Till death do us part

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Thornhill is just a small rural town in the middle of Tennessee. Since coming back from New York, Danica Bloom has taken a position as the small towns Nurse practioner For Doctor Thorne B. Hampton. His looks are to die for, towering over 6'5 with dark features and green eyes hes hard for any lady to resist. Her highschool sweetheart being killed in her hometown over 6 years ago still troubles her, but she feels as if is alive and hopes to reunite with him, is she just losing her mind? Or will she fall under Doctor Thornes dreamy trance and come back to reality and heal from her lost love?

Romance / Mystery
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I hadn't anticipated this at all. I stumbled through the oak doors with my long, tan, giraffe like legs taking wide strides until I hit something warm and hard with my face causing me to stumble back a few steps. My glasses (brand new from Micheal Kors btw) had just snapped in half. "Of course! Just had to be on my first day!" I mumbled to myself. Unaware of the long gaze with a pair of Forrest green eyes staring at me with humor, then feeling a hole burnt in the top of my head with such gaze I looked up, somehow they almost seemed familiar... I shook the feeling aside and I felt my face heat up in embarrassment.

"Pardon me sir, I have had quite the morning." I mumbled looking up into the eyes of this tall beast like man. I gulped when his expression seemed to harden, it was unreadable. I felt my face burn up again with a new reason, lust. This delightful sight of a man, although insanely intimidating, very alluring. His strength in his thick arms shown through the burgundy dress shirt that clung desperately close to each muscle.

As if he read my very dirty minded thoughts, he shuffled a hand through his very thick auburn locks and smirked, must have been very amused by the clumsiness I had displayed several times upon entering the office. "No worries Ms. Bloom." He gruffled out in a deep seductive tone. I felt my stomach tighten with arousal and I instantly felt embarrassed all over again. He smiled as if completely unaware how high my hormones were rolling, led me through to the back of the clinic to the main office which we would be sharing until mine was fully remodeled. Apparently Dr. Thorne thought it would be best to reno my office 48 hours before my arrival. I glared at him in anguish, as if I can concentrate on my reports when I'm within proximity to him. I wasn't a fool, I knew fully how attractive Dr. Thorne was before my arrival, he was a senior at the medical school I was attending, I was only a freshman in college and had seen him running laps around our college track from time to time. I wasn't gonna let Dr.Dreamboat get in the way of helping my patients, nor get between my legs.. well atleast for awhile.

Thorne had set up a make shift desk in the corner of his office for me, I unloaded my work tote of a few supplies enough to do my work here until my own office was finished. I set my laptop on the desk and tapped away effortlessly on the keys remembering the last time I was here in my little hometown.

"JACK! BABY!" I screamed in pure excitement. He had been my tutor for a few years as he was attending college and today he drove all the way from New York to come see me graduate. He had recently transferred up there from our small town to practice medicine, same as me. Since he was a few years older than me it was awkward and nerve wracking introducing him to my parents as my boyfriend. They were wildly accepting once I told him that he was going to be a doctor.

"Hey beauty queen... how's my girl?" He smiled down at me with a smile of satisfaction from holding me close. " Dr. Jack Havard, I think I have a broken body part.." I said as I jutted out my bottom lip and looked up with big puppy dog eyes. "Hmm.. what is broken my love?" He questioned pretending to examine me with a quizzical look on his face he gleaming emerald eyes flashing up to me. "My heart Doc... only you can fix it with KISSES!" I exclaimed. With that he wrapped me into his arms and kissed me practically head to toe, my honey comb eyes trailing down his body after he was finished. I was flushed with lust and desire, it had been 6 months since I'd seen him, he would be graduating next year, so I would only have a year with him until he was off across the world to study medicine in every country before he settled down to start his own practice I had hoped to work at when I graduated.

Sadly that day came to be one of the worst days of my life. Jack and I had gone out on his motorcycle for a sunset ride to my favorite diner in our hometown, he decided to take the long way to enjoy the ride longer with me. That road many tourists use to go to Gatlinburg and one car was going so fast, he told me to grab his helmet off his head and told me he loved me, I cried out I loved him and didn't understand why he was making me remove his helmet to put onto my head. The car cut us off and he crashed into a tree. I had fallen off before we hit the tree and I watched the love of my life crash, he was airlifted to the city hospital and I was told later on that night he died. What I didn't know is someone cut his brake lines, and that car cutting us off didn't give us enough time to slow down even after downshifting. The love of my life gave me his life. Since that day I had been so emotionally cut off, 6 years since it all happened and I still think about my Jack everyday. Some days wishing I had died instead of him, he had so many life's to save, he was going to be an amazing doctor, I hoped from wherever he was watching, that he was proud of me.

" ehem, Ms. Bloom?" A deep voice pulled me out of my daydream with a shock, I jumped a little before hearing a deep throaty chuckle which brought my gaze upward looking into the eyes of... Jack? No, just Dr.Thorne being an outright prick once again.

"Sorry, Ehm... Doctor I am a little out of sorts today.. being back home and all." I muttered, tears welling at the brim of my eye that I fought back with a cough. I knew I'd always love Jack, I believe we were soulmates and to not have my other half on this earth with me makes me feel empty. Honestly I had not even been attracted to anyone else since him... well him, and Thorne.

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