love at first bite

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Chapter 14- The hot date.

The chauffer drops Jenny off at the Restaurant called Porta House. Darius waits for her at the bar.

“Hi Jenny, you made it!” Says Darius excitedly.

“Hi there, I wouldn’t miss this date for the world!” Says Jenny.

Darius gives her a hug and a soft kiss on her lips!

He looks sexy in his denim jeans and a black shirt with some of his buttons undone revealing his muscular chest. His Cologne hits her like a fast-moving train!

“You smell lush!” Says Jenny.

Darius gives Jenny a wink and helps her take off her coat.

“Wow Jenny, you look hot. Pink is definitely your colour!” Says Darius.

“Thanks darling!” Says Jenny pouting her lips and posing like a model.

Darius starts laughing.

“You don’t look so bad yourself, you brush up well and I like the casual look!” Says Jenny.

“What would you like to drink?” Says Darius.

“A glass of red wine please.” Says Jenny.

Darius calls the bar tender over to order the drinks.

“A glass of red wine for the lady and a Budweiser for me. Thanks.” Says Darius.

“Certainly, Sir!” Says the bartender.

As the bartender walks off, he gives you a wink!!

“Did that bartender just wink me?” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

“You certainly got his attention and I watched the way you turned heads when you walked into the restaurant. You’re a gorgeous woman and I’m so lucky to have you in my life.” Says Darius with a soft smile.

Jenny smiles and places her hand over his hand interlocking her fingers with his.

“I’m the lucky one” Says Jenny giving Darius a quick kiss.

The bartender arrives clearing his throat, both Jenny and Darius look over at him.

“Your drinks Sir and Ms, that will be twelve dollars please.” Says the bartender.

Darius takes out his American express card to pay for the drinks.

Jenny and Darius have a good chat and giggle until Jenny spots Darius looking very stern and serious.

“I have so many questions I want to ask you ………….” Says Jenny.

Darius doesn’t respond but looks over her shoulder at somebody that’s approaching the bar. Darius has a smouldering but angry look on his face.

“What are you doing here Jack? I hope your boys have not been misbehaving in Central park!” Says Darius looking stern.

“That’s not the way to greet an old buddy! Says Jack with a smirk on his face.

Jack sticks his hand out for a handshake, but Darius ignores Jack’s hand!

“You are no friend of mine, we have been enemies for centuries, you need to watch your pack!” Says Darius.

“Is that right Mr CEO? My pack are not stupid or sloppy to leave behind a mess. That’s not our style, you’re barking up the wrong tree!” Says Jack

Jenny can see the anger building up on Darius face, Jenny puts her hand on his arm to calm him down.

“Don’t let him get to you!” Whispers Jenny.

“Errrgh, what is that smell? I could sense you from the other side of the restaurant wolf boy. Not even a cologne can disguise that scent. You’re not welcome here!” Says Darius with an angry tone.

Jack starts laughing. He then notices Jenny and checks out her body from head to toe. His eyes linger over Jenny’s lips and her breasts. He starts to lick his lips with desire in his eyes. He’s shorter than Darius but he stands his ground and sticks out his chest.

“Who do we have here? You’re a sexy woman and I love your scent. What are you doing with this blood sucker? He doesn’t even have a pulse. How is he going to keep you warm during the cold winter nights? You need a real man?” Says Jack giving Jenny a wink!

He then puts his hand over his manhood and gives it a squeeze!

“Right that’s enough!” Shouts Darius with clenched fists.

Jenny places her hand on Darius arm to calm him down.

“I would rather wipe Trump’s arse than get involved with someone like you. You disgust me. Darius is a kind and loving gentleman. He’s the better man and worth ten of you!” Says Jenny.

Darius tries hard not to laugh by biting his lip. The bartender runs over to check the commotion.

“Everything okay Sir and Ms?” Asks the bartender.

“Yes, everything is fine, Mr Holden was just leaving!” Says Darius.

The bartender goes back to serving the other customers and is out of earshot.

“Lady, best of luck with vamp boy because you’re going to need it. Vampire and human relationships are destined for heartbreak and pain,” Says Jack as he turns to look at Darius with anger in his eyes.

“As for you, blood sucker, get your facts straight before you go around accusing people of crimes they didn’t commit. I’m done with you losers!” Shouts Jack at the top of his voice. He lets out a big huff and bangs the door as he leaves the Restaurant.

