love at first bite

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Chapter 15- Visiting a sick friend.

Jenny wakes up in the Morning with a splitting headache.

“OMG, I have a hangover!” Shouts Jenny.

Jenny checks out the best three tips for getting over a hangover.

(1)Avoid drinking any Alcohol. Mental note to myself, avoid drinking red wine and no more than one glass!

(2)Eat a good breakfast.Jenny checks the contents of her fridge. Jenny has not been grocery shopping in a while.

“What do we have here? Eggs, brown bread, avocado, hmm. What do I go for?” Says Jenny to herself.

(3)Keep hydrated- Jenny drinks 3 glasses of water. A big tick there!

Lilly rose starts crying and making Jenny's headache feel even worse than before!

“Don’t cry baby girl, mama’s coming!” Says Jenny.

Jenny picks up Lilly rose and can smell something quite strong. It’s her diaper!!

"OMG Lilly rose, someone needs a diaper change and a bath!” Says Jenny putting her hand over her nose.

Jenny checks the time, it’s 9am. Jenny decided not to go into work with the pounding headache! Jenny starts dialling the number for Glaxo international.

The phone continues to ring but no one picks up the phone and it goes into voicemail.

“Good morning, Ms Jenny Raymond speaking. I will not be coming to work as I’m not feeling very well. Please could you get someone to cover the reception desk. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.” Says Jenny.

Jenny calls Chloe’s mobile phone but it goes straight to voicemail. Jenny doesn’t bother to leave a message.

Jenny starts to text Darius and keeps it formal. She looks at Lilly rose with her mobile phone in her hand.

“What do you think Lilly rose? Will Darius accept my excuse for not coming to work?” Asks Jenny. Lilly rose makes a cooing noise.

“Yes, I agree, it’s a good text message. Right little poppy, I’m going to get you cleaned up. It’s bath time yeahhh!” Says Jenny

Lilly rose giggles and waves her hands in the air with excitement!

Jenny fills the bath with warm water and she checks the temperature of the water by putting her fingers in the water.

“Perfect!” says Jenny cleaning Lilly rose’s bottom and getting rid of the diaper.

Lilly rose is placed on her little bathtub and she adds some baby bubble bath to the water.

Lilly rose giggles with excitement, the bubbles start to escape and she reaches out to touch the bubbles.

“Mama!” Says Lilly rose. Jenny adds the shampoo to her hair and gives it a gentle scrub.

She giggles with excitement; the shampoo is rinsed off and the bubble suds. Jenny wraps a towel around Lilly rose, she starts to sniffle as she wants to stay longer in the tub!

“I’ve got a busy day and I need to get ready too before I drop you off to Angela,” Says Jenny.

Jenny dresses her in her clothes and places in her cot with her toys to keep her busy!

“Right its’ mama’s turn to freshen up!” Says Jenny excitedly.

Jenny takes a shower using shower gel with lemon zest. The scent is quite intense and instantly makes her feel invigorated, she turns the knob off and reaches for her bathrobe.

Jenny puts on the bathrobe and pins her hair up to tackle Breakfast. Jenny grabs the bread from the fridge and the avocado. She places two eggs into boiling water to make poached eggs.

Jenny places a plate on the table and grabs some orange juice. The aroma fills the kitchen and makes her mouth water.

Jenny arranges the food onto the plate and turns on the music app on her phone to find an upbeat tune!

Pharrell Williams song called happy starts playing. Jenny holds Lilly rose pressed against her cheek. Jenny starts to dance around the kitchen with Lilly rose. Lilly rose starts to chuckle!

Betsy lifts her head to see what the commotion is about but she’s in too much pain to join Jenny!

“Because I’m happy!” Sings Jenny along with the song!

She feeds Lilly rose her yoghurt and a piece of toast. She then makes an appointment to see the Vets. She then calls Angela for baby sitting duties.

“Hi Angela, I hope you’re well!” Says Jenny in a happy tone.

“Good Morning Jenny, I’m well thank you. What happened to you last night? I opened the door to see Mr Hameed standing on my front porch. It was a very pleasant surprise, my god he is so handsome!” Says Angela excitedly.

“Yes well, I wasn’t feeling very well as I had too much to drink!” Says Jenny.

“That is not classy, a woman should never drink too much in front of a man, back in my day!" …………………. Says Angela

“And blah blah blah!!!

OMG, Jenny had totally switched off, the last thing she needed was a lecture from Angela and her passing judgement on Jenny for drinking.

“I’m a grown woman!” Whispers Jenny. Her mind goes into overdrive as she was thinking about how to change the subject!!

