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Its a story about a girl named Natalie and her crush on a cute guy in college. The only problem is that she is awkward in person and is kind of an introvert which makes it harder for her to talk to others. She is trying to figure out how to get his attention of this guys....she eventually does and tries really hard to create an intimate relationship with him but his temper is something that gets in the way..... its Romance ,sex ,intimacy.

Romance / Erotica
Ann v
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Chapter 1

Natalie had a rough year with school ,exams and college admissions. She was ready for a new life in college. Away from school, away from parents ready to begin her new life and have some fun.

She said goodbye to friends in Home town and packed her luggage and was on her way to college. Her mother Lisa dropped her off in her dorm room after setting everything up she said goodbye to her daughter...

Thud...and the door just opened. A cartoon full of stuff was just being brought in by a girl..

Hey I'm Natalie.

Yaa ..hii im long have you been here

My mom just left..

Ohh ohkk ..

Do you want some help ?

Ohh ya that would be nice me with arranging my books..

Natalie and emma where getting along . They talked and Natalie was in the morning class and had different course then emma.

Hey do you want to like go to the party they are having for freshmen tonight..asked emma

Natalie always pretended to not like parties in highschool as it was filled with gossiping bitches who just wanted to bring everyone down ..but now it was different...its a clean slate.. nobody knew her .. nobody cared about what kind of clothes she was wearing...she was prepared to go out and enjoy her life.....

Yeah lets go ...said Natalie

The party was near the old run down stage with lots of benches...As they both arrived ..the first thing she noticed was how differently every girl was dressed then her.....she was from a small town but she still had confidence in herself ... afterall she was good to look at ...she saw the guys no one really caught her eye at once .. everyone seemed average to her from one look...they had little bit of drinks and chatted with few girls who lived just across their room....

The next day Natalie wemt to her class and it was a casual orientation day for them...she decided to stay and chill in cafetaria so that she could meet emma after her class....

Emma came out for her class and ..

You won't believe this Natalie but there is the cutest guy in my class....

Ohh was class anyway ?

The class was okk..but this guy ..His name is Theo... He is soo cute..

Ohh look at that someone has a crush on first day ..hehe

Oh come on how about your class... anyone intresting ??

No not really...

Wait let me check his social media.. emma searched him on instagram...he was not that hard to find...

He had a private profile so they couldn't see anything....

Ooo natalie its him...

Theo was a handsome looking guy..there was no doubt about was the first day and girls where already crushing on him .....

He entered the cafe with a girl who looked like she came straight from photoshoot...they grabbed some coffee and took a seat ..

Sooo what do u think?

He is alright i guess....said Natalie

Just alright ..come on..he is cute...ya i guess..

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