The Big Bad Alpha Wolf

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Chapter 4

Ruby's Pov

Lucas Alpha lucas is my mate MY MATE I'm freaking out so I decided that I'll watch a movie and wait for my pizza come I pick a random movie my wolf is excited but I'm not he will reject us "no he won't he will except us" "no he won't were freaks who would want freaks?" I hear the doorbell I grab money still fighting with myself I open the door but not only do I get pizza I get my mate I look up but look down after "um" I try keyword try to close the door but he stopped it he growled "April stop" I stop instantly I back up and walk to the kitchen I hear the door being closed I get a plate as he puts the pizza on the breakfast bar I ignore him as I put 2 slices on my plate I really don't want to eat in front of him so I walk to the living room and played the movie I can feel his eyes on me but I ignore him and eat it pissing me off that he's looking at me "take a fucking picture it'll last longer" I say getting up I put the plate I'm the sink he's really pissing me off but I I ignore it "Ruby," he growls "why are you here" I sigh leaning on the sink looking at the floor " Because your my mate" I freeze I shake my head and look into his eyes "no you don't want me I'm not good enough reject me" it looks like I made a mistake because he's eyes show anger as he growls" I am not rejecting you I want you" he gets close I open my mouth but he cuts me off " I need you, even though we just met I want to know you,your favorite song, your favorite color everything." I look at him I open my mouth but he's too close then I feel his lips on mine is soft and gentle he wraps one are around my waist and one holds my cheek I wraps mine around his neck I break the kiss so I can breathe "be mine please" I look into his eyes I see nothing but a promise "im sorry" I take a step back out of his arms I don't look at him but I can feel the pain burning me as he looks at me "I cant,leave please"and with that I run up to my room I cant look at him if I do I know ill fall but I don't know if he'll be there to catch me
little did I know that he will always be there to catch me when I fall and I fell hard.
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