searching for Aiden, but found particularly violent ones, with vandalism motivation for destruction.

"Hey there, can I get you a beer, perhaps a shot?" An idiot drunk teenybopper approached me.

"I'm an underage, asshole." I shoved him on the side.

"Apparently, not for using foul language." A boy, a very, very good looking boy said that. "You look like someone who shouldn't be at the college party."

"Um..I..I. Um..H—have you seen Aiden?" I asked him, looking away from his eyes; they were distracting me.

"I think I saw him in the kitchen. Let's go," he said.

"Um...I can find him myself." I said and turned around to walk away.

"Well, I'll just come with you in case someone tries to bother you again." He insisted.

"N—no, thanks."

"If Aiden finds out I let you go alone, he'll kill me, so come on," he just persisted in doing it. He started walking, and I followed him, weaving through the crowd. We got inside the house, and while he was trying to pass through a mass of people, one or the other kept blocking in our way. He stopped, turned, and leaned down; his cheek touched mine when he talked in my ear.

"I don't wanna lose you." He said and grabbed my hand, and began to haul me while dodging the bodies on the floor.

And then...

"You fucking bastard!" Aiden cried out and punched him. The guy fell on the ground.

I gasped.

"She's mine... a minor," Aiden tackled the boy.

"You fucking asshole," and kicked him again.

"Aiden, stop!" I yelled, but he ignored me and went to strike with the foot one more time at the boy who was already coughing, curled on the ground, I grasped Aiden's arm. "Aiden, please stop it."

His face was red with anger, his eyes flashed in a fury, for a second, even I got scared of him.

The music had stopped, and the dancing has ceased. Everyone stood still.

The party was over.


Angry, Aiden left, and I was sitting on my bed quietly reading—waiting for him to come, but he didn't come for a very long time. I know I broke his rule. I know he was partly upset with me. But I have never seen Aiden being short-tempered before, not like this. Luke was the name of that boy, and he was Aiden's best bud, which is what I heard.

The door squeaked open, and I knew the devil was here. Knocking on the door never applied to Aiden; it's been long gone—forgotten.

"I thought you must have slept already?"

"How can I? I was waiting for you." I shut my book and removed my glasses, giving him my full attention.

He crawled onto the bed and caressed my cheek with the back of his hand.

"I don't know why I got so angry when I saw you with another guy." He sighed.

"He was only helping me to find you, Aiden," I explained calmly.

"I guess I'm too sensitive when it comes to you. I don't think I'll ever overcome these feelings for you."

"What feelings?" I asked.

"Nothing, it's complicated," he said.

'O, Aiden, it's the complicated feeling you have for me in your heart.'

"But I'm still disappointed with you." He'd a scowled look on his face.

I looked him in the eyes; my slump position on the bed made him seem even taller than his considerable height. "I'm sorry." I apologize.

Slowly, he leaned down, pressed his lips on mine, grabbed my face, and went for deep french. He moved, putting his weight on me, making me fall back on the bed.

Yes, we kiss; we have been kissing since I was eleven. It started when a boy in my school wanted to kiss me on my lips, and I complained to Aiden. He got furious. Aiden told me I was not to kiss any boys ever. I listened to him obediently.

I asked him how does it feel when kissing? I guess curiosity got to me.

And he demonstrated to me by kissing me.

I liked it.

A lot, and we never stopped kissing. We did it every chance we could get, imagined playing hide-and-seek around the house and trying not to get caught.

We had endless make-out sessions. It was our little secret.

But I'd stopped him from kissing me ever since he met a girl and made her his girlfriend, for Aiden he never cared. He explained the kiss was like a hug, so it was okay to kiss now and then. I would still stop him, but today it was exceptional. And I miss kissing Aiden.

There was the heat—our most intimate kiss by far. I could sense his need, his hunger, his desire within.

Slowly the tempo and range of motion were picking up. Aiden was keen, and on the contrary, I was so into our lovely french kiss, I was taking delight.

Aiden's hands went inside my tank top, the feel of his touch on my skin had me breathless, I've never been touch before, and his finger was caressing on the patch of my skin, and a rush of warmth flowed throughout my body. I was so aroused. Aiden deepened the kiss, and his fingers were getting urgent. At this point, I could feel the differences between love and lust.

The passion quickly began to intensify. Now the fingers were rolling up to grope my boob.

"Auu..duhen.," I spoke into his mouth. He released my lips out of his mouth. My lips were swollen red, I can feel from the way they were pumping blood. I was gasping for air, and he was panting.

He cupped my face in his hands, "Ashley..." He looked at me as if he was searching for something he'd lost years ago and found it.

He moved back, "What the hell..., am I thinking?" he ran his fingers in his hair. "I'm leaving. Good night." He shuffled to the end of the bed, lifting himself to his feet.

"Aiden... You're not coming to bed?"

"I'm drunk, and if I stay any longer, I'll commit... the sweetest sin of my life." He sounded regretful. I nodded, did not like what I heard—but still shook. Aiden walked out without another word; that was the first time Aiden didn't sleep with me.

The Sweetest Sin—does he meant sex?



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