“Angela, going back to my question, please can I drop off Lilly rose to you in the next thirty minutes as I got a million and one things to do. I have to go to the vets with Betsy , I have to visit a sick friend and my grocery shopping needs to be done!” Says Jenny in one breath!

The line goes quiet …………………

“Pretty please!” Whispers Jenny holding her breath as she is not sure how Angela’s going to respond

“Of course, Dalmau, you know I would never say no to looking after Lilly rose. She is just like my granddaughter, a little angel and a delight to be around. Bring her over when you’re ready.” Says Angela.

Jenny exhales feeling a great relief!

“Thanks, so much Angela, I will see you later!” Says Jenny quickly opening her wardrobe to see what she is going to wear!

Jenny grabs a top, some leggings and wears large earrings, she did not have time to wash her hair, so she ties it up in a bun. She grabs her cream coloured coat and a beige scarf to wrap around her neck. She takes a look in the mirror.

“Casual, chic and very practical!” Says Jenny,

“Lets go Lilly rose!” says Jenny placing Lilly rose on her right hip and her Accessory bag on her left shoulder. She drops off Lilly rose to Angela’s house and kisses her goodbye. She takes out her mobile phone and types in a little reminder.

(1) Need to buy flowers for Claire and Angela.

She then goes back to her house to deal with Betsy whose feeling very delicate at the moment.

“Hey girl, how are you?” Says Jenny trying to stroke Betsy’s fur.

Betsy starts growling baring her teeth! She remembers reading somewhere that dogs become distressed and aggressive when they’re injured.

“It’s okay girl, I’m not going to hurt you. I need to take you to the Vets so we can get you some help!” Says Jenny.

Betsy manages to calm down as she finds comfort in her words, she places a muzzle over her mouth so doesn’t bite Jenny.

Jenny goes to the store room to find a box that is large enough to hold Betsy. Jenny rushes back to Betsy.

“Right girl, don’t be scared, on the count of three. I’m going to pick you up gently and place you into the box. Are you ready? Here we go, one , two and three!” Says Jenny lifting up Lilly rose (with her rug attached)

“Phew that wasn’t so bad!” Says Jenny slightly out of breath, she rests for a few minutes to catch her breath back.

Jenny gently lifts up the box , heads towards the front door and locks it. Jenny looks at her Mazda blue car (not too flashy) but it does the job which is to take you from points A to B.

She only used the car during emergencies and she was glad she filled the car with Gas.

Jenny gets into the drivers seat and puts on her seat belt. She turns the SAT nav on typing in the address for the Vets clinic. She also realises the hospital Lennox hill is not too far from the Vets!

“First stop the Vets and second stop to visit Claire. Are you ready girl?” Asks Jenny turning to look at Betsy. She looks back at Jenny with sad eyes!

“Don’t you worry Betsy, everything is going to be fine!” Says Jenny optimistically.

After a short drive, Jenny has reached her destination, she parks the car and gently carries the box to the Vets. The Clinic is very modern and very clean with white walls and nice furniture.

The smell hits her senses as she walks in. She places the box on the floor as her arms start to hurt.

Jenny checks her watch. It’s 11.25am!

“Good Morning Ms , how can I help you?” Asks the receptionist. The receptionist checks her clip board and looks up at Jenny with a smile.

"I have an appointment for 11.30 to see the Vet" Says Jenny

“Ah yes Ms Raymond, before you take a seat, can I check your details are correct for the patient.” Says the receptionist

Jenny starts smiling , it sounds so weird to call a dog a patient! The receptionist turns the computer screen to face Jenny. She checks the name, the email address, mobile number, details regarding Betsy and her last visit to the Vets.

“Can I check you have pet insurance?” Says the receptionist with her soft voice.

“Yes I do!” Says Jenny.

“Thank you Ms Raymond, Dr Andrews will be with you shortly, please take a seat.”

Jenny sits down at the reception and waits patiently for the Doctor. After a few minutes, she's greeted by an attractive Black American woman who must be in her early thirties . She has a blue surgical gown and mask.

“Good Morning Ms Raymond, where’s our little patient?” Asks Dr Andrews.

“Good morning Dr Andrews, Betsy is over here!” Says Jenny pointing to the cardboard box.

Dr Andrew calls out to the nurse.

“Angela, can you come and give me a hand with our little canine friend?" Says Dr Andrews.

The nurse rushes over and gently helps lift up the box, The Doctor points to examination room number one. Jenny follows her to the room.

The Doctor gently lifts Betsy out of the box and places her on the examination table to take a quick look at her.

“What’s her name? Says Dr Andrews looking over at Jenny.

