love at first bite

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Chapter 10- Catching up with an old friend

As Jenny walks into the subway, she stumbles across and old newspaper article with a bold headline. “Murdered girl identified as Hannah Michael.

“OMG!” She gasps.

The penny drops and that’s when she realises that she was offered Hannah’s job, the unforeseen circumstances being the fact she died.

Jenny feels a heavy feeling in her heart. The Coroners were unable to identify the body (at first) due to the claw marks on the victim's face but her dental records proved extremely helpful, poor girl. She didn’t deserve to die like that.

“May she rest in peace.” Whispers Jenny.

Jenny’s head starts spinning, the tightness builds up in her chest. She takes a deep breath and tries to relax.

It’s Saturday morning. Jenny plays with Lilly rose, feeds and bathes her. Betsy barks as she notices the snow falling on the ground and in the garden. She barks again wanting to venture out.

Jenny has invited Claire for lunch. Its 12.30pm as she quickly takes out the Spaghetti bowl from the fridge and gets ready for lunch. The doorbell rings as Jenny goes to open the door.

“Hi Claire, good to see you. Come in.” Says Jenny.

“Good to see you too. Here come and give me a hug!” Says Claire giving Jenny a big bear hug, a peck on the cheek for Lilly rose and a pat on Betsy’s head.

Jenny lays out the food in the dining room and places Lilly rose on her highchair. She starts to chuckle looking so adorable in her little tiger onesie suit. Jenny kisses Lilly rose on the forehead. She has a cheeky smile on her chubby cheeks and calls Jenny Mamma.

“Hello baby girl, you are the cutest baby around. Aren’t you adorable?” Says Claire.

Betsy starts to bark wanting some attention too.

“Aren’t you a gorgeous little girl too. SOOO cute!” Says Claire.

“Woof woof!” Barks Betsy.

Chloe scratches behind Betsy’s ears and she loves the attention.

Lunch is served, Jenny and Claire tuck into their spaghetti bowl.

Jenny feeds Lilly rose with a small plastic fork.She sticks her little hand out trying to grab Jenny's spaghetti!

Jenny pushes her hand out of the way.

“This spaghetti is amazing, So delicious!” Says Claire closing her eyes as if she’s having an orgasm.

This is all thanks to Angela. Her cooking is so delicious but Jenny doesn’t tell Claire that!

“Here before I forget, this is for you!” Says Jenny.

Jenny gives Claire her Christmas present wrapped in red paper with a gold ribbon.

“Jenny, that’s so sweet of you. I’ve left your present at home. I’m sure we will catch up again before Christmas day. Now where’s that wine you were talking about?” Says Claire.

She winks at Jenny; Jenny takes out the bottle of wine from the fridge but she notices that it's slightly off when she takes the cork off.

“This doesn’t smell quite right!” Says Jenny.

Jenny takes the bottle and hands it over to Claire to take a whiff.

“OMG, that smells like vinegar. We’ll have to opt for something else. Do you have any soft drinks?” Says Claire.

Jenny takes out the Cola zero from the fridge and offers Claire a glass.

“Here’s to friendship and happiness.” Says Jenny.

Jenny looks out of the window and notices how the snow hasn’t settled on the pavements as it looks like it has melted on the ground.

“Listen let’s head out and get some fresh air. I don’t think the snow has settled.” Says Jenny

Claire helps to clear the table and Jenny puts on her winter coat. She makes sure Lilly rose is nicely wrapped in loads of layers to keep her warm.

Jenny grabs the push chair and Claire grabs Betsy’s lead. Jenny and Claire both walk out of the front door with a cool breeze hitting their faces!

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