love at first bite

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Chapter 16- Setting the record straight.

The alarm clock goes off, its 10am. Jenny fell asleep with her clothes on and she has panda eyes and smudged lipstick!

Lilly rose is already awake and smiling at Jenny and in a crawling position. She makes her baby noises to get Jenny’s attention!

“Note to oneself- wear waterproof mascara and change clothes before going to bed!

“Good morning my little darling, you showed those detectives yesterday not to mess with the smelly diaper!” Says Jenny with a big smile on her face!

Lilly rose starts to chuckle and claps her hands.

“Yes you did my little cherub!” says Jenny starting to laugh.

She can’t believe how quickly the Detectives bolted out of the door after the poop explosion !

Lilly rose chuckles and then says “Babba!”

Jenny looks at Lilly rose .

“I miss Betsy too, I hope she’s okay! Right madam, lets get you cleaned up!” Says Jenny.

She gives Lilly rose a quick bath and changes her into her clothes, places Lilly rose into her cot and gives her a milk bottle to drink, Lilly rose grabs the bottle with both hands.

“Mama needs to freshen up, so be a good girl!” Says Jenny hitting the shower and leaving the bathroom door slightly ajar.

Jenny gets a small dollop of shampoo and applies it to her hair massaging her scalp gently which is then followed by the conditioner.

This is then followed by the shower gel which has a lemon zest scent! It instantly makes Jenny feel invigorated as it washes away all the stresses and strains from yesterday!

Jenny suddenly gets flashbacks of Darius and her sharing their first shower together. She closes her eyes and remembers how he massaged her boobs with the shower gel and how he kissed her neck.

“Hmm baby, I miss you so much!” Says Jenny closing her eyes.

The warm water caresses every inch of her body washing away the shampoo and soap.

She remembers his hands touching her nipples making them feel so hard, touching her thighs and squeezing her arse! Jenny presses her hands against her bud and gives it’s a squeeze!

As Jenny removes her hand, she notices some blood!

“What the f…..k, OMG! I just got my period!” Screams Jenny with her thoughts crushing down. Lilly rose starts to cry. Jenny turns off the shower knob and grabs her bathrobe.

“It’s okay my darling, Mama’s coming!” Says Jenny

Before Jenny rushes over to Lilly rose, she grabs a tampon and Inserts into her lady garden! The first few days are a heavy flow. She then grabs her pink panties and puts them on followed by her bathrobe!

She goes to the nursery to check on Lilly rose. She’s teary eyed as she has dropped her favourite teddy bear on the floor.

“Silly poppy, you’ve dropped Mr teddy on the floor, here you go!” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

Jenny waves the teddy bear at Lilly rose and she starts to giggle as she grabs the Teddy bear.

“Mama needs to get ready, so be a good girl!” Says Jenny raising her eyebrows.

Jenny cleanses, tones and moisturises her face using a good moisturiser. She applies a dab of foundation onto her face! She applies a subtle pink eyeshadow with a black kohl pencil for the inner part of the eyes and a liquid eyeliner to emphasise her brown eyes. She then applies a dab of mascara making sure its waterproof!

Jenny applies a small amount of hair mousse to her and does a blowout for the hair!

Jenny takes off her bathrobe looking at her boobs in the mirror , they feel quite big as she touches them! She loves the way Darius touches her boobs and kisses them. She closes her eyes and misses his touch. She feels so turned on! She opens one of the drawers and picks out a matching pink bra to match her pink panties. She puts the bra on securing the back clasp. So difficult to put on but so easy to take off and that was the best part!

Jenny admires herself in the mirror.

“I feel so sexy!” says Jenny with a big smile on her face.

She’s still in her underwear as she eats breakfast!

“Whose looking!” Says Jenny smiling to her self!

For breakfast, she makes some toast using brown bread and a small amount of margarine spread thinly with a bread knife.

She starts to get some painful muscle cramps!

“ I hate period pain, it’s the worse pain ever!” Says Jenny scrunching her face in pain.

"Actually period pain is the second worse pain after giving birth to a baby!" Says Jenny.

Giving birth to Lilly rose made the pain so worth while and Jenny wouldn’t change that for the world!

Jenny washes down the toast with a glass of orange juice.