“Her name’s Betsy!” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

“Betsy, how are you, I’m just going to have a quick look at you!” Says Dr Andrews.

Dr Andrews slowly removes Betsy’s muzzle to look at her teeth, mouth, ears, eyes and check her heartbeat. Betsy starts to growl as she’s in pain.

“It’s okay girl, I’m not going to hurt you, you are so adorable, yes you are! You’re such a little cutie. Everything looks fine. No gum disease. So far so good!” Says Dr Andrews with a smile on her face.

“Wow, that was amazing, she has completely calmed down! You could become the dog whisperer!” Says Jenny

Dr Andrews starts to laugh.

“Oh that’s nothing, I’m just doing my job! I handle injured dogs like little babies by being gentle and kind.” Says Dr Andrews smiling.

“Believe me, I should know. I have a 15 month old baby girl.” Says Jenny.

She places the muzzle back over Betsy’s mouth like a true expert and just like that, the growling stops but as the Doctor presses against Betsy's right leg, she starts to flinch.

“The problem lies with her right leg. It looks swollen. She may have fractured some of her bones. I need to take an X-ray just to be sure!” Says Dr Andrews.

“Please do so.” Says Jenny.

“I’m going to give her a general anaesthetic so she doesn’t become distressed whilst having her X-ray taken. If you can take a seat at the reception Ms Raymond . I’m sure it won’t take long." Says Dr Andrews

“Thanks Dr Andrews.” Says Jenny taking a seat at the Reception. 30 minutes later, she's still waiting at the reception.

Jenny looks over at the table and notices some magazines definitely for the female clientele!

There’s a Vogue magazine, sparkle and a Health magazine. Jenny picks up the Vogue magazine with a caption that catches her attention.

“Billionaire playboy Darius Hameed breaks up with Heiress Clarise Hilton”

At the same time , a teenager girl grabs the magazine. It's like a tug of war! Jenny can’t help noticing the teenager’s green hair!

“Hey lady, I saw the magazine first!” Says the Teenager in an angry tone.

Jenny's blood pressure starts to rise, one thing she couldn’t stand was rude teenagers and she had plenty of experience dealing with them when she was a High School teacher. She takes a deep breath to calm herself down!

“Hey calm down, It's just a magazine! Here take it!” Says Jenny with raised eyebrows.

“Its cool, you can have it. Anyway, I’ve got more interesting things to be doing with my time such as snapchat and facetime!” Says the teenager looking at her phone. She starts talking to her friend in a loud voice.

“Hey girl, it's Donna here! Forget Greg at School, have you seen that picture of the hot Billionaire? He’s in all the magazines. He’s so sexy!” Says the Teenager screaming down her phone.

“Oh gosh what’s his name again?” Says the teenager looking over at the front page of the magazine.

“Darius Hameed. He’s so damn hot and he’s got such a nice body. I want those lips on me. Wasn’t he dating Clarise Hilton? What did he even see in her? She’s not even pretty! I’m way prettier than her! How old is he again?” Says the teenager in a loud voice.

Her friend replies to her on face time, The other clients look at the teenager with glaring eyes as she continues to talk loudly on her phone!

“You what? He’s doing a naked calendar for next year 2021? Oh wow! I saw the ad for Calvin Klein boxer shorts . OMG! He’s got such a hot body. If I only I could get my hands on that body! I would kiss him all over! I’m sure he’s good in bed. Rumour has it, he has a big package!” Says the teenager excitedly!

The teenager’s friend says something to her but Jenny can’t make it out!

“What’s that? You don’t know what package I’m talking about? Are you dumb? Let me explain to you in simple terms, it means Darius has a big c……k!” Shrieks the teenager.

Jenny gasps in shock. She wasn’t going to allow the Teenager to talk about her boy friend like that. Jenny goes into Teacher mode.

“Excuse me young lady, keep your voice down. This is a clinic and why are you even here? Have that conversation somewhere else! What you’re saying is very inappropriate and derogatory! You need to stick with guys your own age!” Says Jenny raising her eyebrows!

The teenager looks at Jenny with glare in her eyes.

“I’ve come here because my cat’s sick and its none of your business what I’m talking about. Any way , who do you think you are telling me what to do? My f……king mother?” Shrieks the Teenager.

Jenny takes a deep breath to calm herself down. Jenny is glad she’s not her teenager’s mother. After a few minutes, the teenager looks over at Jenny.

“Sorry lady, my bad!” Says the Teenager continuing to talk to her friend.

