My Deadly Professor

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Haunted by a past that she hardly remembers but knows nothing about, Elizabeth reunites with her father in their home town to attend college. There she falls in love with her English professor, is he all that he seems or something more, Deadly? 15 years he's waited for the right time, laying out his plan as the years went by. Making sure everything went according to his plan. Now its only a matte of time till he get what he wants.

Romance / Other
Kishona Gellineau
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Standing on the pavement, I watched the man through the windows, he was frantic; throwing his hands in the air as he shouted instructions to his wife. Probably telling her to get her thing.

“I think he’s trying to runaway boss” one of my men said

I chuckled lowly, I idea of him thinking he could run from me was humorous. No one runs from me, no one escaped me especially when they owe me.

Without warning I stormed up the steps towards the house, knowing my men would follow me. I did not knock, it would defeat the purpose, the element of surprise. Breaking down the door with ease I walked into the house. His eyes landed on me, fear evident in them. His wife screamed as my men quickly followed behind me guns drawn ready to fire as will.

Hearing his wife cries me raced towards her, embracing her in his arms in a way to protect her. A rumble of laughter escaped me, I was amused he thought that could save her.

“Please leave her out of this, she knew nothing of this, she’s innocent!!!” he shouted.
“Innocent?” my voice was calm. “No one is innocent in life, especially this one” he looked at me with pleading eyes, trying to persuade me not to kill them.

“Tell me something Thomas, why should I let you live? I gave you a year to repay me and you haven’t even come close. Your time has run out” without giving him a chance to reply I signaled my men to separate them. As soon as he was away from her I swiftly pulled out my gun and shot her in the head.

His screams rang throughout the seemingly empty house. He shouted profanities at me, struggling to get away from my men’s deadly grasp. I slowly walked towards him putting my gun back into my pant waist.

“I give no second chances, unless it come with a price attached” an idea formed in my head, I slowly made my way towards him.
“Do you want another chance Tom?” he looked at me somewhat hesitant, trying to weigh his options. He sighed, seeming to know his fate. “Yes I’ll do anything” he was defeated.

Something seemed off to me, why would a man that just lost his wife, the only thing he had dear to him, want another chance at life unless his wife wasn’t the only thing he held dear.
I turned my direction to the stairs, then back at him. Something flashed in his eyes for just a brief moment, but not before I saw it.

“Ok Tom, I’ll let you live you could be of good use to me on the force, my dealing has become quite the talk of the town recently, you could help shut that down” I walked to the foot of the stair case and sat on the first stair.

“This would be the last conversation you would have from me until I decide when, don’t fucked this up Tom, it wouldn’t end nicely.” I stood and made y way out to my car I could hear his screams as my men beat the shit out of him.

I got in my car and made a call, “I need 24hrs surveillance on him, report back to me every day”
With that I cut of the phone and drove away , I know that he’s hiding something, I have an idea of what, but I’ll wait on the right time to make my move. And when do it will be mines.


I sat on the floor drenched in my wife’s and I’s blood, how the hell did thing go so bad so fast? I was so close to getting the money, so close what went wrong.

Sighing I rose from the floor wincing in pain as I limped up the stairs to my daughters room. He didn’t know I had a daughter, I protected her all these years but now I fucked up. He knew, I know he knows now. That look he gave me right before his hugs beat the shit out of me, he saw it in my eyes. If there’s one thing I’ll give the son of a bitch is that he’s smart.

I opened the door and limped inside, “Liz honey! It’s me, it’s daddy you can come out now” I saw movement behind the curtain and went to chair next to the window and sat down.

“Is mommy ok daddy? I heard loud screaming and a loud noise” her voice came out strong, I know she was tiring to be brave, but I could hear the tears behind the words.

Taking her by the hand I pulled her to me “Everything is ok baby girl, daddy will make sure your safe. “You’re going to go stay by Aunt Sherri from now on ok baby?”
She looked at me confused, “Why daddy, is mommy coming too?”

I wanted to cry, I wanted to go after that bastard and kill him, rip his head of his disgusting body. But I couldn’t, I couldn’t risk her life for revenge. I had to play along with hi game, if only for a while to come up with my own plan.

So instead I said, “No baby, mommy’s not coming. Mama has gotten sick very quickly and needs her time to rest. So you will stay with Aunt Sherri until mommy gets better, ok?”

She just nodded her head yes. With a heavy heart and aching foot I went to pack her things, I called my sister to pick Liz up and then headed back inside to call the office, I told them the same thing I told my sister. It was a petty robber gone badly.


I woke up to screaming, realizing it was my mommy I ran to the door but stood still when I heard a loud bang. I got scared but I remained still like my daddy told me to when I heard bad stuff.

There was a man’s voice talking down, it was a calm voice it sounded funny, he called my daddy’s name then I head daddy say something. I didn’t know what to do so I just stayed still until I heard a car door closing and my daddy screaming I ran to the window and watched at the black car drive away.

I stood there until daddy came for me, he told me mom was sick and I need to go stay with my aunt for a while. I was scared I didn’t know what all that screaming and that big bang was for but if my daddy said that mommy was not well I believed him.

He back my bag and went down stairs to meet Aunt Sherri but we passed through the back door.

“Why are we passing through the back daddy?” he turned to me and said mommy was asleep on the couch and he didn’t want to wake her. I wanted to see mommy one more time before I go but I didn’t want to wake her too.

We came out the back and there was Aunt Sherri waiting for us, she looked sad. “Are you sad for mommy as well aunt? Don’t worry she’ll be ok once she goes by the doctor, that always work for me when I’m sick.”

She watched me with wide eyes then she looked at daddy.
They seemed to be talking with their eyes.

Without saying anything Aunt Sherri put me in the back seat, strapped on my seat belt and went back outside, they hugged then she came back in the car and drove off.

That was the last time I saw my dad. Until today.

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