The Big Bad Alpha Wolf

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Chapter 3

Lucas's pov:

I walk through the doors of school with my beta Alex, immediately all the attention goes on us and it was fucking annoying as hell. Sensing this "Calm the fuck down Lucas " Alex whispers "they should mind there own fucking b-" I stop when I smell roses and cinnamon "what" he says looking around "MATE" I growl following the smell I walk in to a class room and growl interrupting her, her head wiped over to me her glowing red eye and her other purple willing me to kiss her "no" she whispers I stare at her wondering why she would say no. Suddenly she grabs her things and runs off I follow her to see shes already taking off in her black jeep. I let out a frustrated growl as Alex runs up to me "is she your mate why did she run?" looking at the street she had taken off I sigh "I don't know"Suddenly he growls " MATE" we turn and find the a girl that sat next to my mate Alex runs up and kisses her she brakes the kiss and looks to me and tilts her head in respect "Alpha my name is April and your mate is my best friend I can explain why she ran."I look at her intensely seeing that she's telling the truth I decided that we will skip school " lets go to the pack house" we get to the pack house "come" my voice strong as we walk up to my office "speak" April raises a eyebrow but complies "Ruby has always thought that she wouldn't get a mate she wouldn't stand up for herself" April says looking sad but continues "she dosen't like her eyes those are her weaknesses she absolutely hates them she hates her body she pretends to be fine the girls at school bully her and Ruby started to believe them that a girl like her wouldn't get a mate that they would reject them."April is sad and pissed there are tears in her eyes and he hands are balled into fists Alex wraps her in a hug. Me and my wolf are fuming we puta hole in the wall how could she think that about herself she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. "Were does she live" I say looking at April I get in my car and hope that she's there.
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