“Hey Sandy, I’m just going outside so I can talk to you with some privacy" Says the Teenager

Jenny feels so relieved that the teenager has gone outside. Jenny looks forward to some peace and quiet. Jenny checks her watch . It's coming up to 12.30pm!

Jenny quickly checks the date on the Magazine .November 1st 2020. Jenny then starts to wonder when she first met Darius.

“Ms Raymond , the X rays are back, can I have a quick word?” Says Dr Andrews.

“Yes of course.” Says Jenny following Dr Andrews into the examination room number 1.

Betsy is still resting as the anaesthetic hasn’t worn off!

“I have some bad news, I’ve checked the X-rays and Betsy has broken her Femur. Can you tell me what happened?” Asks Dr Andrews.

Jenny looks at the Doctor biting her lower lip. How could she tell the Doctor about the werewolf attack?

“Betsy got into a scuffle with some large dogs in Central park. She’s a very bold dog for a puppy. She thinks she can take on some of these bigger dogs as she is very confident!” Says Jenny.

“Well it must have been some scuffle for her to get those kind of injuries.” Says Dr Andrews.

“Yes it was a very large dog that attacked her.” Says Jenny.

Jenny feels so bad for lying to the Doctor about the werewolf attack.

“I hope you’ve got pet insurance as we will keep her at the clinic to do some observations and see to that fracture, plaster cast might help the bone heal but she may need some surgery. We’ll have to wait and see!” Says Dr Andrews.

“How long will Betsy have to stay at the Clinic?” Asks Jenny.

“We’ll keep her here for a week or so as it can be very stressful for dogs when they’re being moved around especially with injuries such as broken bones!” Says Dr Andrews.

“Okay Doctor and I do have pet insurance.” Says Jenny.

“Great as that will cover the costs of treatment and her staying here. A couple of weeks should be enough time for her to rest and heal. I will do my best for her to be back with you for the Christmas holidays. We’ll keep you posted on her progress.” Says Dr Andrews.

“Thanks Doctor, have a good afternoon.” Says Jenny looking over at Betsy whose still resting. Jenny strokes Betsy’s fur and then leaves the clinic.

As Jenny leaves the Clinic , she bumps into the obnoxious teenager. She doesn’t even apologise but mumbles something under her breath.

“Excuse me, Donna isn’t it?” Asks Jenny.

“Yeahh what do you want? Asks the obnoxious teenager.

“Oh just to let you know I’m good friends with Mr Darius Hameed.” Says Jenny with a big grin on her face.

The Teenager gasps with her mouth wide open.

“By the way, he’s a great kisser and I’ll tell him you said Hi.” Says Jenny not bothering to check the Teenager’s reaction!

Jenny does a little fist pump in the air and starts to smile! She gets into her Car and types in her next destination “Lennox hill hospital” to visit Claire.

“Time to visit an old friend, Claire here I come!” Says Jenny.

The hospital is very close to the Vets and it’s a short drive away. Jenny parks the car and notices a Florist shop next to the Hospital. Jenny quickly pops into the florist to pick up a bunch of flowers. She notices the pink carnations.

“Hi, you’ve got some beautiful flowers!” Says Jenny smiling at the Florist.

“Hi, there Ms, why thank you very much. Are there any flowers that you’re drawn to? What’s the occasion?” Asks the florist.

Jenny looks over at the florist with a sad expression on her face!

“I’m actually visiting a sick friend.” Says Jenny.

“I’m so sorry to hear that Ms, you need something bright to cheer her up. We have the pink and yellow roses or the carnations!” Says the florist enthusiastically.

“Please could I have a bunch of your pink carnations, how much are they?” Asks Jenny.

“That will be six dollars and for an extra one dollar, you can buy a little card to write her a message!” Says the florist.

“Yes please!” Says Jenny.

“Here you go Ms, would you like to borrow a pen to write a message on the Card? Asks the florist.

“Yes please!” Says Jenny with a smile on her face, she grabs the pen and scribbles a quick message as she’s in a hurry!

“Hey girl, here’s to a speedy recovery, miss you heaps, lots of love, Jenny”

Jenny places the greeting card inside the bunch of flowers.

“That will be seven dollars please.” Says the florist.

Jenny gives the florist ten dollars.

“Keep the change and thank you.” Says Jenny with a big smile on her face.

“You’re welcome Ms, and I hope your friend gets well soon and the flowers cheer her up. Good bye and have a nice day.” Says the florist.

Jenny waves goodbye and closes the door behind her. She enters Lennox hill hospital and walks towards the reception desk. It’s quite busy and there are a few people in the front of the queue!

The clinic looks very clean and clinical. Its Jenny’s turn to speak to the receptionist.

