Dangerous love

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Alex and Shirley has been married for two years. At first, everything seemed okay with them until Shirley looses her first child. The two inseparable love birds started having problems after that which almost lead them to a divorce. Shirley somehow ends up dead with her second child and Alex is blamed for it. He ends up in prison and has no hope of making it out. His friend and lawyer, Kate, opts to help him. She begins to investigate and what she finds out makes her question life. Her life is put in danger in the process, but she is determined to help her friend get out. Shirley's mother, who happens to be a supreme court judge, and was against their marriage from the beginning does everything she can to keep Alex in prison because she believes he killed her daughter. All hope looks lost for Alex. He faces series of tragedies while he is incarcerated and almost looses his life. But, where there is a will, there is a way. The truth finally comes out after a long battle and Alex is finally free. He forgives his in-law and tried to move on with his life. But, can he really move on with his life? Can he love anyone again like he loved Shirley? Will he be able to trust ever again? Who is the real murderer and what is the motive behind the murder? Find out more in this story of love, life, family, marriage, death and grief. Dangerous love will leave you doubting what you do and love

Romance / Other
Maame Efua Quainua
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Chapter 1

Alex sat in the visitors room in nothing but his white vest and shorts. There was handcuffs on his wrists, as he sat with a gloomy look on his face. Kate sat in front of him. She was dressed in white shirt and black skirt. Her hand was above Alex's on the table. Alex had tears in his eyes. Last night had not been good for him. His wife had been murdered and he was being blamed for her death.

"I did not do it, Kate. I swear. I did not do it," Alex cried. He was desperately trying to get Kate to believe him. But, Kate believed him, that was why she was there to support and defend him.

"I believe you. But, I need to get enough evidence to get others to believe you as well. You know Shirley's mother is on this case as well and wants to do everything in her power to get you prosecuted for this, right?"

Alex nodded. Shirley's mother, Justice Olivia Newman, never agreed to Shirley's and Alex's relationship. She always thought Alex was with shirley because of her money, even though he had proved countless times that he genuinely loved Shirley. So when Shirley died she felt this was the time to completely nail Alex to the wall. Alex never insulted or verbally abuse the woman but she still kept on hating him.

"So, what do I do now?" Alex asked,his hands clasped together on the table.

"Just tell me what happened that night. What really happened?"

Alex sighed as he thought of the events that night.

"Shirley and I had a serious argument that night. It got to a point where I almost hit her. But, I controllled myself and left the house. I drove around town and came back a little around midnight. I rushed up to our bedroom, and discovered her body on the bed with a knife stuck in her belly. The police got there immediately after that and arrested me. I told them everything, but they still did not believe me."

Kate wrote down something in the journal she was holding.

"What was the argument about?"

Alex hesitated for a while. He knew the answer might not help the situation but he could not lie to his best friend.

"It was...it was about you, Kate. She said she wanted me to choose between my child and you. I am sorry."

Kate felt a sudden feel of regret hit her. She should not have asked that question when the answer was very obvious. Alex had told her once about how Shirley had started getting jealous of how she and Alex were close. But Kate had always known her boundaries and was not always around Alex like they used to when they were children.

"I am so sorry that you had another argument about me again. I don't know why your wife never liked me when all I did was to be nice to her."

Alex was sad. He could sense Kate was probably beating up herself over this. He really did not want her to feel this way. But, he had to tell her the truth as her client.

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