love at first bite

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Chapter 11- The Christmas lights and the beast.

Jenny and Claire are having a whale of a time, exploring the different shops looking at the festivities and having some hot chocolate to warm up them both up.

Before Jenny realises, it becomes extremely late. Claire and Jenny stop at the front of central park.

“I don’t feel safe walking in the park as it’s getting quite late!” Says Jenny looking concerned.

“Don’t worry, the pathways are lit up and there are policemen patrolling the area, you’ll be safe as houses. I promise.” Says Claire

“Besides, don’t you want to show Lilly rose the Alice in wonderland statue and the fountain?”Asks Claire

“She’s only a baby! She won’t understand what it is!” Says Jenny

“Let’s go anyway, we can gaze at the stars Cassiopeia should be making her appearance and look there’s a full moon!” Says Claire with a glint in her eye.

Jenny looks at how amazing the Moon looks. She points towards the sky.

“Lilly rose look at the Moon, doesn’t it look beautiful? “Says Jenny.

Lilly rose starts cooing with excitement.

“I didn’t know you were into star gazing!” says Jenny glancing at her watch which says 8pm.

“Okay, lead the way!” says Jenny

Claire holds onto Betsy’s lead whilst Jenny pushes the push chair with Lilly rose.

“You know Hannah Michael’s was the last girl that got murdered by the wild dog. You know I got her job!” Says Jenny.

Claire looks at Jenny slightly confused raising her eyebrows.

“What do you mean you got her job?” Says Claire.

“Hannah got the receptionist position first but because she died, I was offered her position instead, Darius called it unforeseen circumstances!” Says Jenny

“OMG, that’s so terrible but you know on the news they said they had arrested the murderer!” Says Claire with an astonished look on her face!

“Really, when and who is it?” Says Jenny

“He is a mentally unstable patient that escaped form an Asylum. He was a schizophrenic and went on the warpath by killing innocent people. His name is Steve Jenkins.” Don’t you watch the News?”

Says Claire.

“Not recently, I’ve just been so busy with the new job and Lilly rose. You know how it is!” Says Jenny.

“Well, you've got nothing to worry about!” Says Claire.

Both ladies wonder round the park and spot the Alison in wonderland statue and the lovely fountain. It’s 9pm and becomes bitterly cold.

Both ladies hear a growling noise behind them. Jenny protectively places her arm over Lilly rose. The hairs start to stand up on the back of Jenny’s neck and goose bumps also start forming on her skin.

“Can you hear that noise?” Says Jenny.

“Sounds like growling!” Says Claire.

Jenny hears a twig breaking. Claire and Jenny start walking quickly ahead. There’s no one around.

“Who is there?” says Jenny

The tall creature suddenly jumps in front of her and Claire. Its claws are out and the teeth are very sharp!

“OMG, it’s a werewolf, Claire try and stay calm!” Says Jenny trembling.

Betsy looks at the werewolf and starts growling at the creature.

The werewolf kicks the dog to one side. Betsy hits a tree with a loud crunch. Betsy makes a whimpering noise.

Both Claire and Jenny start screaming, the werewolf at the front runs towards Claire and uses its claws to slash at her.

The claws puncture the skin on Claire’s chest and stomach!

The blood seeps out as Claire lands on the floor with a big thud. Her head hits a rock as she falls, she lays there unconscious!

Jenny screams at the top of her voice.

“Get away from me and my baby!” Says Jenny shouting.

The growling noise behind her becomes louder, she’s too frightened to turn around.

Jenny can feel a sharp claw grab her coat; she screams but nothing comes out of her mouth. She feels dread and panic. Jenny starts sweating and every inch of her body is covered in goose bumps!

Jenny suddenly spots a quick flash appear in front of her eyes!

Darius and Nasreen appear with their red eyes and fangs bared. The werewolf drops Jenny. She sits in a crouched position.

Jenny covers her face with her hands, suddenly the memories come flooding back, the incident in Darius office. The sight of Darius sucking Chloe’s blood, his red eyes and the sharp fangs.

“OMG, Darius, you’re a vampire!” Says Jenny.

A scuffle breaks out between the vampires and the were wolves.

Lilly rose starts crying as the scuffle develops. Jenny takes her out of her push chair and holds Lilly rose close to her chest to comfort her. The tears start to trickle down Jenny’s cheeks as she comforts Lilly rose.

“Mama has got you baby girl, Shhh, don’t cry my darling!” Says Jenny.

“Get out of the way!” Shouts Darius

Jenny rolls to one side cushioning Lilly rose.

“Here you go mother f………, Its’s your turn to die!” Says Darius.

He points the gun with the silver bullets aiming the gun at the werewolf’s chest. The bullet travels at an amazingly fast momentum and hits the werewolf in the chest. It takes three bullets to kill the beast. A big puff of smoke appears and the wolf turns back into its human form lying there in its naked state.

Jenny is too scared to look. Nasreen manages to slash the other werewolf across the chest with her angel blade. The wolf howls in pain and runs off with its injuries.

Jenny rings 911 in her panic.

“Please I need an ambulance, my friend has been attacked by a wild dog and needs medical attention, we are in Central park!” Says Jenny

Before she can finish the conversation, her phone battery dies!

“Are you okay?” Says Darius as he gives Jenny his hand.

“Don’t touch me, you’re a Vampire, I’m not going anywhere with you!” Says Jenny shouting at the top of her voice.

“You need to calm down, do you trust me? That other creature is still out there. Do you want to live? I can protect you and your baby!” Says Darius

As Jenny holds Darius hands, all the terror and fright melts away. Jenny looks into his eyes.

Her anger has disappeared and Darius red eyes have gone and fangs are no longer there.

“I can’t leave here without my dog and Claire!” Says Jenny

“I’ve got your dog, but we can’t take your friend. She’s badly hurt and needs medical attention.” Says Nasreen.

In Nasreen’s arms is Betsy who has her face buried in Nasreen’s sleeve but as soon as she sees Jenny, she looks up at her with sad eyes. Betsy makes a whimpering noise.

“Things are not looking good; we need to go now!” Says Darius.

Jenny follows Darius and Nasreen out of the park and runs as fast as she can with Lilly rose in her arms, Jenny can hear the police sirens in the distance.

A black jeep waits for the group to get in. Once in the car, Jenny takes a deep breath and sighs.

“I hope Claire is going to be okay.” Whispers Jenny to herself.

Jenny tries to process what has just happened. When are the werewolf attacks going to stop?

Lilly rose has fallen asleep on Jenny’s chest; she strokes Lilly roses’ cheeks.

Jenny turns to look at Darius for answers but he’s whispering to Nasreen and avoids looking at her!

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