“What a douche bag! Good riddance, now, where were we?” Asks Jenny

Darius takes a deep breath and looks into Jenny’s eyes.

“You were amazing by the way, listen, I’m feeling famished, lets grab some dinner!” Says Darius.

Jenny nods her head. She can feel her stomach rumbling. One of the waitresses shows Darius and Jenny to their table.

“Good evening folks. My name is Darla and I will be your waitress for this evening. Here are the menus, please take a look and when you’re ready to order, please give me a shout!” Says Darla.

“Will do Darla and thank you.” Says Darius.

“But before, you go Darla, could I have a Cola zero for now.” Says Jenny.

“Make that two cola zeros with ice, thanks.” Says Darius smiling at Darla.

“What is it with you and Jack? You could literally cut the tension with a knife!” Asks Jenny.

“Werewolves and vampires have been adversaries for centuries well before my time. There is a lot of bad blood between the two groups and we have been involved in many battles over the centuries. Many lives were lost.” Says Darius with a sad expression on his face.

“How did it get so out of hand?” Asks Jenny.

“It all started many centuries go. An Alpha werewolf called Julian fell in love with a female vampire called Maria. This was a forbidden relationship but the werewolf and the vampire continued to meet secretly for two years but then one night, they were spotted together and one of the werewolves (from Julian’s clan) killed Maria by driving a stake through her heart!

“That sounds awful, so what happened next?” Says Jenny.

“Julian became terribly upset and couldn’t be consoled for his loss. He left the pack and disappeared. The vampires (in Maria’s clan) decided to avenge her death and that is when the battles started.

“How are werewolves and vampires so different from one another?” Says Jenny.

“Werewolves go round in packs as a family unit and are led by Alpha males, dominant and strong characters. Vampires exist in clans. Werewolves and Vampires have their own territories. The Alpha males in the pack made a blood pact with their brothers and that’s why they have similar scents which can be detected by other Werewolves and Vampires.” Says Darius.

“Wow, this is fascinating!” Says Jenny

“Vampires are defined by the clans they’re in. Each clan has its own Tattoo. Here look at my Tattoo!” Says Darius undoing his shirt buttons.

“Woah tiger, what are you doing? We are in a public place. Don’t take your shirt off!” Says Jenny with her mouth wide open.

Darius shows off his tattoo. Jenny is surprised she did not notice it before especially when he was naked in bed with her!

“So, what do you think?” Says Darius.

“I will inspect that in more detail later!” Says Jenny winking at him.

“Now put your shirt back on before you get thrown out of the restaurant for indecent exposure!” Says Jenny.

Darius starts laughing.

“So, tell me, what do werewolves smell like and do you think Jack is telling the truth about his Pack not being involved with the attacks and murders in Central park?” Says Jenny.

“Werewolves smell like wet dogs but stronger!” Says Darius.

“Oh, I’m sure we can bottle some of that scent and turn it into a cologne. A real crowd pleaser, Not!!” Says Jenny.

Darius and Jenny both start to laugh!

“Yes, I do think Jack is telling the truth because I would have recognised the scent given off by his pack from a mile off especially if they were involved in the attack and murders.” Says Darius.

“The werewolves involved in the attacks at Central park have a different type of scent, it has a unique smell. I don’t think they’re part of any pack and may be working alone.” Says Darius.

“Do female werewolves exist?” Asks Jenny.

“I’m sure they do but I haven’t come across any!” Says Darius.

“Over the centuries, the population of Werewolves and vampires were decreasing and to stop them from becoming extinct, the alpha male (of one pack) and the Vampire clan leader decided to meet (at the beginning of the twentieth century) to create a peace treaty where no more blood would be shed.

At last there was peace and the werewolves and vampires went their separate ways and managed to blend in with the mortals.” Says Darius.

“Wow, I had no idea. There is so much history. It would be fascinating to teach this to the kids at School, maybe I should become a History teacher specialising in the Supernatural!” Says Jenny.

Darius looks at Jenny and smiles.

“I would be the first one on the list to enrol in your classes!” Says Darius with a grin on his face.

“So, as I was saying, some of the Vampires have managed to blend in with the human circles as Scientists, Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Designers, entrepreneurs and musicians.” Says Darius.

