Mayhem Gets His Woman: Book 2: The Girl will be mine series:

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I lay the tiny woman named Sky on my bed. I took her shoes off and covered her up. I pulled a chair up to the side of the bed and looked at her. I hope that she will learn to trust and like me. I am a rugged man. An ex-navy man. I don't talk much and I hear voices. But for some reason around her I don't hear them. I want this woman to like me. I want to touch this woman and have her touch me. I never wanted that before. I have never had sex with a woman. That is I have had my cock sucked but I never took a woman to my bed before. I didn't want to get any STD's. But I could do that with her. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I heard her moaning and then she was talking in her sleep. Please stop David. I don't want to go back with you. Stop it you are hurting me. No, stop I don't want to do that. No, then take it out it hurts. Take it out I don't want to. Then she was quiet again. I sat up in anger. Who ever this David is forced his cock inside my woman. He hurt her and she begged him to take it out. She must have been a virgin. I wonder if doc examine her there. I saw she was wearing shorts and I lowered the blanket and took a breath. I slowly opened her legs and then I saw it. She had blood on her thighs. She had been a virgin. I gently covered her up. I leaned my elbows on my knees. I will kill her ex-boyfriend for this. Make no mistake he is a walking dead man.

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Chapter 1: Mayhem

My name is Mayhem. I am a new enforcer for our club. I also am a man that hates being touched by anyone. I am not saying that I have not let a whore touch me I have. I have used them on a few occasions. I have never had sexual intercourse with a woman before. But that will soon fall along the wayside. I did not know it, but I would meet the woman I want to claim as my Valkyrie.

I was working on a car when I heard a motor. I looked up and saw a car pull in. I watched but no one got out. I walked over and saw a woman sitting in the car. I asked her if I could help her. Without looking up she said, I need my sister. Who is your sister? Cat. She is inside. I opened the door and said I will take you to her. I helped her out of the car.

As she got out and stood up, I heard her take a breath and saw her grab her waist. I turned and walked to the club with her by my side. She had not looked up at me. As we got into the club Cat looked over. Sky she said walking to us. She still did not look up. Sky look at me. I slowly raised my face to look at Cat. Where is, he? I do not know. Then she passed out and I caught her in my arms.

Take her to doc’s office Mayhem, Cat said following behind him. We walked to the doc’s office and I lay her on the bed. I moved her hair from across her face and growled. I know her ex-boyfriend did this to her Cat said. You need to wait outside while I examine her the doc told us. We stepped out into the hallway. About 15 minutes later he opened the door and said you can come in now.

How is she doc we asked? Besides a black eye, she has four bruised ribs, and her right wrist is broken. Someone beat the hell out of this girl. It was my ex-boyfriend David. He told me that he will continue to do this until I go back to him. I know he will not stop. Oh, he is going to stop when Cherokee and Steve hear about this Cat said.

Cat, can I talk to you outside? Cat I tried to get her to let me to a pelvic examination. She would not let me. She said she was fine and preferred that I not touch her in that area. I am not sure, but she might have been raped.

She is showing signs of it. I growled and said that son of a bitch. She was a virgin doc. She said she was saving herself for the man that would claim her. We walked back into the room and saw that Mayhem still leaned against the wall looking at Sky with his arms folded across his chest.

I stood against the wall and looked at the tiny woman lying on the table. When I am near her the voices are not there. I need this woman and I will have her. She will become my Valkyrie. We need to find a room for her. She can sleep in my room. I will sleep on the couch. I gave her a pain shot and it will make her tired.

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