“Good afternoon, can I help you?” Asks the receptionist.

“Hi, I’ve come to visit my friend Ms Claire Collins.” Says Jenny

“Can you please sign the visitors book and your car registration number, if you’re parked on sight and your arrival and departure time.” Says the Receptionist.

“Please could you also write your name on this card as this will become your temporary ID card.” Says the receptionist.

Jenny writes her name in bold letters.MS RAYMOND and places it into a plastic covering and she wears it round her neck as a Tabard.

Arrival time 1.15pm

The receptionist checks her computer and lets Jenny know where Claire's room is.

“Ms Collins is in the Nightingale ward, room 3, visiting hours will end at 5pm.” Says the receptionist smiling.

Jenny walks along the Nightingale ward for a minutes and spots Room 3, it looks quite cold and not very inviting. She knocks on the door but there’s no response! She looks through the glass pane and notices Claire sleeping. She gently opens the door and goes into the room.

“Hi Claire.” Whispers Jenny as she walks quietly into the room. She places flowers on a table and takes the empty vase to the ensuite bathroom to fill it up with water.

As Jenny returns to the room, she notices Claire moving slightly in her bed.

Jenny takes the flowers and arranges them neatly in the Vase. Claire slowly starts to open her eyes.

She starts yawning and looks at Jenny with squinting eyes.

“Whose there?” Asks Claire.

“Hi Claire, It’s Jenny, I would have come sooner to see you but I’ve just been very busy with Lilly rose and with work.” Says Jenny.

Claire looks at Jenny with a weak smile , she has bandages wrapped around her chest and stomach and looks quite pale.

“Hi Jenny, so good to see you. I was getting bored just looking at the four walls. I’ve really missed you and Lilly rose!” Says Claire with a weak smile on her face. She looks like she’s in pain.

“My chest and stomach really hurt, I’ve got stiches and I need to be careful!” Says Claire.

Jenny squeezes her hand and strokes her hair, the tears start to roll down her cheeks.

“I’m so sorry and I hate seeing you like this, I hope you’ll get well soon.” Says Jenny

“Look I brought you your favourite flowers and there’s a little greeting card. Let me read it out to you.” Says Jenny with a smile on her face as she starts to read out the card.

Claire continues to cry as she feels overwhelmed with emotions!

“Thank you, this means so much to me! Says Claire.

“Have you had any visitors?” Asks Jenny.

“My parents came to see me yesterday and today. I also had a visit from two detectives. They were asking a lot of questions about the night of the attack." Says Claire.

Jenny looks at Claire with raised eyebrows.

“They wanted to know who attacked me and a description of my attacker!” Says Claire.

“What did you tell them about the attacker?” Asks Jenny.

“I told them I had been attacked by a big bad werewolf!” Says Claire.

“OMG, why did you do that? The last thing you need is the police sniffing around you asking awkward questions!” Says Jenny anxiously.

“I don’t think they believed me as I had just woken up from my deep sleep; after taking strong sedatives!” Says Claire

“Hang in there but please don’t mention what happened that night in Central park especially being attacked by the werewolf, is there anything you need before I leave?” Asks Jenny.

“I’m craving some vanilla ice cream.” Says Claire with a glint in her eyes.

“I’ll see what I can do but no promises, I’ll be back!” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

Jenny heads towards reception area and notices a newsagent selling confectionary, candy, greeting cards and to Jenny’s relief, a fridge containing Ben and Jerry’s Ice-cream. They’ve run out of vanilla flavour but she grabs a medium sized tub of chocolate fudge brownie flavour Ice-cream as Jenny recalls how Claire loves chocolates. Jenny purchases the Ice-cream and heads back to Claire’s room.

“Hey girl, I'm manged to buy you some Ice-cream but they had run out of vanilla flavour so you’ll have to settle for the next best thing!” Says Jenny smiling.

“What is that?” Says Claire excitedly

“Drum roll please!” Says Jenny as they both start drum rolling on the furniture.

“Tada and it's chocolate fudge flavour!” Says Jenny with a big smile on her face.

Just seeing Claire smiling again made her trip to the hospital so worth it.

She knows its too painful to give Claire a hug, so she gives her a high five!

"Last time we met up, I gave you a Christmas present, I know you didn’t get to open it, so why don’t we do the honours and open it now!” Says Jenny excitedly

Claire points to a cupboard where her handbag is with all her other valuables. Jenny takes the gift box out of the handbag and give it to Claire to open it. The gift is still wrapped up in its red gift paper and gold ribbon! Claire slowly unwraps her gift to reveal a crystal pendant.

She gasps as she inspects it in more detail.

