Me and you:the college and after#book2

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What would you do when the love of your life jilts you for something the both of you can't put a finger on and there is no way you can sort things out real fast. Mary Cooper has to face the worst part of her college life after Archibald Daniels jilts her. Half a year of total silence with no messages and calls, no meetings and still even if she denies it with all her might, Mary still wants Archibald Daniels in her life after the heartbreak and mystery. Tables turn when it's Archie's time to plead for Mary to take him back. He does everything in his power to mend everything he destroyed. Mary still wants him with the whole of her but she puts Archie through a difficult test for her to overcome her insecurities and let him in when she feels it's time. But what will happen if another person is upset with your decision? Will the love you have between each other get through all obstacles in its way or will it be better to let it go? Having someone who you knew very well and was in love with will cause feverish kisses, sparkles flying, passionate nights, loving embraces and tender touches. Will Mary Cooper be able to put Archie to a test for every part of her yearns for him.

Romance / Erotica
Mary Priscilla
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I'm picking up the pieces of my heart off the ground and fixing what's left of my life, focus on my studies. Then he shows up, waltzing back into my life, Archibald Daniels says he needs a second chance to put everything right. Now he wants me back after those nightmares, bad days, sore eyes, pale face and sleepless nights. I love him even more than ever, why does my heart have to betray me, the heart wants what it wants after all, right!


I realized two things when I jilted Mary and let everything slip out of my hands.
One, I want her back more than I thought and I love her a lot.
Two, I let my own problems get in the middle of my relationship that I couldn't handle it anymore. I'm a person who always gets what I want and I want Mary back. But things aren't easy as they once were. I broke and wrecked her real hard and pushed her away, I screwed up big time yet all she ever did was love me with all she had, regardless.
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