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Things take a twist in Rocky high when the school bad boy who has an open gay relationship begins to fall in love with the newly exchanged student.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I walked through the cloister of Rocky high trying not to make eye contact with anyone,tucking a strand of hair behind my ear as I pushed open the door to the principal's office,the middle aged man sat behind his desk his eyes were focused on the computer that he didn't notice when I came in I stood for what felt like ages before he finally spoke up

"You must be miss Ava Sky the newly exchanged student?,he said adjusting his glasses,

"Yes "I answered

"Have a,seat ,how long were you planning on standing there ?"he asked pulling out a file from a drawer filled with neatly Joarranged files,damn! he knew I've been standing there -mean principal point taken,I adjusted my glasses over the bridge of my nose my glasses wasn't all nerdy looking but it wasn't so beautiful either.

"I'll let you know that any time your sent to my office for getting into a fight or cheating in a test,you know the little crimes you guys commit, I discreetly rolled my eyes as he continued,"you won't go scott free"he said handing me a green file

"Read it carefully to make sure I didn't omit any vital information concerning you "he said as he took a sip from the coffee mug at the right side of his table.

"Must records of my former school be included in this so called file of yours "I said rolling my eyes, an attitude I had formed over the years,

"Yes, you should have thought of that before pulling the stunt that got you expelled "he said adjusting his glasses.

"You do that a lot don't you ?", I asked

"What?"he asked

"You adjust your glasses a lot don't you?"

"Impressive,your really observant, I do that to show I mean business"he said as I handed the file back to him.

I looked at my wrist watch and almost fell of my chair ,

"My first class starts in the next five minutes"I exclaimed ,

"Took you long enough to remember"he said smiling for the first time since I came in.

"You knew"I said as more like disbelief than a question, I made for the doors attitude I muttered,As I opened the door to leave he called after me

"Welcome to Rocky high"he said as I left his office, making my way to my first class which by the way I didn't know were it was located,wait I say that as of its a good thing being lost at my first day of school - karma's out for me,

"Down the hall class at your left "A woman on corporate wear and nude makeup said as I turned to face her ,

"By the way am Mrs Rachel brown, the principal's assistant,he sent me to give you directions cause obviously he knew you'll be lost ", she said

"Thanks "I said and began to literally run to my class,first day of school and I show up late,classic Ava, everyone would be in class all eyes staring at me not like I cared anyway.

My legs became wobbly as I arrived in front of my class door I wasn't scared of the thousands of eyes that would be staring at me as I walk into the class ,I just wasn't in for the introduce yourself to class stuff the teachers normally made the newbies do .

"Are you going to stand there and talk to door"the janitor who was moping the floor, 3 lockers away from said as he focused back on his work,

"Mind your own business"I screamed in my head but he was right,

I pushed opened the door I had government now so I guessed that the blonde woman standing in front of the class was the government teacher

"You're late "she said glaring at me

"I know, i'm sorry "I said bending my head in shame so long for making a first good impression, I waited for her to start off the, hey your new here let the class know you more ,but it didn't come, I guess she was new here just like me and she was trying to get every one under the impression that she was strict .

"Why are you standing ?do u have anything else to say"she yelled, rude, I said in my head as I scanned the class for any empty chair,my eyes froze when I sighted a beautiful blonde boy sitting at the back of the class , yes beautiful boy he was drop damn gorgeous,he had ocean blue eyes, messy hair and his lips were glowing pink he looked like those main characters in a romance movie ,I didn't know how long I was staring till the teacher snapped her finger in front of me ,

"One more bad behavior from you and I'll send you to the principal's office "she said glaring at me,I spotted an empty chair near a slim fit girl with freckles and black braided hair she looked real good for modeling

"Stop staring at him"she said as I sat next to her

"What do you mean?"

"I saw how you stared at Lawrence and I'll advice you to stop"she said eyes glued to her book

"Are you some kind of crazy over possessive girlfriend?"I asked she chuckled finally looking at me she had purple eyes and well pointed nose she didn't look american

"One am not his girlfriend and two am Indian ...."she was about to continue when I caught her short

"How did you know ?,are you some kind of mind reader? ", I asked raising an eye brow ,

"Nope it was obvious a lot if people ask me about it and you were just staring at me like ,what the, so I guessed that was what was going through your mind"she said smiling

"CJ "she said

Ava "I said

"So you're new here right?",she asked lowering her voice to a whisper

"Yes I was surprised she didn't notice"I said pointing at the teacher

"Yeah, miss Abigail she's new here too"she said ,

"Oh just as I thought ,so......this Lawrence guy what's up with him?"I asked looking away from her hoping she didn't see my cheek redden,first day at school and your already crushing on some one, girl you're on fire.

"His cute and handsome and all but don't get too lovey dovey about him"

"Why ? does he already have a girlfriend?"I asked

"No "

"Then what"I asked expecting an answer like he's into cheer leaders and stuff,

"He's gay"she said and the things I did next got both of us sent to the principals office.



I said to myself as we both walked to the principals office,

"Sorry about that "I said not daring to look at CJ

"No probs, just pray he let us off with detention"she said.

I didn't know if we were friends but I didn't mind being friends with her she seemed cool, first day of school total disaster, moms gonna freak out if she ever found out that I had been sent to the principals office on my first day of school.

A/n:Hey guys hope you enjoyed this chapter,don't forget to vote and comment (that's if someone is actually reading this)it will really motivate me a lot, I'll be posting an update as soon as I can😁

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