“This will keep me going till the late afternoon, now what shall I wear to work today?” Whispers Jenny to herself. Jenny goes to the wardrobe to take a look, she grabs the crisp white blouse, black trousers and black shoes with the killer heels!

“Perfect, looking good!” Says Jenny feeling a slight chill as its still winter!

She squirts her favourite perfume onto her crisp white blouse and on her wrists. She also puts on her pink coat and wraps a brown scarf around her neck . A nice colour combination thinks Jenny to herself!

“Perfect, elegant, chic and sexy all rolled into one!” Says Jenny.

Jenny then applies her berry flavoured lip gloss and applies it to her lips blotting away the excess with a tissue. Her lips appear fuller and look very sensual!

Dave used to love kissing Jenny’s full lips and she hoped Darius felt the same way too. She was definitely ready for some smooching later!

Jenny loves dressing up as well, as it gives her a confidence boost and a sense of empowerment!

“All done, I’m ready to go to work!” Says Jenny excitedly checking the time on her watch.

12 mid day. She picks up Lilly rose on her right hip and her accessory bag on her left shoulder. She goes to Angela’s house to drop off Lilly rose. She rings the door bell and waits patiently for Angela to open the door.

“Hi Dalimou, how are you? Where’s my little angel? Are you ready for Aunty Angela?” Says Angela with a big smile on her face.

Dalimou was used as a term of endearment in Greek meaning darling!

Lilly rose starts to giggle stretching her hands out as she’s ready to go to Angela!

Jenny gives Lilly rose a kiss before handing her over to Angela and waves good bye.

Angela calls out Jenny’s name as she’s just about to walk away!

“Jenny are you okay?” Asks Angela

“Yes, I’m fine!” Says Jenny with a slight frown!

“Its just that I saw two people on your porch yesterday, I was wondering what was going on!” Says Angela raising her eyebrows

“They were both detectives form the NYPD and they were making some enquiries about my fiend who got attacked in Central park!” Says Jenny with a sad expression on her face.

“That was such a dreadful thing that happened to your friend, I’m just glad you and Lilly rose didn’t get hurt that night!” Says Angela.

“How’s your friend doing? Have they found the attacker yet?” Asks Angela.

“My friends fine and she’s recovering slowly but I don’t think they have found the attacker yet!” Says Jenny.

“Well I hope they find the attacker soon, lock them away and throw away the key!” Says Angela looking furious!

Jenny nods her head in agreement but she knew that would be impossible to lock up a werewolf!

She lets out a sigh!

“I’ve got to go, thanks Angela and I’ll see you later.” Says Jenny waving at Angela.

Jenny makes her way to work and she she has time to spare, she goes to the Coffee shop to buy a skinny latte from the local coffee shop as she needs some caffeine to keep her going!

Jenny starts to remember her coffee with Claire and how much she misses her company!

Jenny reaches Glaxo international and goes inside wearing her Tabard around her neck and she smiles at the Security guard! The reception looks very busy.

“Hi Jerry, what’s going on?” Asks Jenny.

“Good afternoon Ms Raymond, everyone’s heading over to the lecture hall for today’s briefing!” Says Jerry with a big smile on his face!

“Oh yes of course, I completely forgot, thanks for the reminder!” Says Jenny smiling.

“You’re welcome. Ms!” Says Jerry winking at Jenny.

Jenny heads towards the lecture room for briefing, her killer heels start clicking against the marble floors. She has her skinny latte in one hand and her Gucci bag on her left shoulder. She gets a few admiring looks as she walks past a group of men!

“I’m so killing this look because I look hot! Says Jenny under her breath.

Just as Jenny approaches the lecture hall, she spots Chloe.

“OMG, It’s the she devil in disguise!” Whispers Jenny with a frown on her face.

Chloe glares at Jenny as both women are wearing the same outfit, what a disaster!

“Good morning Ms Raymond, I trust you’re feeling better. I didn’t know we were coordinating our wardrobes today but just to let you know, I wear it better!” Says Chloe with a big grin on her face.

Jenny stands there gawping with her mouth wide open.

“I would like a word with you later.” Says Chloe pushing her spectacles back on her face!

“Fine!” Says Jenny with a frown on her face.

Jenny sits at the front row looking out for Darius but he’s no where to be seen!

Jenny’s heart starts sinking, Nazreen leads the briefing, people are chatting amongst themselves.