“Jenny, this is so beautiful and I will wear it once I feel better, thank you so much!” Says Claire with a big smile on her face.

“You’re welcome.” Says Jenny giving Claire a kiss on her for head.

“Its getting late and I need to get home, in the mean time, stay strong and I wish you a speedy recovery, goodbye sweetheart!” Says Jenny squeezing Claire's hand as she leaves the room.

As Jenny leaves Claire’s room, she’s being watched by a detective whose been investigating the attacks at Central park. Jenny signs out at the reception desk and hands over her tabard.

Jenny leaves the hospital .The detective approaches the reception desk.

“Hi, one of your patients called Ms Claire Collins had some Visitors come today to visit her. Can I have a look at the visitors book?” Says Detective Andersen.

“Sorry mam, I’m unable to do that as it breaks the rules of patient confidentiality.” Says the receptionist.

Detective Andersen flashes her badge to the receptionist.

“My name is Detective Andersen and I’m looking for evidence that links to a case that I’m working on.”

“Of course mam, I’m happy to help.” Says the receptionist handing over the visitor’s book to the Detective.

The detective checks the last entry , she spots Jenny’s name and cross references it with her notepad , Ms Raymond – possible witness.

“Bingo!” Says Detective Andersen with a big grin on her face. She takes out her mobile phone and calls her colleague Detective Jackson.

“Hey its me, I think we found a possible witness. Meet me downtown, bye!” Says Detective Andersen looking towards the hospital exit with a big smile on her face!

Jenny quickly rushes to the supermarket to pick up her groceries and some flowers for Angela.

Jenny walks down the confectionary aisle. Angela doesn’t like candy so she buys her a British bar of chocolate called dairy milk. Sheer bliss, she buys two so she can indulge later!

Jenny pays for her shopping, she feels her stomach rumbling. She spots a subway restaurant and decides to pop in and get a bite to eat and she knows exactly what she’s going to order!

“Hi Ms, what would you like to order” Says the sales assistant with a smile on his face.

“Please could I have the six inch wheat with turkey ham. thanks!” Says Jenny in an excited tone.

“What vegetables would you like with your sandwich?” Asks the sales assistant.

“Please could I have the lettuce, tomatoes, olives, carrots, just one jalapeno and chipotle sauce.” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

“Would you like anything else?” Asks the sales assistant.

“One bottle of cola zero and one rainbow cookie and I would like to eat in.” Says Jenny excitedly.

“That will be seven dollars please.” Says the sales assistant.

Jenny pays with her contact less card and collects her receipt. After a few minutes, the assistant calls jenny over to the desk.

“Here’s your order, straws are on the side bench, enjoy your lunch Ms and have a nice day!” Says the assistant.

Jenny takes her tray and finds a table to sit down at and rest. She lets out a big sigh and feels exhausted with all the running around that she had been doing. Jenny bites into her sandwich , the aroma is incredible!

“Hmm!” Says Jenny.

Jenny takes out her phone and notices the time.

OMG, its 3pm! She checks her mobile phone , one text message from Darius and two missed calls from Chloe and a missed call from a private number!

“Who could that be?” Whispers Jenny , she starts texting Darius.

“Sorry babes, for the late response, I’ve been very busy, I’ll catch up with you later!”

Jenny washes down her food with the cola zero!

“Hmm so refreshing!” Says Jenny.

The phone rings again, Jenny checks her phone, private number appears on the screen.

“Hi, this is Ms Raymond, whose calling?”

“Hi, Ms Raymond, this is Detective Andersen. I believe you were at the scene of the attack at Central park for Ms Collins on the 12th of December. You dialled 911 and we were able to trace your details. Are you free to talk as we have some questions for you.” Says Detective Andersen.

“I’m not at home at the moment.” Says Jenny raising an eyebrow and checking her watch. Its says 3.30pm

“I should be home for 4.15pm, my address is …………” Says Jenny being interrupted in mid sentence.

“We have your details already, I’ll see you later.” Says Detective Andersen.

Jenny feels a big lump in her throat, she tries to stay calm by exhaling and closes her eyes.

She makes her way home, places the groceries on her kitchen table and quickly rushes to Angela’s house to pick up Lilly rose. She has the chocolates and flowers ready to give to Angela.

She rings the doorbell and after a few minutes, Angela opens her front door.

“Hi Jenny, I wasn’t expecting you back so soon!” Says Angela with a surprised look on her face.

Lilly rose is resting on Angela’s right hip with chocolate mousse all over her mouth and cheeks!

