love at first bite

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Chapter 13- Love at first bite.

Jenny wakes up having the best sleep in ages. She checks the time, it’s 10.30am

She feels the bed to see where Darius is but he’s not there. Jenny feels a big lump in her throat. Did he just abandon Jenny in the middle of the night? She pinches the bridge of her nose.

Has Darius just committed a one-night stand and disappeared?

Jenny holds her legs against her chest.

“I’ve become the scarlet woman, what was I thinking letting a man into my bed and having the best time of my life!” Says Jenny.

“Why is this happening to me?” “My first one- night stand!” Says Jenny.

Lilly rose starts to chuckle and makes cooing noises.

“Mama’s coming baby girl!” Says Jenny.

Jenny quickly grabs her night shirt and puts it on. She is not used to sleeping in her birthday suit!

As Jenny turns around, she is greeted by the cutest thing over.

Darius is standing in front of Jenny carrying Lilly rose. He lifts her up and catches her whilst she’s in the air! She chuckles as he continues to make her smile.

“She’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. Aren’t you gorgeous, just like your mum!” Says Darius.

Lilly rose chuckles and giggles as he continues to play with her. Jenny loves watching Darius with Lilly rose. It’s a great quality in a man and so sexy. It makes Jenny like him even more as she can see he’s great with kids.

“Lilly rose doesn’t take well to strangers but it looks like she really adores you.” Says Jenny.

“I love kids and she’s just the best.” Says Darius with a big grin on his face.

“I don’t know how to bring this up but last night, you weren’t wearing a condom when we were making love. The last thing I want is to get pregnant again!” Says Jenny.

“You’re not going to get pregnant and you’ve got nothing to worry about!” Says Darius.

Jenny watches Darius, she can see the sadness in his eyes. She cannot figure out what is making him so upset.

“Are you okay, what’s wrong?” Says Jenny.

Darius sighs deeply and looks over at Jenny.

“I’ll never be able to have children of my own because I’m a Vampire!” Says Darius.

Jenny gives him a hug.

“Please don’t feel sad, you can come round anytime to spend time with Lilly rose.” Says Jenny.

“Thanks, I appreciate that!” Says Darius.

“Listen, can you keep an eye on Lilly rose so I can take a shower?” says Jenny

Darius has a cheeky grin on his face and desire in his eyes.

“Sure.” Says Darius.

Jenny quickly brushes her teeth and takes off her night shirt to take a shower. The bathroom door is left slightly ajar so Jenny can listen out for Lilly rose.

Jenny turns on the knob which releases warm water caressing every inch of her body. She builds up a lather using shampoo to wash her hair followed by conditioner. She then takes a blob of shower gel and puts it over her body paying attention to her arms, legs, breasts and bottom. She hears the bathroom door opening and feels quite startled when she hears the bathroom door and feels startled.

Darius joins Jenny in the shower. He presses his bare chest against her naked body. She arches her back in sheer delight as he grabs her breasts.

“What are you doing here? Where is Lilly rose?” Says Jenny

“She’s okay, she’s playing in her cot. I promise you, she’s fine!” Says Darius.

He pulls Jenna in for a hug and then continues to caress and kiss her.

He kisses her neck. Jenna feels a sharp sensation on her neck as one of his fangs draws a nip on the skin of her neck. A small drop of blood appears which Darius starts to suck making her feel pain and pleasure at the same time. She pulls his hair in excitement as he moves to kiss her on the lips. Jenny can taste the blood. She puts her hands on his chest and pushes him back.

“I can taste blood, what have you done?Move away from me!” Shouts Jenny in an angry outburst!

Darius places his index finger over the tiny nip and her skin starts to heal.

“I’m not going to hurt you. I'm in love with you!” Says Darius with a soft smile.

The shower ends abruptly. Darius passes you a towel as he dries himself off with his. Jenny takes the towel and wraps it around her body. She looks over at him.

He has a beautiful body as he there stands there naked like a Greek God. He notices Jenny staring at him. He grabs a towel to cover up his modesty! She squeezes his buttocks and gives him a quick peck on his lips as she leaves the bathroom to get changed.

She gets breakfast ready. Some toast, waffles and eggs. Jenny pours Coffee into two mugs and gets ready to pass one to Darius.

“Hey sweetie, I don’t know how you take your coffee!” Says Jenny.

“Milky with one sugar, thanks.” Says Darius winking at Jenny.

Lilly rose chuckles as Jenny feeds her some toast with jam. Jenny smiles to herself as she feels her family is now complete.