“Wow, imagine that and is it true, Vampires don’t like Garlic?” Asks Jenny.

“Garlic isn’t my favourite herb but I dabble with it from time to time to add flavour to Pastas and curries but in small doses. I’m fairly sure Garlic breath is not great even for humans either, it’s a real passion killer!” Says Darius.

Darius lets out a small breath to demonstrate, Jenny moves back into her chair, both Darius and Jenny start to laugh.

“Next question, how old are you and when is your birthday?” Asks Jenny,

“That’s an easy one. I was born on the 25th March 1960. That would make me 60 years old!” Says Darius with a little glint in his eye.

“OMG, my boyfriend is a senior citizen, you’re also an Aries!” Says Jenny.

“I’m a spring chicken compared to some vampires who’ve been around for centuries such as Count Dracula who is over three hundred years old but doesn’t look a day over 30!” Says Darius.

“Are you kidding me? Count Dracula exists?” Says Jenny with a cheeky grin on her face!

“Oh yes, I’ve met him in the flesh when I was travelling in Europe and attended one of his gala balls!” Says Darius.

“Wow!” Says Jenny.

“When’s your birthday?” Asks Darius

“22nd of August 1995 and I’m a Leo!” Says Jenny excitedly.

“You’re a spring chicken!” Says Darius chuckling!

Jenny calls Darla over to make her choices for dinner.

“Hi, could I have the scallops with pea puree please.” Says Jenny.

“And for you Sir?” Asks the waitress (Darla)

“Nothing for me thanks.” Says Darius.

After a few minutes, the waitress brings over Jenny’s food. Jenny takes her fork and presses into the scallops. The aroma makes Jenny’s mouth water. She takes a bite.

Hmm, this tastes delicious. here would you like to try some?” Says Jenny

“A strong pass as I have an allergy for sea food.” Says Darius.

“Can you turn into a bat and fly?” Asks Jenny.

Darius looks at Jenny with raised eyebrows and a grin on his face!

“Someone has been watching too many horror movies and the answer is no!” Says Darius with a grin on his face.

Jenny starts laughing and continues to enjoy eating her scallops.

“You don’t know what you’re missing. It tastes sublime. My next question is do you have any superpowers?” Asks Jenny.

“I’m strong, I have good eyesight. I have a good hearing range as I can hear a pin drop. I can hear your heartbeat; I can see the tiny bead of sweat on your forehead. I can hear the conversation the couple are having on the other side of the Restaurant. I can hear the water tap dripping in the kitchen!” Says Darius.

The scallop falls out of Jenny’s mouth as she looks at him with her mouth wide open!

“OMG, that sounds amazing. I wish I had some of your superpowers!” Says Jenny with excitement.

“Oh yes, I can hypnotize people and sometimes read people's minds!” Says Darius excitedly.

“So, I won’t be able to keep any secrets from you, so tell me what your biggest fear is?” Asks Jenny

“Death!” Says Darius with a serious look on his face.

“You’re immortal, so aren’t you dead already?” Asks Jenny.

“Yes, that’s right but my biggest fears would be to have a stake put through my heart, being decapitated or being exposed to a lot of sunlight!” Says Darius.

“So, tell me were any of the vampires affected by the COVID 19 virus?” Asks Jenny.

“Vampires and Werewolves are not affected by microbes; we are immune to all infections because we have different types of antibodies compared to Humans. It took me ages to perfect the Vaccine for COVID 19 and its almost ready.” Says Darius.

Darius kisses Jenny’s hand.

“Tell me about your family, what were they like and when did you become a vampire?” Asks Jenny.

Darius takes her hand and looks at Jenny with sadness.

“What I wouldn’t do to become human again. Meeting you has changed my life and given me hope for the future, I have something to live for and I feel more alive because of you. I think of you first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.” Says Darius.

“Wow, I’m really flattered to hear that and you mean the world to me too. Listen we don’t have to talk about your past if it brings back painful memories.” Says Jenny looking concerned.

“No, I want to share this with you. I want you to know who I am and where I came from. I will start with my father. His name was Yusuf Hameed. (Originally from Persia) He settled in England for his job."

“What did he do for a living?” Asks Jenny.