“looks like someone is having fun!” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

“So sorry dear, I was feeding her some chocolate mousse!” Says Angela

“That’s okay, no worries!” Says Jenny taking out a wet wipe from her hand bag and with one swipe, the chocolate mousse stain is gone!

“Yeahh, all gone!” says Jenny.

Lilly rose starts to chuckle! She sticks her arms out to pick up Lilly rose and places her on her right hip but before she takes the accessory bag, she gives Angela the chocolates and flowers.

“Oh Angela, before I go, this is a little token of my appreciation and I would like to say a big thank you for taking care of Lilly rose and supporting me, you’re a star!!” Says Jenny with a big smile on her face.

Angela’s face lights up!

“Thank you so much Dalimou, take care and I’ll see you tomorrow.” Says Angela grinning from ear to ear handing Lilly rose over to Jenny.

Jenny waves goodbye and starts to turn her keys at the door of her house. Once inside, she places Lilly rose in her cot. The door bell rings catching Jenny off guard. She checks the time, it’s 4pm.

“Good afternoon Ms Raymond, I’m Detective Andersen, we spoke on the phone and this is my colleague Detective Greg Jackson, we are from the NYPD . We have a few questions for you. We were in the area so we thought we would pop by.” Says Detective Andersen.

The two detectives show Jenny their badges.

“Can we come in?” Asks Detective Andersen.

“Yes of course, please come in.” Says Jenny escorting them to the lounge. The two detectives sit on the brown couch. Jenny sits down on one of the arm chairs.

“You have a lovely home!” Says Detective Jackson in his deep voice.

“Thanks,” Says Jenny.

“You and your husband must be earning good money to live in a place like this!” Says Detective Jackson looking over at Jenny’s wedding ring!

Jenny completely forgot she was wearing it! She looks over at the detective with annoyance.

“It’s just my daughter and I living here with our pet dog Betsy. My husband died last year!”

Says Jenny with tears in her eyes.

“Sorry for your loss!” Says Detective Jackson.

“Yes sorry for your loss. Thanks for seeing us at such short notice. I have a few questions for you.” Says Detective Andersen raising her eyebrows.

“Please fire away.” Says Jenny smiling through gritted teeth!

“During the attacks on the 12th December, phone records show you dialled 911 using your mobile phone to call for help when Ms Collins was attacked, is that correct?” Asks Detective Andersen

“Yes that’s right.” Says Jenny trying to stay calm.

“You and Ms Collins decided to go to Central park despite the attacks going on, didn’t you feel frightened of going there?” Asks Detective Andersen.

“Yes I did but Claire, Ms Collins informed me that the attacker had been arrested and there was nothing to worry about!” Says Jenny.

“Yes that’s right but it turns out we arrested an innocent man. His name was Stephen Jenkins, we can also confirm he was locked away when the attack happened that evening.” Says Detective Andersen.

Gosh this detective is good and very thorough thinks Jenny to herself.

Jenny’s mobile phone starts to ring. She ignores it as she’s in mid sentence with the Detective.

“Aren’t you going to get that? It might be important!” Says Detective Andersen.

Jenny picks up the phone as Darius name flashes on the screen.

“Hi.” Says Jenny with a very cold tone.

“Hey baby, thanks for the text, how are you feeling? I hope you’ve recovered from your hang over. I missed you baby, I’m coming later to see!” Says Darius excitedly.

“Okay!” Says Jenny.

Darius can sense the coldness in Jenny’s voice as she doesn’t sound like her cheery self!

“What’s wrong baby?” Asks Darius.

“I have company, Detective Andersen and Detective Jackson are here to ask questions about Claire’s attack in Central park!” Says Jenny

“OMG, f….k, please stay calm and don’t mention the werewolf incident. Call me when you’re done. I miss you.” Says Darius

“Okay bye!” Says Jenny looking over at the Detective.

“Sorry about that.” Says Jenny sounding like a robot.

“No problem, we’ll try not to take up much of your time.” Says Detective Andersen.

“So what time did you go to the park?” Asks the Detective.

“I think it was after 8pm.” Says Jenny

“Did you get a look of the attacker, what did he or she look like?” Asks the Detective.

Jenny remembered the attacker’s face very well but how could she tell the Detective it was a werewolf? She starts to feel anxious and her body starts trembling. On cue, Lilly rose starts crying.

“Excuse me please, I need to check on my daughter.” Says Jenny walking towards the nursery.

“It’s okay baby girl, mama’s got you. We have visitors in the lounge, do you want to come and say hello?” Says Jenny with a cheeky grin!

Lilly rose starts giggling and waving her hands in the air!

“I’ll take that as a yes!” Says Jenny picking up Lilly rose and taking her to the lounge.

