Lost in the Fire

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Work of a firefighter isn't a piece of sugar, but neither any other job is. After the conflagration in the mall called "The Winter Cherry", Stas decides to buy one-way ticket. He has no idea of what's waiting for him ahead, but sincerely believes in the best. As soon as he arrives to his brother, Alex, his life gets turned upside down, and the only one to blame in this is the Charming Blonde, who struck him right in the heart. This story is a crazy mix of a real firefighting experience, deep feelings and a tangle of fates, which can make you dive into someone's life til the last letter. Warning: *The true story based on real events. *It takes place in Russia. The main characters are Russian. *Yeah, we also know how to love :D P.S. My English isn't perfect, but I'm doing my best. This is a tribute to the woman, who I'm writing about. I hope she won't call me a dumbass if she ever reads it. P.P.S. If you see some mistakes in tenses or phrases, plz let me know. I'm open and thankful for help in mastering my English-writing skills :)

Romance / Drama
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The story so far

Once upon a time... Or how do the long boring stories usually begin? Although, I hope mine is going to be nothing of it. But who knows...
Well, my story is as usual as the biggest part of love stories on the earth are, with the only feature: that’s not just a fiction book, but the true story of love affair of a young handsome Russian firefighter and a beautiful adult woman, who works as a teacher of English. And I write this diary in English exactly because of it. It’s a kind of a tribute to her for wasting her time on practising English with such a dumbass like me. Oh, and one more thing which i forgot to mention. She’s married.
How did this all begin? I do have no idea. It’s been one year and half since the moment we met for the first time. After the great fire in the mall called “Zimnaya Vishnya” (“The Winter Cherry) in Kemerovo, I decided to move. I was on the shift at that day, and only because of wrong actions of the captain, I wasn’t able to save several people. He didn’t let me do it because of the official instructions, which he followed pedantically. I was forced to listen to their screams and realize I was absolutely powerless to help them. This event has just destroyed my psyche. I was ready to get into the building in spite of everything, but he said me it was a stupid risky action, which would not be praised by anyone. He was convinced I would die, but I wasn’t. And I’ve always been rebellious - I usually act as my own brain computer system tells me, basing on my personal calculations of risks and assess of the power, than on official papers which were written by people who have never faced real conflagrations. As well as the captain. He studied at the very best university, he knew all of that stuff in theory, but he didn’t face such catastrophic fires in real, and I did. I learned how to fight with the fire with the help of practice. I do have no idea about the information in the Charter, I don’t know any official rules of fighting. I just know what to do, when to do it and how to do it well. That’s it. But okay, I got distracted, I’m sorry :)
So what? I wasn’t able to cope with the feeling of guilt and decided to move. At that very moment my brother, the only dear person in this world, offered me to visit him in Krasnodar. I took a bag and left, without even thinking how and where I was going to live and work there. I was sure the decision was right. And it was true.
As soon as I came, I went to the official emergencies department. I was hired immediately. When they saw my track record, they were sincerely astonished. I was only 26, but I was described like a brave, strong, fearless, but rebellious fireman, who fought with different kinds of conflagrations. By that time, I’d already been working for eight years. So, I got employed.
My brother was really glad to see me. When he learned I was about to stay, he almost started jumping because of the happiness. He’s a bit older than me, but he’s not married, and all his life is his two children. When he was young, he was dating with one girl, who gave birth to his kids, but she died in the car crash one month before their wedding. So now he’s bringing them up by himself. And I do respect him for this. But okay, I got distracted again.
We started living all together. It looked a little bit confusing for the neighbours that there was one more man living in his flat, who tried to educate his children – at first they even thought my brother was gay. And not all of Russians are really tolerate to this. Young generations are very LGBT-friendly, there are a lot of people who don’t really care about the gender they love. But old generation... These grannies on the bench nearby the house, who were raised in the USSR, are very negative about it. They started gossiping. But with time they found out I was his brother, and these sneaky stares were replaced with admiration and sincere respect. But we never gave a damn to this.
One spring day we decided to go to the country