“He was a professor in Chemistry, and he met my mother at Cambridge university. She was a lecturer of English Lecturer. They fell in love in the mid 50’s and got married a year later. My mother was incredibly beautiful, and Dad looked like a young version of Rock Hudson.” Says Darius.

“I love watching the classics, my favourite Rocks Hudson movies were sea devils and has anyone seen my girl!” Says Jenny with a grin on her face.

Darius smiles at Jenny.

“People used to mistake him for the real Rock Hudson and they would chase him down the road to get his autograph!” Says Darius

Both Darius and Jenny start laughing.

“Now, where were we? “Says Jenny looking over at Darius to continue with his story.

“My older brother and I were born a few years later and our family was complete, I had a happy childhood living in Cambridge. I used to be spoilt by my mother being the youngest son but my father kept me grounded by encouraging me to do well at School and University.” Says Darius.

“Your family sound lovely!” Says Jenny smiling.

“Yes, they were, I developed a passion for Chemistry form my Dad and a love for literature from my mother. I went to study Pharmacology at Imperial College. When I graduated, my parents were so happy, they couldn’t stop smiling. It was the best day of my life. Meeting you has just topped that!” Says Darius with warmth in his eyes.

Jenny smiles at Darius. She has so much love for him that she gives him a soft kiss.

“I also did a bit of modelling, but my passion was for Science and I became a Pharmacist working for a company called Boots. I worked in one of their laboratories as a Scientist making new drugs to help save lives.” Says Darius.

“I can see that passion in you to save lives.” Says Jenny squeezing his hand.

“Although I was making good money, I felt quite bored A lot of my friends were in Banking making money, meeting women and travelling around the world.” Says Darius.

“They had it all, the yuppy lifestyle!” Says Darius in his British accent.

“What is a yuppy?” Asks Jenny.

Darius starts laughing, He takes his phone out to show Jenny a picture.

“Look at the size of that mobile phone. It looks like a large Lego!” Says Jenny laughing hysterically!

“Margaret Thatcher was the first female prime minister in the UK. She made the yuppies fashionable; the eighties were also a fashion disaster. Men had power suits with big shoulder pads, wore make up and we loved pop groups which were labelled the new romantics. Life on the whole was great!” Says Darius with a big smile on his face.

“My favourite pop band were called Duran Duran!” Says Darius with a big smile on his face, he takes out his phone to show you a picture of his favourite band!

Jenny starts laughing hysterically.

“They weren’t very subtle with the makeup! Funny as it is, lets get back to your life story.” Says Jenny.

“Oh yes, a lot of my friends were in Banking and made it so cool. The parties, the clothes, meeting women, drinking and making money. The rebel in me was attracted to that lifestyle, So I got involved in banking and I loved it!” Says Darius enthusiastically.

“The day my life changed was the 25th of March 1985. I went out with my friends to celebrate my 25th birthday. We loved drinking, so we hit many of the pubs and bars.” Says Darius

“Oh my god, you were such a party animal.” Says Jenny with a grin on her face.

“The party was over and it was time to for me to go home. I was very drunk; I remember trying to find a bathroom but most restaurants and bars were closed as it was past Midnight. So, I found a quiet alleyway to relieve myself!” Says Darius with a grin on his face.

“After that, things happened so quickly. It was like a blur! All I remember was a homeless guy mugging me!” Says Darius.

“What does mugging mean?” Asks Jenny.

“Sorry it’s a British term and it means to be attacked and robbed. He stole my wallet and stabbed me with a knife just for twenty pounds and some credit cards. There was blood everywhere. It drenched my cream coloured pashmina coat. He left me for dead. I felt very weak. I was trying to reach for my phone to call for help but I too weak and I was dying!”

Says Darius with tears in his eyes. Jenny puts her hands to cup his face.

“My creator was called Francesca who came to my rescue. She looked at my face and injuries and could see how badly hurt I was. She was a head Vampire from one of the clans based in London. She took out a pen knife (from her pocket) and slit her wrist. Blood started to pour out. She popped her wrist into my mouth and told me to drink it. I drank the blood and then I passed out!” Says Darius.

“So, what happened next?” Asks Jenny.

“I eventually woke up in a building which I didn’t recognise. I was feeling very cold as I left my coat in the alley way. She took me to a safe house where I met other Vampires based in London. I looked at my wounds and I was completely shocked to see my knife wound had completely healed and my skin looked brand new!” Says Darius.