Nazreen raises her hand in the air to get everyone’s attention. The hall goes silent, Jenny can hear a pin drop! Wow, she certainly knows how to capture the audience’s attention. Nazreen raises her hand in the air to get everyone's attention and starts speaking into the microphone in an articulate tone.

“Good afternoon colleagues, I’ll be leading the briefing as Mr Hameed is in a meeting with some important clients. Some of our laboratories were broken into where the COVID 19 vaccinations were being made. Mr Hameed and I are checking the camera footage with help from the Security team. We’ll be tightening up security and the security teams will be coming round to ask questions. So be prepared!” Says Nazreen glaring at the audience.

“If this is an inside job, mark my words, there will be some serious consequences!” Says Nazreen staring boldly at the audience. Jenny looks at Nazreen admiringly!

“You go girl!” Whispers Jenny.

There is chatter in the hall as the audience starts to gasp in a state of shock!

Nazreen raises her hand again to get the attention of the audience, the hall becomes quiet!

“On a positive note, we have our annual charity ball which will be hosted by The Mayor of New York Mr Bill Fernandez this Friday 18th December at 7pm at the Waldorf Astoria hotel, the banqueting suite. It’s a fancy do and the dress wear is very formal." Says Nazreen.

The audience sounds really happy and start clapping.

“So guys, get your tuxedos ready and ladies get your glad rags ready as its party time!”

All colleagues start clapping.

“As you are employees for Glaxo international, your entry to the Venue will be free.Any guests will have to pay online before Friday and those tickets cost forty dollars for a three course meal and entertainment. I have your tickets here. So please collect them before you leave the hall. There are four queues, so please line up in an orderly fashion." Says Nazreen with a smile on her face!

Colleagues start clapping and cheering!

“To get into the festive spirit (as its so close to Christmas) Mr Hameed is authorising a day off for all of you this Friday so you can get your Christmas shopping done!” Says Nazreen with a big grin on her face.

The atmosphere is buzzing and every body sounds happy! A guy from the audience shouts out

“Yeahh baby!

Nazreen starts to blush but quickly gains her composure and raises her hand in the air to get the attention of the audience. She’s as cool as a cucumber!

“Are there any other messages?" Asks Nazreen.

No one in the Audience puts their hands up.

“So all that’s left to say is come and collect your tickets and have a good day!” Says Nazreen smiling.

People start to make their way to the front of the hall to pick up their tickets. Jenny waits her turn to collect her ticket. She feels like the character from the film “Charlie and the chocolate factory.” and she’s just about to collect the golden ticket. Well its not quite the golden ticket but it feels awesome holding on to it!

There’s a buzz in the elevator as Jenny make’s her way to the 20th floor.

There are people smiling and looking happy. A boost to staff morale.

Jenny reaches her desk and turns on her Computer. She places her coffee on the desk, Jenny can hear clicking noises on the marble floor and her heart starts to sink filling her with dread!

“Ms Raymond can I have a quick word please!” Says Chloe escorting Jenny to a small office.

“Ms Raymond, the protocol for being absent is that you have to call me at 8.30am on my mobile phone!” Says Chloe raising her voice.

“I did try and call you but you didn’t answer!” Says Jenny trying to stay calm.

“So why didn’t you leave me a message on Voicemail!” Says Chloe raising her eyebrows.

“Sorry I have a baby at home that needs my attention too!” Says Jenny with a frown on her face.

“I don’t care, It just so happens, that after 9,30am yesterday whilst I was passing Mr Hameed in the corridor, he informed me you were not coming to work as you were I’ll” Says Chloe shouting!

“Yes that’s right, he is the boss after all!” Says Jenny feeling slightly agitated.

Jenny heads back to her desk. With Chloe following her!

“Don’t walk away from me, I’m superior to you, so you need to report to me and what really pissed me off is that I had to man the desk and do your job yesterday! That’s not part of my job description!" Shouts Chloe in a rage.

Chloe flings some files at Jenny causing her to jump out of her seat accidently knocking over her coffee on the desk! Some of it falls onto Jenny’s trousers as she tries to jump out of the way!

“Stop this nonsense now, Look what you made me do!” Shrieks Jenny.

“You must be really dumb to leave your coffee on your desk when you know that’s how accidents can happen!” Shouts Chloe at the top of her voice.

