Till The Day

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Have you ever experienced the feeling of love? Or been wrapped in the arms of your forever? The one who you can say 'I do' with all all your heart. Well, I haven't but I wonder what it would be to love someone with the pure heart? Is it confusing, or just the mere sight of his/her constrict your breathing?

Romance / Poetry
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Till the day

Could it be possible to love someone,

So much that I couldn't breathe without the feel of his lips?

So intense that my heart just couldn't beat without the echo of his?

And still, so peaceful that the rhythmic rising and falling of his chest could lull me to sleep?

I wouldn't know till the day,

He would walk down the alley beside me with our fingers intertwined,

The day he would be my good morning after the night in bed.

But I wonder what would it feel to be in love?

Would I have to pay a price, or just enough would be my sacrifice?

If I someday could meet my forever,

Would I be able to slip in his arms and find my peace?

Would I be able to wake up with his smile lifelong?

Or he would still be trying making my favourite breakfast ever?

I wouldn't know till the day,

I would open my arms to feel his warmth,

The day I would allow myself to breath in his scent,

The day I would let lose to feel the coarseness of his day long stubble,

The day I would let myself belief that,

We could together meet our horizon,

Just when the sun downs before another day.

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