I'll Close My Eyes 《gwashinai》

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Chapter 1

Mina's POV:

"I knew you and your secretary have an affair bastard!"

"shut the crap up Koyomi! I never had an affair with her!"

"Stop lying motherfucker! I know you're lying!"

"You fucking bitch face! I told you I don't have!"

"Then explain this!!! You're both kissing, you fucking dirty hoes!"

I heard words coming from my parents again, It's been 16 years that I heard these things, the problem is, My dad's a liar, and my mom's a jealous wife.

I sighed and knocked to my front door, but they still kept fighting, because of dad's secretary.

"Shut it Koyomi! I told you!"

"You shut up Keita! You filthy hoe!"


Their fight was cut off, when they saw me entering the house.

"Hey sweetie? how's your day?" My dad welcomed me.

Ugh! It was just good a while ago, but you kept fighting, so it's worst as hell.

"I'm okay dad, I just have a lot of homeworks, gotta go now, bye." I answered in monotone.

I ran through my room, and started sobbing.

This is all my fault. If they don't have me, they might love each other equally.

"I hate my self!" I said between my sobs.

But I felt like the demon went inside me, and I felt suicidal.

I think if I don't exist, my parents'll be able to love each other.

I thought to my self, running towards my vanity table, and squeezing my fingers on the drawers and looking for my pocket knife.

"Success" I murmured to my self, trying to aim the knife near to my pulse in my wrist.

I kept myself quiet as possible as I dig the sharp object against my skin.

I felt a warm tear running through my cheeks as I cut my wrist, and I kept sobbing.

I stopped cutting my skin, and wipped the blood off my skin.

I looked at myself through the mirror and thought;

Soon Mina, You'll soon have peace.

I was literally crying in my lungs, sticking my knees near my chin,but my sobs was interrupted when I heard my phone call.

"Herro~" I responded disappointedly.

"How's your day Mina?" I realized that I was talking to my best friend, Fukomi Kazuma.

"Kazuma-Chan! Konnichiwa! I'm fine, yeah"

"You?" I asked him back, but he seemed sly enough to notice my tone.

"Don't you me, What's wrong jellybean?" he asked me.

I just sighed, but heck, I'm feeling heaven, hearing that he called me Jellybean

"Ugh, I don't want to talk about it Kazuma, please?"

"Okay then , bye" he shot at me, but I felt guilty not talking to him.

I sobbed, and sighed, and suddenly my phone vibrated.

From: Kazuma

[[Since you don't want to talk about it, then let's text about it shall we?🥺😄]]


[[ We don't have to, Fukomi Kazuma]]

I chuckled at my phone seeing that he's doing all his best fpr me to spoil it up.


[[Hey! I told you! We are best friends remember?]]


[[Yes, but it's personal sweetie]]


[[I love you then, and I will be your classmate tomorrow]]


[[You're not joking right?]]



[[Chill, sweetie, I'm in Tokyo today, from our hometown, Osaka😄😊]]


[[Well, If you then say so, see you at school tomorrow sweetie🥺😄]]

[[I love youu]]


[[Haiiii, I love you too!]]

I missed you Kazuma, thank God we're going to meet each other again after 3 years.

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