“Wow, so what happened then?” Asks Jenny.

“It took me ages to adjust to being a Vampire. I kept getting hunger pangs not for food but for blood. I also missed my family.” Says Darius with sadness in his eyes.

“My first kill was not great. I cried the whole time and cursed Francesca for turning me into a monster.” Says Darius shaking his head.

“I’m deeply sorry to hear that. It must have been very traumatic for you,” Says Jenny.

“Yes, it was but with time, I adjusted to Vampire life. Now a days I get my blood from a blood bank located in a hospital as I would never kill humans to drink their blood. I only drink blood from human volunteers who are willing to share their blood and its pre-consensual!” Says Darius.

“Is this the arrangement you have with Chloe?” Asks Jenny.

“Yes, that’s right, as I mentioned before she helps me out from time to time.” Says Darius

“You know I would do anything to help you and if you need to drink my blood, I give you permission.” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

“That’s very kind of you but there’s no need as I have plenty of blood to keep me alive.” Says Darius.

“So, what happened with your family?” Asks Jenny.

“After my turning, my parents reported me missing to the police. The Police found my Pashmina coat with blood stains with it.” Says Darius

“The Police sent a search party to look for me and my parents used the media to make appeals on Television and on Radio to help find me. They tried calling me on my mobile phone but the battery had died. The police located the homeless man and questioned him about my disappearance. They found my wallet and he admitted he attacked me and was sent to prison but without a body, they assumed I was still missing and they eventually released him.” Says Darius.

“After a couple of years, the police gave up the search as they had limited resources and technology wasn’t so great back then.” Says Darius.

“My parents never gave up hope and believed I was somewhere out there and that I would come back home to be reunited again as a family.” Says Darius with sadness in his eyes.

“My oldest brother became a Doctor and relocated to Scotland. My parents died ten years ago of natural causes; I miss them terribly!” Says Darius.

“You know if you’re parents were still alive; they would be so proud of you. For the man you were and for the loving and generous man you’ve become and I love you for it.” Says Jenny.

“I’m so proud of you!” Says Jenny.

Darius kisses her hand..

“Thanks baby, that means a lot to me!” Says Darius.

“Would you ever get in touch with your brother?” Asks Jenny

“How would I get in touch with him when he thinks I’m dead and what would I even say to him? Hey big brother, guess whose back form the dead and by the way, I’m a blood sucking vampire!” Says Darius with raised eyebrows.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re a great guy and I love you for it.” Says Jenny.

Jenny gives Darius a soft kiss on his lips to help get rid of his pain. He returns the kiss by putting both hands on her face.

the couple hear a slight cough as the waitress tries to get their attention.

“Sorry to interrupt you love birds but just to remind you your menus are here on the table. When you have made your choices, please call me.” Says Darla (the waitress) enthusiastically with her southern accent and big smile on her face!

“Will do, thanks!” Says Jenny

As the waitress walks off, Jenny turns to look at Darius whispering quietly.

“Hang on a minute, I thought Vampires needed blood to stay alive!” Asks Jenny.

“I do have a digestive system you know and I do eat food but drinking blood is a different story. Humans need water to quench their thirst, I need blood to help quench mine!” Says Darius.

After a few minutes, Jenny calls the waitress to take down your orders.

“Hi Darla, for my mains, can I have grilled salmon with buttered baby potatoes with a slide salad. Thank you.” Says Jenny.

“And for you Sir?” Says Darla.

“Could I have a medium rare steak with triple fried fries and a pepper sauce to go with that. Thanks.” Says Darius with a smile on his face.

The waitress repeats the orders to check its correct. She notices the cola zero drinks have been drunk.

“Any thing else to drink.” Asks Darla.

“A glass of red wine please.” Says Jenny.

“And a Budweiser beer for me, thanks.” Says Darius with a smile on his face.

The waitress grabs your empty glasses and walks off, Jenny turns to look at Darius.

“So, what happened to your creator Francesca?” Asks Jenny.

“After I joined the clan, we travelled to different parts of Europe as it wasn’t safe to stay in one place?” Says Darius.

“The last I heard she was a fashion editor for the French version of Vogue. We used to keep in touch via email. She settled in Paris whilst I decided to cross the pond and come to America to make my fortunes and start a new life!” Says Darius.