Other colleagues start to notice the argument brewing between Chloe and Jenny and stand watching in silence. Jenny feels like she’s on the Jerry springer show!

“You are so incompetent, I’m going to f………..!” Chloe is interrupted by a Loud voice which gets the attention of both ladies!

“Ms Jenkins and Ms Raymond in my office now!” Says Darius shouting at the top of his voice!

Jenny feels like she is being summoned to the Head masters office!

Darius looks over at the spectators that were watching the dispute between Chloe and Jenny.

“And you lot, I don’t pay your salary to be standing there gawping! This is not the Jerry springer show, so get back to work now!” Shouts Darius.

People start to rush off in all different directions!

Jenny feels so happy to see Darius but petrified at the same time, Jenny has never seen him looking so angry! Both Chloe and Jenny stand in silence as they wait for Darius to start talking.

“What was going on out there Ms Jenkins and Ms Raymond? This is an esteemed cooperation where I expect all colleagues to behave in a professional manner. I had clients in the conference room, I had to cut the meeting short because of the commotion going on outside the conference room. What impression do you think you were both making arguing with each other?” Says Darius with a frown on his face.

“It’s not my fault Ms Raymond is so incompetent. Not following protocol when she was absent, dropping her coffee on her desk………….” Says Chloe in one quick breath.

“And Ms Raymond. I expected more from you!” Says Darius with a stern look on his face making Jenny trembles on the spot!

“I’m so sorry sir!” Says Jenny feeling embarrassed!

“I was in the middle of firing her ………….” Says Chloe.

Darius puts his hand up in front of Chloe’s face! Chloe stops talking and gasps in shock!

“Ms Raymond can you excuse us please as I would like a word with Ms Jenkins.” Says Darius.

Jenny goes back to her desk where she starts feeling confused. Why was Darius so angry with her when clearly Chloe was at fault here. She could feel the tears building up in her eyes. She starts to feel angry about how she was spoken to.

“No one speaks to me like that and I deserve better treatment! “ whispers Jenny

After a few minutes, Chloe leaves Darius office and looks sternly at Jenny as she walks past kicking one of the trash cans along the corridor!

“Ms Raymond, can I have a word please?” Says Darius staring at Jenny

She avoids looking at Darius and looks down at the floor as she’s feeling quite angry and wants to give Darius a piece of her mind!

As Jenny enters the office, Darius locks the door.

“Are you okay?” Asks Darius.

“What the hell was that? Why did you sh……….

Before Jenny can finish her sentence, Darius closes the distance and cups her face. His lips are locked on Jenny’s lips and he kisses her passionately!

Darius tongue touches her tongue, he starts kissing her neck and squeezes her boobs. She puts her arms around his neck and plants a kiss on his neck!

His cologne is so strong that it knocks her senses.

“Baby, I missed you so much!” Says Darius with a big grin on his face.

He left hand touches Jenny's arse and he squeezes her buttocks! His body is pressed against her and Jenny can feel his hard c….k against her stomach.

“Baby, I want you so much!” Says Darius with passion in his eyes.

There’s a sudden knock on the door, Jenny looks startled as she sorts herself out. Darius has her berry flavoured lip gloss on his lips, Darius is about to open the door!

“Darius, hold on!” Whispers Jenny quickly taking out a tissue from her trouser pocket.

She wipes the gloss from his lips. Darius looks at Jenny with a cheeky grin!

“Berry is so my colour!” Says Darius winking at Jenny.

Darius opens the door to let Nazreen into his office.

“Sorry to disturb you Sir, the staff were given their tickets for the charity ball event and they were informed about their day off on Friday. Mr Naveed also called from the Delhi office.” Says Nazreen.

“Did he say what it was regarding?” Asks Darius,

“He said he’ll call back and here are the files that you wanted.” Says Nazreen.

“Thanks Nazreen!” Says Darius with a glint in his eye.

“By the way Sir, nice lipstick on your neck!” Says Nazreen grinning as she leaves Darius office.

Both Darius and Jenny start laughing and with a click of a finger, Darius goes into professional mode!

“Sorry that I shouted at you, I can’t give preferential treatment to you even if you are my girlfriend. As I’m the CEO, I have to be professional at all times and treat you like my colleague.” Says Darius.

