Love Always Wins

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Six years had passed and Odette came back from studying in Guadalajara, Mexico she came back with her Business Associate Degree. After her parent passe away she went to live with her brother Tobias and his wife. He sent her to the most expensive schools in Mexico. Now she was back in Los Angeles and ready to conquer the world. She was happy to finally be back. She had deep thoughts on her way to the house were she grew up, full of love and happiness next to her parents. Odette was so concentrated she didn't realize that she had arrived. Once the taxi left she walked to the house which was a two story house a white fence that went around. Coming from an Armenian dad and Mexican mom the house was built in a mix of both cultures. Once inside she couldn't wonder if she was going to see him again? Did he remember her? But most importantly did he still love her? Odette remember her and Jared sitting down in the living room watching movies and holding hands, without realizing she had tears in her eyes. Jared was her ex boyfriend they we're one of the hottest and most popular couples when they were in high school. Odette walked to her room and she was surprised to see all her pictures of her and her ex love. She wondered if Jared knew she was back in town? Will she be able to move on? Please don't judge it's my first time writing a book and I hope the story is making sense. Thank you

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Chapter 1

I can't believe it today is my first day of high school Odette said to herself. Odette was a pretty girl she had big grey eyes, she wasn't skinny nor fat, she had medium brown hair which was curled, and she had big heart shaped lips. She will mesmerize you with her beauty coming from Armenian and Mexican parents made her feel and look like a goddess. Odette!! her mom called from down stairs "You have five minutes or you're going walking to school young lady"

Odette's POV

I can't believe she's yelling this early. As I got my backpack I checked myself out in the mirror once again. Today since it was my first day of high school I wanted to make myself look beautiful so I wore a jean skirt, a flower crop top shirt and my white Vans. I wore light make up. **10 mins later I arrived at Marina High School**. I walked to homeroom hoping I see a face that I recognize. As I walk in the first thing I see is Jared my crush since the sixth grade, he was a good looking guy he was tall, he had a muscular body, hazel greenish eyes and tan skin since he is Persian he's really good looking. When he saw me he waved for me to sit next to him, I was happy everything is going great. After homeroom we went to our other classes we had History and Math together. My best friend Marsali came and hugged me tightly, she's the only one that knows how I feel about Jared. **Lunch Time** all of our friends got together and we talked and laughed but I couldn't stop looking at Jared my feelings for him kept on growing more and more. I was so caught up looking at him I didn't realize that he was staring at me giggling, I blushed my face was burning hot.

Jared's POV

I can't believe it I have Odette in 3 of my classes she has always been my crush. I know we feel the same about each other but we're just to shy to let each other know about our feelings. But every time I see her my heart skips a beat and all I want to do is be around her so I can smell her flowery smell and look into her beautiful grey eyes. My parents love her they always tell me if we get married we are having beautiful children with a mix of Persian, Mexican and Armenian. **Lunch Time** I caught her staring at me, so I stared at her as well she blushed once she noticed. I couldn't help to notice that we were matching I was wearing a white Polo with Levi's and my white Vans, it made me happy to think we like the same stuff.

After school Jared walked me home I was screaming with joy!! I think I love him!!

Thank you! Hope you guys are starting to like it. It's my own love story ❤️

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