The Big Bad Alpha Wolf

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What happens when Ruby finds her mate. Theirs something different about Ruby that no one has and she's afraid that her mate will reject her. But little dose she know that her life will never be the same when she meets her mate. She'll have the life she always wanted, maybe a lot better.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

My name is Ruby. And i'm a werewolf. Yup thats right a werewolf. We live in packs, i'm from the eclipse moon pack. There's not just wolf shifters there's bears, foxes,cats and more. We like to keep are selves in hiding, meaning no one knows that we are alive. We have Alpha's and Luna's to lead the pack, our pack only has an Alpha. His name is Lucas, he didn't meet his mate yet so that's why we don't have a Luna. To lead a pack it's a two person job and it's a hard one. I haven't met my mate yet and i'm sure that there going to reject me. I have long black curly hair that I hide in a bun,I have pale skin and the perfect lips that I got from my mom,and a nice body, the only thing I hate about my self is my bright blood red and purple eyes. I have no clue why I have red and purple eyes I just do. And I get bullied for it so since I was little and was able to go to school I never looked in to someones eyes or if I did I looked for a split second. I never played outside because I didn't have friends. I have only one best friend now her name is April, she and my parents are the only ones I look in to there eyes. I'm just the weird kid with one red eye and one purple eye. I'm a only child which is good I get bullied enough in school. I am certainly getting up because is my mom is yelling at me to get out of bed "Ok! Jeez I'm up!" I yell to her. I get my outfit which is a long sleeve black shirt and some black skinny ripped jeans with white shoes and jump in the shower quickly. I get out and do my hair in a bun grab my black bag and run down stares to see my mom putting breakfast on the table . " Hey mom did dad get called in early again." I asked my mom because I don't see him at the table " hi honey yea your father did. Come eat before your late." my mom said as I sat down. I ate quickly. "ok mom i'm going to pick up April bye love you" I kissed her good bye and got in my black jeep and drove to Aprils house. I knew that I can only wish for today to be better but I don't know how bad today's going to go but some how I think today will be the worst day of my life.

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