“it’s company policy that co workers aren’t allowed to date, so we have to keep our relationship under wraps but outside office hours, it’s a different story!” Says Darius with a glint in his eye.

“Okay, that makes sense . So I guess Nazreen knows about us. Can she be trusted?” Says Jenny.

“Yes, she can be trusted!” Says Darius.

Jenny starts to laugh.

“By the way, you still have lip gloss on your neck!” Says Jenny smiling.

Jenny hands him a tissue and gives him her compact mirror to help him get rid of the lip gloss. Darius smiles at Jenny.

“Thank you!” Says Darius

“So if Chloe is so awful , why is she working here?” Asks Jenny.

“She is one of the best PA’s I’ve had in the past two years, She’s conscientious and came top of her class for Business and Economics. She’s also good with numbers, speaks several languages and works in accounts. Her father also has shares in our company.” Says Darius.

“It’s no wonder many of the receptionists didn’t last long before me!” Says Jenny.

“ A lot of receptionists couldn’t cope with the long hours or working with Chloe as she can be quite difficult sometimes, so she fired them!” Says Darius.

“She tried to fire me!” Says Jenny.

“That’s why I had to intervene but she won’t be giving you anymore trouble!” Says Darius grinning.

Jenny looks up at him with raised eyebrows!

“What did you say to her?” Asks Jenny.

“I told her if she pulled a stunt like that again , she’ll be the one getting fired and her references would be so bad, no one would want to hire her in this city!” Says Darius.

“Wow, you certainly are an influential man, oh yes, I heard through the grapevine , you were modelling for Calvin Klein underwear!” Says Jenny with a glint in her eyes.

“Yes that’s right, I did it to raise awareness for Prostate cancer. The money raised went to Cancer charities.” Says Darius.

Jenny moves closer to Darius with a smile on her face. She gives him a soft kiss on his lips!

“Apparently, you were going to pose nude for next years 2021 calendar with 11 other hot men! Which month were you going to pose for? Asks Jenny with a cheeky grin!

“I was going to pose as Mr March as I was born in March and I wanted to take part because it was for charity but sadly, I pulled out because of work commitments and there’s only one person I would want to model for!" Says Darius with a smouldering look on his face. He winks at Jenny!

“I also read in the Vogue magazine, that you have a huge packet!” Says Jenny with a cheeky grin.

Darius starts laughing!

“You tell me, you’ve seen it before!” Says Darius with passion in his eyes.

“Hmm, I can’t remember, I'll have to have another look!” Says Jenny with a cheeky smile.

“How much did you miss me?” Asks Jenny.

“So much baby!” Says Darius with a longing in his eyes.

“Kiss me already!” Says Jenny.

Darius looks at Jenny with hungry eyes, he kisses her with so much passion, she can feel his body heat.

“Baby lock the door!” Says Jenny in an excited tone.

Jenny pulls him by his tie and gets him to sit down on his chair. Darius takes his blazer off, she then removes his tie and undoes the buttons on his crisp white shirt, His chest is nicely toned. She kisses his chest and then his nipples and then all the way down to his stomach. Jenny places her hand on his crotch! His bulge has become quite big!

“Baby, you turn me on so much, you’re so sexy! I want to see your sexy big boobs!” Says Darius with a big grin on his face!

Darius slowly unbuttons Jenny’s blouse revealing her sexy pink bra. He looks at Jenny’s cleavage and squeezes her boobs!

“You’re so beautiful, I want you so much!” Says Darius with passion in his eyes.

Darius places his hands on the clasp of the bra to take it off but Jenny stops him.

“I want to give you pleasure first!” Says Jenny kissing him passionately on the lips.

She places her hand on his bulge rubbing it on top of the fabric! Darius pulls down the cup fabric of the bra exposing her ample breasts sucking the right nipple! He then kisses the left breast sucking the left nipple! He bites it gently!

Jenny gasps in pleasure!

“Ahh baby, that feels so good!” Whispers Jenny biting her lip.

Darius moves one of his hands over her thighs and presses over her lady garden, he tries to unzip her trousers!

“Not today baby, It’s time on month and I’ve got my period!” Says Jenny.

Darius immediately moves his hands out of the way and goes back to kissing her neck and kissing her boobs! Jenny unbuckles his belt and pulls down his Trousers, Jenny notices his boxer shorts!