“Hey, are you free this evening?” Said Darius.

“What did you have in mind?” Says Jenny raising her right eyebrow.

“I want to take you out for our first date. I have made reservations at a top restaurant called Porta House. A special bar and grill.” Says Darius excitedly

Jenny looks at him with a surprised look on her face.

“I’m really flattered for the invitation but I have nothing to wear and it’s short notice. I don’t know if I can get a babysitter at such short notice.

“Please Jenny join me tonight for our first date!” Says Darius in his sexy British accent.

“Give me one minute.” Says Jenny.

Jenny gets her phone out of her bag and dials Angela’s number. It’s almost like it's on speed dial.

“Hi Angela, I hope you’re well. I need a huge favour. I’ve been invited to dinner this evening and I need you to baby sit Lilly rose for me.” Says Jenny.

“Hi Jenny, what time are you planning to go out?” Says Angela.

Jenny puts the phone on mute!

“What time has the restaurant been booked for?” Says Jenny.

“I’ve booked the restaurant for 7pm but I will send the car round for 6.40pm.” Says Darius.

Jenny unmutes her mobile phone.

“Angela, the restaurant has been booked for 7pm, I will drop off Lilly rose at 6,30pm. Is that okay?” Asks Jenny.

“Of course, darling, you go out and enjoy yourself. Is your handsome boss taking you out? He’s a good catch! Good men like that don’t grow on trees and you need to find yourself another husband. You know, if I were thirty years younger, I would have gone for him myself!” Says Angela chuckling.

Jenny hangs up the phone and screams at the top of her voice with joy and gives Darius a little fist pump! Darius starts laughing.

“As for not having any thing to wear, you could wear a paper bag and make heads turn! You’re so hot and sexy. Listen, I’ve got to go to work as I’ve got paperwork to catch up with. My chauffer will pick you up for 6.40pm make sure you’re ready by then.” Says Darius.

“Punctuality is my middle name but hang on one minute, It’s 3pm and the sun’s still out. Won’t you get hurt in the sizzling sun?” Asks Jenny.

“You’ve been watching too many horror movies! Technically, I can get burnt in the Sun but only in small doses. I can take the sunlight for a few minutes without any damage but it doesn’t mean to say I can go sunbathing!” Anyway, my clan and I take precautions. We wear long sleeves to cover our arms, shades to protect our eyes and I have dark cars with tinted windows.” Says Darius.

“That’s why the media call you the man of mystery!” Says Jenny.

“I care about you at the end of the day and I don’t want you to get hurt!” Says Jenny.

“I will be fine and I’ll always be here for you and Lilly rose!” Says Darius with a smile on his face.

She blows Darius a kiss.

Jenny goes to the wardrobe trying to figure what to wear for her date later on in the evening.

“Decisions, decisions, what outfit do I choose?” Says Jenny

“Which one shall I wear? The pink dress or the little black number?” Says Jenny.

Lilly rose gets excited and starts gurgling and making noises as Jenny touches the pink dress. She looks at Lilly rose.

“You like the pink dress, seriously? What do you know about fashion? You’re just a baby!” Says Jenny.

After a short pause.

“You know what, I will wear the pink dress because Pink is the new black1” Says jenny.

“Who would have known, my Lilly rose the baby fashion guru!” Says Jenny.

Jenny gives Lilly rose a kiss on her right cheek and she starts to chuckle.

Jenny feels like a million dollars when she puts the pink dress on with her and make up in place. She squirts her favourite perfume Coco channel on her wrists and a dab on her neck.

Jenny makes sure that Betsy and Lilly rose have been fed, she changes her diaper and drops her off to Angela’s house with her little accessory bag.

“Spanai Morphi!” Says Angela in her Greek accent. She looks at Jenny through her Bifocal glasses.

“What does that mean?” Says Jenny

“It means you look beautiful in Greek. Darius is a lucky man!” Says Angela

“Ahh thanks Angela, Lilly rose be a good girl for Angela!” Says Jenny

Lilly rose starts waving her hands in the air, Jenny kisses her on the cheeks and waves goodbye. Jenny quickly goes back home to pick up her Gucci handbag and her coat as it is getting chilly! Jenny pops a mint into her mouth to freshen her breath. The chauffer turns up at 6.40pm and beeps his car. Betsy wags her tail to say goodbye. Jenny strokes her fur.

“Be a good girl!” Says Jenny as she locks the front door and walks towards the car.

“Here’s to my hot date with Darius!” Says jenny excitedly.

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