She releases Lilly rose on to the floor where she starts crawling and heads towards the couch.

“Ahhh, isn’t she the most cutest baby, hey baby girl, what’s your name?” Says Detective Jackson.

She starts gurgling and says Dadda!

“You are soooo cute!” Says the detective with a big smile on his face.

“Her name is Lilly rose.” Says Jenny.

Detective Andersen starts coughing to draw everyone’s attention away from the baby.

“Going back to the questions, what did the attacker look like? Asks Detective Andersen.

“It was quite dark and I couldn’t see very well but from what I can recall, it looked like a large dog!” Says Jenny with a lump in her throat.

“What breed of dog was it?” Asks the Detective.

“It was a large Alsatian dog!” Says Jenny.

“Did you see in which direction the dog ran off after the attack?” Asks Detective Andersen.

“No I was too frightened to look as I thought the dog was going to attack My baby and me!” Says Jenny.

“So what stopped the creature from attacking you and your baby?” Asks Detective Andersen.

As if on cue, Lilly rose starts touching the Detective’s black leather boot, the Detective glares at Lilly rose. The Detective starts shaking her boot to get Lilly rose to leave her alone but Lilly rose starts making baby noises. She tries to stand up grabbing the detective’s leg. The Detective looks constipated as she pulls a funny face. She’s clearly not into babies!

“Please take the child away from me!” Shouts Detective Andersen.

Lilly rose blows a raspberry as she can sense there’s tension in the air.

“Is Aunty Gillian being mean to you? It’s okay, come to Uncle Greg!” Says Detective Jackson with a big grin on his face.

Detective Andersen looks at her colleague and gives him the look of death! Lilly rose starts to crawl towards Detective Jackson. He picks her up and bounces her on his lap.

“You’re a natural with babies!” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

“Yes, I have two children of my own!” Says Detective Jackson with a glint in his eye.

“Your daughter’s quite the attention seeker! Now can we get back to the questions!” Says Detective Andersen abruptly.

“She’s just a baby!” Shouts Jenny looking at the Detective.

The Detective clears her throat.

“There was another body found close to Ms Collins!” Says the Detective.

“Another body?” Says Jenny

She completely forget about the werewolf who morphed back into his human form after being shot.

“White male, late twenties to early thirties, athletic build, approximately 6ft tall. He was shot three times as there were three bullet marks on his body. Did you hear or see anything?” Says the Detective.

“I may have heard the shots but I was terrified and I ran as fast as I could to get away because I was scared I was going to be attacked.” Says Jenny feeling a lump in her throat, her hands start to sweat. She gets flashbacks of that dreadful evening.

“What are your thoughts on the supernatural?” Asks the Detective raising her right eyebrow.

“Pardon?” Says Jenny

“When I questioned Ms Collins, she claimed she was attacked by a werewolf. What do you think?” Asks the Detective.

Jenny starts laughing!

“That’s rubbish, werewolves don’t exist in real life. They’re fictional characters from horror movies!” Says Jenny.

“So why would Ms Collins mention a werewolf? There was a full moon that evening, superstition states that werewolves transform during a full moon. Coincidence, I think not.” Says the Detective looking over at Jenny with a very stern look.

Detective Jackson suddenly pulls a funny face!

“Errghh, what’s that smell? I think little princess here has soiled her diaper!” Says Detective Jackson holding his nose.

“Good grief, get that baby away from me, I'm going to be sick!” Says Detective Andersen.

It was a very strong smell , Jenny goes over and picks up Lilly rose to change her diaper!

“Thank you both for coming over this afternoon, as you can see, I need to attend to my baby, diapers don’t change themselves!” Says Jenny smiling through gritted teeth.

“Thanks for your time, if you think of anything else, please get in touch. Here’s my card with my details on it. Goodbye Ms Raymond.” Says Detective Andersen looking at Jenny with a stern look on her face.

“Goodbye Ms Raymond, take care of yourself and Lilly rose!” Says Detective Jackson.

Jenny sees them to the door and closes it shut. She lets out a big sigh and looks at Lilly rose.

“Right little madam, lets get you cleaned up!” Says Jenny.

A few minutes later, Darius calls Jenny on her mobile phone but she’s too tired to pick up the phone. She falls asleep with Lilly rose next to her.

The two detectives are standing near the porch of Jenny’s house.

Angela’s curtain starts moving slightly!

“Do you think she’s telling the truth?” Asks Detective Jackson.

“I think she’s holding back, I think we need to keep an eye on her!” Says Detective Andersen heading into the police vehicle and driving off towards the Police station.

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