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"You lied to me. I trusted you" I said while weeping "You masked yourself as an another person. To get close to me" I added "I did this not to lose you. I know I don't even have a chance if I revealed that I was a celebrity" he said "I may lie but only you know the true me" he said while a tear rolled down his face while rest of the boys are staring at us "Sarah, Listen to me nothing gonna change. I promise" he said while trying to reach my face **** Sarah was a simple girl like anyone else.she is so kind, energetic, funny who wished to reach her goals while working hard But one incident changed her life forcing her wishes into the room of darkness and crushing her beautiful world. **** Whereas Justin on the other side was very ambitious, furious, and very talented who produces, composes, and sings along with his 4 brothers. Justin and his brothers worked so hard to achieve this position, they changed from zero to legends. There were so rich, handsome, famous right now that every girl wants them in their life. When they are together they are best examples of crack heads. **** What will happen when Sarah meets these crackheads .what changes in these brothers' life with the entry of this woman? What challenges Sarah has to face by suddenly coming into the spot light? will she able to cope up with it? Will she be able to reach the high expectations of the fans?

Romance / Humor
Sarah Sha
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Chapter 1: Mission Convince Stacy

[Sarah Pov]

Stacy please understand “what will i do coming over there” i said while trying to convince my friend from the last 3 days that i am fine alone here ,but she wanted me to accompany her to korea while she was going to meet her boyfriend.

You people tell me what I will do going over there while she will be busy with her boyfriend.

“I promise Sarah I will not meet my boyfriend. I planned this trip, So you can free your mind and it’s been 1 and half year since you went out besides the office ” she told me.

She was correct. It’s been 1 and half year since I started avoiding the world, in fact avoiding myself who was indeed dead from inside after the incident.

" what are you going to do here Sarah? i cannot leave you here alone, you lost my trust.“she told me in a warning tone.

She is correct again, last time when she left me for three days to meet her parents,i merely turned into an zombie.i was completely lost in thoughts that i even forgot to eat and eventually fainted.I was lucky, she just came back that moment and took me to hospital since then she never left my side.

“Sarah!! Sarah!! are you listening” She called me. I came out of thoughts and I used all my excuses to convince her.

" I promise I can be better, you know I changed right” I told her.

" you changed? Best joke of the year” she told me.

" i am going camping with our team, so it will be fun.Right?” I told her trying my best to convince her.

" ohh!! Camping ! Sounds good ,that too with our team. Woww!!!” She told me.

Rays of hope started to fill the room after her words.

" Ok i will go alone ” she told me.

“See i told you, now don’t worry ab...” i’m still talking, she cut my sentence .

“But tell me atleast one name of our team members”she asked me.

I was completely taken back. It might sound weird but I don’t know the names of any member of our team.I know only 2 names my boss Liong choon who i need to report and work for and my friend Stacy she is my assistant who takes care of team talk stuff. Yes, Stacy and I are on the same team.

“That’s not fair”I told her.

“now stop acting like bitch . I know you don’t know anyone and moreover we both are in the same team and there was no thing like camping planned.“she told me.

“God please help me”I murmured inside.

“Sarah! What was your problem ?? I am doing this for you,you are working so hard trying to convince yourself .let’s just forget everything and have a peaceful day. I want to see the original you, the true you, whom you are hiding from the world.I know there was better you”. She told me trying to catch her breath.

“WOWWW!! STACY that was such a great speech”I told her while holding my laugh.

" Shut Up bitch. Stop blaming yourself for what happened that night.what happened was already happened you cannot change it.So , ...”

she was still talking but i didn’t hear anything after that, the thought of day how it has changed my life mainly my family.without knowing i started crying,that moment Stacy noticed and hugged me hard.

It became a daily routine for her to calm me down whenever I started crying.

After like 50 min of pouring my heart out.

Stacy said”indeed you have been changed before you used to cry for 55 min and now you’re crying for just 50 min ” and started laughing.which made me laugh along with her.

She asked me” you know how you have such an improvement in you?“.

“you mean the improvement to 50 min from 55 min. I don’t know ″ I told her.

she said ” because you have me and i think you like me too much but sorry Sarah i have a boyfriend and i cannot betray him.even though you are hot, sexy and have big boobs still i cannot choose you.you know why??“.

I asked her “why??”

She told me “Because he is good in bed, whereas you don’t even know what is meant by v-card”.

We both laughed hard and I kissed her face with a pillow and she groaned and soon we started pillow fighting.

After the fight I asked her”Stacy by the way what is meant by V-card?” .she told me “i will tell you if you accompany me to korea”.

Oh god she started again.


While I was sleeping Suddenly my mobile started getting notifications. I woke up in panic but notifications kept on going for 1 and half minutes. By the time I was fully awake and shocked to see there were 300 messages from different people asking me to go to Korea with Stacy.

I really got angry because i barely get sleep at nights, luckily i was able to sleep today but this stupid has to

Spoil everything.

I went to her room and she is sleeping peacefully as if nothing happened.I tried to wake her up but she wasn’t moving an inch.

After trying my life to wake her up, I gave up and went back to my room with the hope of sound sleep that was trying to hug me 15 min ago. Just after 2 min laying on the bed a second shower of notifications started. I groaned and woke up from bed and turned off my phone.

The moment I turned my phone off, my land phone started ringing .Now at this moment I really want to kill her.

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