“Did you have many relationships?” Asks Jenny.

“I had a few girl friends at College and University but the love of my life was a woman called Zara!” Says Darius.

“I remember you mentioned her name before!” Says Jenny.

“She was gorgeous, funny and very charming. She was a lawyer. She was my childhood sweetheart as we met through our families. We became an item after we graduated from University. She was incredibly special to me. She had the most gorgeous brown eyes and lovely silky hair. We were going to get engaged after my 25th birthday but it never happened. I used to miss her so much and it left a big void in my heart!” Says Darius with a sad expression.

“She waited three years for me and didn’t want to believe I had gone forever. She was heartbroken and thought I was dead!” Says Darius.

“I’m so sorry.” Says Jenny squeezing his hands, she feels his pain.

“Please don’t feel sad, you have me now!” Says Jenny.

“You remind me of Zara especially your gorgeous brown eyes and your hair. That is one of the reasons, I fell for you.” Says Darius.

“Have you had many girlfriends since you’ve been in New York?” Asks Jenny.

“I dated a few women but a lot of them were very shallow and were using me for my money!” Says Darius.

“That sounds so awful!” Says Jenny.

“But with you, it is different. I feel an instant connection and you like me for who I am. I think you’re a wonderful woman, I’m so lucky to have you in my life.” Says Darius.

The waitress brings over the main courses.

“Here you go Mam, the grilled salmon with baby potatoes and for you Sir, the steak medium rare with tripled fried chips and pepper sauce. Would you like anything else to drink?” Says Darla.

“Could I have another glass of red wine please.” Says Jenny.

“A glass of water for me, thanks.” Says Darius.

“This steak looks amazing!” Says Darius with

a spark in is eyes. Darius takes his knife and fork and cuts into the steak; he places a tiny piece into his mouth. He closes his eyes in sheer pleasure!

“Hmm, this tastes so delicious. I love the taste of red meat, I’m in heaven!” Says Darius.

Jenny takes her fork and presses it against the Salmon. It breaks up into small flakes. Jenny closes her eyes with sheer indulgence!

“I’m in heaven too, this is the best tasting salmon I’ve had in years. Compliments to the chef!” Says Jenny with a big smile on her face!

Both of them finish off their main courses. Jenny finishes her wine feeling a bit tipsy and playful. She takes her shoe off and places her right foot on Darius left thigh. She starts to rub her toes against his leg!

“Jenny are you trying to tease me? Says Darius with a cheeky smile on his face.

“Maybe!” Says Jenny with a sexy smile.

A short while later, the waitress approaches the table. Jenny quickly puts her shoes back on and sits up straight.

“How was your meal? I hope it was very tasty!” Says Darla with her bright smile.

“It was delicious Dina, hmm what do you have for dessert?” Asks Jenny.

The waitress starts to laugh as she realises Jenny has mispronounced her name!

“It’s Darla mam and for desserts, we have the chef’s special apple pie, we have a variety of different flavoured ice creams and a Chocolate Souffle to die for. So, what do you fancy having?” Asks Darla

“Can I have two scoops of ice cream, one scoop of vanilla and one scoop chocolate mint.” Says Jenny.

“And for you Sir?” Asks Darla.

“Could I have a mocha coffee please. Thanks.” Says Darius.

The waitress repeats the orders and smiles as she walks off.

“Now before I forget, I have something to give you. It’s an early Christmas present!” Says Darius excitedly.

Darius takes out a flat box wrapped in red paper with a gold ribbon attached. Jenny quickly removes the ribbon and lifts the lid of the box.

Jenny’s face lights up as she takes out the gold bracelet with Diamonds encrusted on it.

“OMG, Darius, this is so beautiful!” Shrieks Jenny.

Jenny tries to give him a kiss but she ends up kissing his nose instead.

“Oops, I’m so sorry!” Says Jenny.

Both Darius and Jenny start laughing!

“I think I’m drunk!” Says Jenny.

“No harm done, here let me put this on you.” Says Darius smiling.

Darius helps put the bracelet on her wrist. She holds her wrist in the air and starts admiring it.

“That’s a pretty bracelet Mam?” Says Darla.