house to relax a bit and make a kind of BBQ party. I marinated chicken fillet and pork, and while my bro was cooking it, I was mowing grass and planting vegetables. As soon as I finished and entered the house to change out of dirty clothes, somebody knocked the door. I screamed something like “don’t make a mistake, don’t open the door of the room” in response, and after that started getting dressed quickly. When I was ready, the door suddenly got open. There was a beautiful Blonde standing in front of me. She had long fair hair, very big baby eyes which had deep blue colour, her lips were full. I felt like I was hit with a thunderbolt. She was fantastic.
— Never keep a woman waiting, – she smiled charmingly. – Come on, we’ve already served the table. You’re the only missing element.
“I’m coming” was the only phrase I was able to squeeze out of myself.
The table was placed in the back yard. There were several kinds of salads, grilled meat, fruit juice and lemonade. She was sitting with children, who were interrupting each other and laughing. It seemed to me, they knew her for a very long time. I started guessing who she was. They got on really well with her... Was she his lover? Or a girlfriend? But if she was, why didn’t I see her before? Why didn’t he tell me anything about their relationship? At that very moment, my brother came.
— Vicky, it’s Stas. I told you a lot about him. – he introduced us to each other. – Stacey, this is Victoria. My very old friend.
I liked the formulation “my very old friend”. There was nothing to cling to.
— I didn’t know you had such attractive friends, – I gave her a nice smile and shook her hand. – Nice to meet you, Vicky.
— She’s married, leave your charms for somebody else. – Bro grinned. Only at that moment I noticed a golden ring on her finger. – Either her husband will make you into shoes.
Victoria laughed.
— You’re very positive-minded, Alex. – she said. In a second, she looked right into my eyes. – Nice to meet you too, Stas. I’ve heard a lot about you.
I sat down near with her.
— But I’ve never heard anything about you. What an irony.
— I wasn’t sure that I’d introduce you to each other, – Alex put several pieces of chicken on my plate. – That’s why I was quiet. You know, she has a really cruel hubby. It was hard for me to keep our relations in secret, but if there are two of us, it becomes even more complicated.
— In secret? – I looked at him with wonder.
— Yeah, – she answered instead of him. – If he learns that I have friends of another gender, he will definitely kill you both, and after that he will kill me. He’s very jealous.
— But why? – I couldn’t stop wondering. What was between these two if they are so afraid of letting him know about this friendship?
— Never mind. He’s just a bit crazy, like all of us.
— No, he just treats her as a thing, – my brother chuckled sarcastically.
— Shut up! He’s a good one.
— Sure. Especially, when he’s without his gun.
— Let’s move on, – I decided to quit this discussion. – Where is my whiskey? I was promised to have a drink tonight.
— No way, – my brother laughed, giving a plate to Victoria. – I can’t let you start flirting with her.
I rolled my eyes. They bursted into laughter.
— I’m not going to do this. I got that she’s yours.
Vicky suddenly interrupted my speech.
— Did you grill sausages? I’ve reminded you about it million times.
— Oops. – Alex smiled apologetically. – I’m gonna do it now, just give me a few minutes.
— Hurry up!
He left. We stayed with children and began buzzing about everything and nothing at once. In some minutes they got bored with us and decided to play table tennis. We were left alone.
She started a talk.
— So, – she sipped lemonade. – As I understand, you’re that brave and rebellious knight with a cup of water.
— I’m a firefighter, not a knight. – Said I, when finished chewing a piece of chicken. – I’m far from being a knight.
— Alexander told me a lot about you. I heard about your courage, great fires you extinguished, different emergencies you took part in. He admires you.

— It’s my job, – I shrugged my shoulders. – Who else, if not me?
— How old are you? – She raised her eyebrow. It felt like her stare was getting right into my soul. My heartbeat started ringing in the ears.
— Twenty-six, – I sighed. – Quite young for my profession. And what do you do? How old are you?
— It’s very impolite to ask a woman about her age, – Vicky giggled. – But okay. I’m thirty-seven, and I’m English teacher.
I was shocked. Thirty-seven?! Impossible!
— Seriously?! I thought you’re like thirty!
— Nah. I’m older than your brother.
— In this case, I must admit that you’re amazingly good-looking. I’d never think you’re thirty-seven, if I didn’t know it.
Her cheeks got blushed.
— Thank you.
She got so shy that I decided to continue our conversation and ask her some questions too.
— So, you’re a teacher. Do you work with children at school?
— God forbid. – A woman giggled sarcastically. – I work with adult students.
— Is it hard to teach them? I suppose, it’s complicated.
— Not really, – she started eating salad. – If you know how to present the information the right way. I don’t usually have troubles. Another thing is that it’s quite problematic to get along with each student. People are different, and the biggest part of them is very similar to my husband.
— What’s wrong with him? – I tried to sound indifferent, but I felt like my curiosity was tearing me inside. Really, what a person is he, if she tries to keep all the relations with other people in secret?
— Actually, nothing. – She licked her lips nervously. – He’s just a very rich man with great ambitions and crazy love, he’s like obsessed. He loves to control me and sincerely believes that all my attention must be given only to him.
— Don’t you feel like in a prison, experiencing such kind of love?
She looked at me with reproach.
— I do, but it’s not a good topic for the first talk.
— Pardon me, I didn’t want to hurt you or make you feel embarrassed. It’s pure curiosity, I just want to get to know you better.
Vicky smiled charmingly.
— Believe me, my dear friend: you’ll have enough time for this.
— Hope so.
At that very moment, my brother brought a bowl of grilled sausages.
— She’s already tired of you, stop chattering. – He said with a grin. – Let’s eat. Kids!
Children came in a minute. We began dinning, exchanging mindful glances with each other. After that, Alex started chattering. Our company was buzzing til the late night, laughing loudly and sincerely enjoying time. I told them several cases from my job, bro shared memories about children, and Vicky was listening to us most of the time, telling something about her students from time to time.
It was almost 2 o’clock when she decided to leave. At that moment, I went to put children to bed. She entered the house quietly and carefully opened the door of the bedroom. At first, I didn’t notice her watching me, but after some time, when kids fell asleep finally, I saw her standing at the doorway.
— You’re very tender with children, – she whispered. – We will get on really well with each other.
— I hope so, – I smiled.
She gave me a light kiss on the cheek and left. And I was standing at that very place where she kissed me like an idiot for several minutes. Blood was boiling in the veins. And only then, when my brother saw her off and came in the house, I was able to chill and go to bed.

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