The Art of Winning War

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Love and War have been friends all their lives. They do everything together, including running a matchmaking service. The intimate nature of their friendship has often been a topic of concern for their respective partners. Their significant others didn't have a reason to worry . . . until now.

Romance / Humor
Kiara Breedlove
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Synopsis: Ysabel Love & Fiona War

Ysabel Love and Fiona War are the co-founders of “All’s Fair in Love and War,” a successful matchmaking service. Childhood friends who are as different as their last names might suggest. They’re twenty-something beauties making more money than their manicured hands can count.

War has a million-dollar idea to make them even more successful by parlaying their skills at matchmaking into an escort service. Ysabel thinks it’s degrading, and an insult to the true nature of love. All Fiona sees are dollar signs.

Relationships have always been a business transaction for Fiona. It didn’t matter how well he filled out his boxer briefs. If he couldn’t bring something useful to the table, his butt was on the pavement before he could tell her his last name.

Ysabel, on the other hand, is in love with love and falls often for a varied string of characters. Lovers of all genders and persuasions are her soulmates until the honeymoon ends. And then she skips off in search of rosier pastures.

Fiona’s eye for the bottom line and Ysabel’s hopeless romanticism are what make them a formidable pair, both as business partners and friends.

The arrangement works like a dream until Fiona’s relationship hits the wall at ninety miles an hour. Ysabel, as always, is there to comfort her best friend. Then the two share an unexpected--yet inevitable--night which drives their life-long friendship to the verge of ruin.

Fiona holds all the cards. But her stubborn need for control could prevent her from taking the path that would show her what love is like when it’s done right.

*Note: Ysabel, pronounced like Ee-suh-belle*

*Some plot points subject to change.*

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