“Do I look like a mam to you? I’m too young to be a Mam! Please call me Ms! Shouts Jenny.

Darius can’t help himself and starts to laugh and looks over at the waitress.

“So sorry about that!” Whispers Darius.

“Pardon me Ms, here’s your Ice cream and for you sir your coffee. Enjoy!” Says Darla smiling

Jenny takes the teaspoon and dives into the ice cream. It tastes divine and tingles against her tongue.

“Hmmm, this is so delicious and tastes better than sex!” Says Jenny giggling.

“What do you think?” Asks Jenny.

Jenny takes a spoon of Ice cream to give to Darius. She misses his lips completely and ends up on his cheeks and on the side of his mouth.

“Oops, so sorry!” Says Jenny giggling. She moves towards Darius and sticks out her tongue and starts to lick off the ice cream from his cheeks and from the side of his mouth. She then kisses Darius who starts to laugh!

“You’re being a very naughty girl!” Says Darius.

He winks at her and looks down from her lips to her cleavage.

“Let’s get out of here!” Says Darius.

“No wait, I need to finish my ice cream!” Says Jenny with an empty bowl!

“I think you’ve had enough, Darla can we have the bill please.” Says Darius.

Darius pays the bill and helps her out of the seat, he places the coat over Jenny’s shoulders and escorts her to the car.

“Good night Dara, see you soon!” Says Jenny in a high-pitched tone.

Darla starts laughing.

“Good night Ms, take care and please do visit us again!” Says Darla with a big smile on her face.

The chauffer helps Jenny get into the car; Jenny closes her eyes as she leans onto Darius resting her head on his chest. She feels very tired and cannot wait to get home.

It’s 11pm and Jenny reaches home in fifteen minutes as there’s no traffic.

“Thank you for a lovely evening, you know Darius, you have a lovely face and I want to sit on your face!” Says Jenny giggling.

Angela’s curtain starts moving as she starts watching Jenny in silence.

“Sshhh, keep your voice down. Do you want to wake up the neighbours and making breaking news on the CNN network gossip channel?” Says Darius looking nervous.

“But, I’m not a celebrity!” Says Jenny giggling.

“But I am, well kind of and we need to get you indoors.” Says Darius

“I have to pick up my Lilly rose.” Says Jenny pointing to Angela’s house.

“She’s at number 98 and my door is number 96!” Says Jenny excitedly.

“Wait here, I’m going to get Lilly rose.” Says Darius.

Darius goes to Angela’s house and gets Lilly rose with her accessory bag. She lays fast asleep on his chest as he carries her over to Jenny's house.

“Can you take out your front door keys?” Asks Darius.

Jenny searches frantically through her handbag until she comes across something quite sharp.

“Yes, here it is!” Says Jenny excitedly, the keys slip out of her hands. As they fall onto the floor, Darius quickly catches them with his quick reflexes!

Both of them enter the house. Darius turns the lights on. Betsy rests quietly on her little rug. She growls slightly but then sees Jenny. She’s in too much pain to greet her properly.

“Lilly rose needs to go into the cot!” Says Jenny pointing at the cot.

Darius places her gently into the cot and turns his attention on Jenny.

“OMG, excuse me, I think I’m going to be sick!” Shouts Jenny who quickly runs into the bathroom and vomits into the toilet!

Darius rushes into the bathroom and starts to rub her back.

“Please don’t look at me, please turn around!” Screams Jenny.

“It’s okay baby, let it all out. I’ve got you!” Says Darius in a concerned voice.

Eventually the vomiting stops and she washes her face and brushes her teeth whilst Darius goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“I need me bed!” Whispers Jenny falling asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow and her eyelids feel heavy!

Darius comes into her bedroom with a glass of water. He sees Jenny crashed out on the bed. He helps Jenny out of her dress and into her night shirt. He takes off her shoes and tucks her into bed. He takes a small wisp of her hair and tucks it behind her ears.

“Good night sweetheart and sweet dreams.” Says Darius quietly as he kisses her forehead and closes the front door so as not to wake Jenny.

Darius steps into the Car.

“Did you have a good evening Sir?” Asks the chauffer.

“A very interesting evening, a first date that I’m not going to forget in a hurry!” Says Darius with a smile on his face.

Darius closes his eyes as the Chauffer takes him home to his apartment in Manhattan!

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