Jenny rubs the fabric that clings onto his huge c……k!

“Oh baby, that feels so good!” Says Darius with passion in his eyes.

Jenny pulls his boxer shorts down and pulls out his gorgeous big c….k which is very hard and erect!

“I can confirm the rumours are true, you do have a big package!” Says Jenny with a big smile on her face. Darius grabs hold of Jenny’s head and gently pulls her down!

Jenny puts her lips over the tip of his c…..k and teases it by using her tongue with the saliva in her mouth which she uses for lubrication and then starts sucking it like a lollypop. She looks up at Darius, his eyes are closed and he looks like he’s enjoying the experience so much!

“Hmm baby, don’t stop!” Says Darius.

Jenny uses her tongue to lick the c…..k form top to bottom! Jenny moves her mouth over his shaft moving inch by inch until, it reaches the bottom, She gets into a rhythm and moves her mouth up and down his c……k!

“Ahh baby that feels so good!” Says Darius with pleasure written all over his face.

Then after a few minutes ……

“Baby , I’m going to come!” Shouts Darius pulling Jenny’s hair as he ejaculates into her mouth.

Jenny quickly excuses herself to go the bathroom in Darius office. She pulls both of the bra cups up to cover her boobs and button up her blouse! She uses a mint mouth wash to freshen up her breath.

She could never get used to the taste of semen! She then reapplies her berry lip gloss on her lips!

She squirts her favourite perfume on her wrists and on her blouse! She walks out the bathroom to see Darius fixing his shirt and tie!

“I was having a very stressful day but you’ve just helped me feel so relaxed , so thanks for that. I completely forgot how enjoyable oral sex can be." Says Darius reaching out to Jenny to give her a hug and a soft kiss on her lips.

“Come here, I want to show you something!” Says Darius in an excited tone.

He removes a painting off the wall revealing a safe box. He presses a few buttons on the combination pad of the safe. The safe pops open and Jenny sees an unusual flower in a tiny bottle.

“What is that?” Says Jenny raising her eyebrows.

“It’s a unique lotus flower which is toxic for humans but has healing properties for Vampires!” Says Darius with a big grin on his face.

“Sorry, I don’t follow!” Says Jenny.

“I’m working on a serum to turn me back into a human again!” Says Darius

She looks at him gobsmacked!

“Is that possible? Are there any side effects? What if it kills you?” Asks Jenny.

“It’s a risk I’m going to take as I want to be with the woman I love. I want to be with you. You are forever mine and it’s the sacrifice I’m willing to take but one flower is not enough. I’m waiting for a shipment to come through from China but with the lockdown, the shipments have been delayed! So time is the essence.” Says Darius with a smile on his face.

He gives Jenny a big hug and kisses her on the for head.

“Who else knows about the transformation serum?” Asks Jenny.

“A few people that I trust such as Nazreen, Chloe and you but it’s location is only known by you and Nazreen. She also knows the combination code to get into the safe!” Says Darius with a smile on his face.

“How long will it take to make the serum?” Asks Jenny

Darius puts his hands through his groomed hair and lets out a sigh!

“I don’t know, it could take a few days, a few weeks or even a few months.” Says Darius.

“Once the serum has been made, you’ll be able to sell it to other vampires!” Says Jenny.

“This is a personal pursuit and I trust you to keep it a secret!“ Says Darius planting a soft kiss on her lips.

“Now I have to get back to work and so do you and I’m expecting a phone call from Mr Naveed from our Delhi office. I’ll catch up with you later!” Says Darius.

“Okay, you know I’m really looking forward to the charity ball. I need to go shopping as I have nothing to wear! Says Jenny excitedly.

“My chauffer will pick you up on Friday at 6.30pm, so please make sure you’re ready by then. I’ll see you later.” Says Darius unlocking the door.

Jenny walks back to her desk with a big smile on her face!

“Now its back to work,” Whispers Jenny.

With no further interruptions, she gets on with her work. Time quickly flies and its 8pm. She gets home waiting for Darius to call her or text her but she doesn't hear from him!

Jenny feels very sad as she feels Darius is distancing himself from her. She puts Lilly rose to bed and checks her phone again. She got a miss call from a number she doesn’t recognise. She chooses to ignore it!

As soon as her head hits the pillow, she falls fast asleep!

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